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by Jason Henderson
Get organized and find a reason to use Active Desktop at the same time.
Easy way to send email on Azure with no mail server, using DNS MX and SMTP
by Najmul Hoda
IM status indicator is as an easy and reliable way to check online status of certain instant messenger account like yahoo, msn, aol, skype and icq..
by Larry Boeldt
Building on a previous article, we now delve into the Facebook Graph API and provide a few useful functions.

Latest Articles

by Melick
How to create a simple SharePoint 2016 Page layout without using SharePoint designer and Design Manager
by Melick
How to create a simple SharePoint 2016 Page layout without using SharePoint designer
by Melick
How to create a custom layout for SharePoint 2016 and upload to the page layout library
by frez
In Azure your web app is written to the “d:\home\site\wwwroot” folder, and if you deploy with Visual Studio and choose “Remove additional files at destination” anything not in your project will be removed from “d:\home\site\wwwroot”.

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17 Sep 2002
Jason Henderson
Get organized and find a reason to use Active Desktop at the same time.
4 Feb 2018
Easy way to send email on Azure with no mail server, using DNS MX and SMTP
13 Sep 2008
Najmul Hoda
IM status indicator is as an easy and reliable way to check online status of certain instant messenger account like yahoo, msn, aol, skype and icq..
10 Apr 2012
Larry Boeldt
Building on a previous article, we now delve into the Facebook Graph API and provide a few useful functions.
16 Oct 2012
Sunasara Imdadhusen
MS Test Result Viewer is a free open source library to convert MS Test result (.trx) file into HTML. It is also allowed you to perform MS Test on your test container project (.dll) file. This utility will work with simple command line arguments to generate test report in HTML format with excellent U
31 May 2012
rcarlson-cayen, Cayen Systems
This article details how to make a legacy code base more maintainable by utilizing a JSON architecture.
19 Mar 2014
David Cantrell
In which a class that wraps an ADO Connection object and makes it more developer-friendly is discussed.
25 Aug 2009
An introductory look at the JavaScript CAKE library, which allows you to build up the HTML5 canvas element like a vector image.
23 Feb 2009
David Meng
Introduces a way to create a key column in a SharePoint list.
18 Feb 2013
Query the properties, or download a file present on a Unix server to a Windows server via SFTP connection
20 Dec 2011
The main purpose of this tutorial is to get you started with ASP.NET MVC easily, which will be through building a simple Twitter client to demonstrate the components of the framework and exposing some concepts too.
26 Feb 2014
ASP.NET Community
Asp Menu controls lacks to render its items which are set with dynamic visibility in Internet Explorer 8. Microsoft has also confirmed at Microsoft
28 Mar 2009
Hesham Desouky
A How to that demonstrates how to use RsClientPrint ActiveX control to print reports from Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
7 Mar 2012
Larry Boeldt
A VBScript class for calling Yahoo!'s Placefinder for geocoding
11 Oct 2013
ASP.NET Community
Web.Config Convert WebFroms verison to WebFroms verison toSolution of 1) Close VS2) Delete all of Temporary Asp files on :(Window
13 Apr 2018
David Cantrell
How to add optional parameters to any function in VBScript & Classic ASP
14 Apr 2008
Omar Al Zabir
An AJAX Proxy HttpHandler built using ASP.NET that continuously delivers content from external domains to the browser and is thus faster and more scalable than any other proxy service.
12 Feb 2008
Jürgen Bäurle
This article describes how to validate an HTML form on client and server-side in conjunction with the jQuery JavaScript library.
26 Apr 2006
Salvatore Vetro
Ensuring a crisp boundary exists between objects, enabling greater reuse and system maintainability.
21 Dec 2002
Smitha Nishant
An article on how to dynamically add strings to any number of drop downs using VBScript and ASP. Also explains how to get the parent folder of an ASP file.
9 Jun 2008
Omar Al Zabir
A tiny JavaScript library that provides a handy function "ensure" which allows you to load JavaScript, HTML, CSS on-demand and then execute your code. ensure ensures that relevant JavaScript and HTML snippets are already in the browser DOM before executing your code that uses them.
18 Aug 2018
Jitendra Selvam
This article is on how to upload and retrieve images from your .NET core 2.1 API.
