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Posted 20 Feb 2006


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Exporting Data from SQL to Access in Mdb File

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14 Apr 2006CPOL1 min read
This Article will help you to export your data From Sql server to Access in form of Mdb file


I was working on a Web Application in which client requested to keep backup of the Application DataBase in the Form of Access data in a MDB file for that i tried DTS package but the Database Server for application was kept on remote server where the host was not ready to provide rights to create DTS Package. so this particular code snippet was created.

There is basically two functions involved in this process,

  1. CreateBackup(byval db)
  2. GetDataTypeEnum(byval val,byval siz)

CreateBackup(byval db)

This function Accepts parameter db as the path of mdb file which has to be created as backup file. Here in order to create backup first we get all the User tables in Database then store these table names in array,

'Getting the name of all UserTables from SQL Server 
sql ="SELECT name FROM sysobjects WHERE xtype='u' and status >0"  
rs.Open sql, Cnn 'conMdbection to sql server
 if not rs.EOF then Redim arTables(0) 
   While not rs.eof 
     arTables(UBound(arTables)) = rs("name") 
    ReDim Preserve arTables(UBound(arTables) + 1) 
  ReDim Preserve arTables(UBound(arTables) - 1) 
end if

and after that for each element(Table) in array create a table in mdb file then get structure of table in SQL Server then start Creating tables in mdb file for those tables only which have at least one row. then Copying of data from SQL server to Access table is done using two recordsets for Access and SQL respectively.

For iCount=0 To UBound(arTables) 'Creation of table in mdb file starts here 
 if rs.state=1 then rs.close 
  sql ="SELECT * FROM " & arTables(iCount) 
    rs.Open sql, Cnn 
      If Not rs.EOF Then 
        tableName = arTables(iCount) 
          tableCreate = "CREATE TABLE " & tableName & "(" 
             For i=0 to rs.Fields.Count-2 
               tableCreate =tableCreate & rs.Fields.Item(i).Name &" " &_
                GetDataTypeEnum(cint(rs.Fields.Item(i).Type), rs.Fields.Item(i).DefinedSize) &", " 
               tableCreate =tableCreate & rs.Fields.Item(rs.Fields.Count-1).Name &" "&_
                GetDataTypeEnum(cint(rs.Fields.Item(rs.Fields.Count-1).Type),rs.Fields.Item(i).DefinedSize) &")"  
             conMdb.execute tableCreate, , 129 'Table Creation in Mdb 
      sqlMdb ="SELECT * FROM " & arTables(iCount) 'SQL to new Table in Mdb 
      rsMdb.Open sqlMdb, conMdb,2,3 
      while Not rs.EOF 
    rsMdb.addnew 'Adding Records to Table 
    For i=0 to rs.Fields.Count-1 
      if Not isnull(rs(i)) Then rsMdb(i)=rs(i) 'Copying Data From SQL table to Access Table 
 End If 

In above function while creating DDL(Data Defintion Language) Script to generate Access Table there was a problem that access the datatypes for sql and Access are different so to parse SQL datatypes into access i created Function GetDataTypeEnum(byval val,byval siz) which accepts two parameters one is the type of SQL field and other is its size,

GetDataTypeEnum(byval val, byval siz)

Case 3 GetDataTypeEnum= "INT"'"adInteger" 
Case 7 GetDataTypeEnum= "DATETIME"'"adDate" 
Case 11 GetDataTypeEnum= "YESNO"'"adBoolean"
Case 133 GetDataTypeEnum= "DATETIME"'"adDBDate"
Case 200 '"adVarChar" 
   if siz<255 then GetDataTypeEnum= "VARCHAR("& siz &")" else GetDataTypeEnum= "MEMO" 
Case 201 GetDataTypeEnum= "MEMO DEFAULT ''"'"adLongVarChar" 


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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