10 Sep 2018
JavaScript class library which partly replicates Microsoft .NET Framework structure and functionality.
2 Jul 2013
Sacha Barber
A look at creating well structured modular javascript using AMD library Require.js
12 Mar 2003
Jonathan de Halleux
Makes automaticaly highlighting source code in web page a reality (for C,C++,JScript, VBScript, XML)
27 Sep 2000
Konstantin Vasserman
Exploring the options of removing HTML tags from the text in ASP.
2 Oct 2009
Abhishek Sur
The article will guide you with samples to create and embed Microsoft Map in your website within minutes. The intention is to give basic knowledge on how JavaScript library could be used to embed Custom Map.
13 Jun 2004
David Wulff
bttlxeForum is a freely available feature rich database-driven Internet forum solution written entirely in Active Server Pages.
23 Jun 2008
Cross-browser JavaScript context menu control for web applications.
28 Aug 2001
Fayez Al-Mutairi
An advanced COM component that provides file upload capabilities for your ASP pages.
17 Feb 2014
Naveen Karamchetti
Learn how to develop WebAPI service layer using a simple example
1 Jan 2014
Monjurul Habib
The hardest single part of building a software system is deciding precisely what to build. Everybody in software development has the same goal: Rapid, Reliable, Low Risk delivery of high-quality, valuable functionality to users. This article will help them to achieve their goal.
2 Feb 2016
syed shanu
In this article we will see how to use ASP.NET Identity in MVC Application for creating user roles and display the menu depending on user roles.
30 Jan 2008
Omar Al Zabir
10 easy ways to make ASP.NET and AJAX websites faster, more scalable and support more traffic at lower cost
3 Aug 2008
Omar Al Zabir
Download all external scripts on your Web page after the visible content is loaded for faster perceived speed and donwload multiple JavaScript in batch for better actual speed
8 Mar 2004
Lee Fuller
ASP to ASP.NET Session Bridge Using a Web Service
19 Nov 2009
Philipos Sakellaropoulos
ASP pages and free COM objects for generation of thumbnails and thumbnail views.
9 Jul 2009
Thulasee Shan
Implementation of iPhone like menu arrangement for the web user interface
24 Feb 2017
Ebenezar John Paul
An Ideal Code Review Checklist that applies for most programming languages
1 Feb 2004
Christian Calderon
Developing in Classic ASP using the same technics as in ASP.NET?. If you have to work in Classic ASP, why don't do it the right way?. By using a similar framework not only your code will be more organized and efficient, but it will take you a fraction of the time to port to ASP.NET!
7 May 2003
Allows a developer to easily create a dynamic JavaScript tree control.
19 Dec 2008
Sandeep Mewara
A client callback custom control and how to use it in WebForms.
29 May 2002
Using a VBScript class to upload files. Useful when you are not able to deploy a custom COM object.
2 Jul 2014
Larry Boeldt
Add Facebook Website Tools integration to your ASP based authentication
6 Dec 2011
Sacha Barber
A simple look at how to share the JSON API to Web and Desktop.
11 Jun 2011
Omar Al Zabir
Learn the principle behind Microsoft's new Doloto and 6 other cool techniques that I did in Pageflakes to load large amounts of JavaScript without compromising performance
15 Nov 2014
Michael Ulmann
The introduction of the ADO.NET Entity Framework implicitly created the need for ASP.NET providers such as membership, role and profile that leverage this new technology.
3 Jul 2018
Eoin Mullan
Chaos and order in software development
26 May 2008
Assad Baig
Learn how to optimize web page for better user experience
28 Aug 2008
Omar Al Zabir
An HTTP handler that combines multiple CSS, JavaScript or URL into one response for faster page load. It can combine, compress and cache response which results in faster page load and better scalability of web application
18 Oct 2013
Talking Dotnet
This article demonstrates how to use the newly launched AsyncFileUpload control of Ajax Control Toolkit.
1 Mar 2004
Jonathan de Halleux
Refactors the Xsd.exe classes. Shipped with a full .NET wrapper of DocBook.
17 Dec 2008
Writing and using cross platform AJAX in ASP.NET applications.
4 Oct 2010
This article contains a security check script and describes how to secure Windows and Linux webservers against hackers.
12 Jun 2008
A simple voting control In JavaScript.
19 Dec 2008
Jürgen Bäurle
This article describes how to implement the MergedDictionaries feature for resource dictionaries in Silverlight.
7 Feb 2004
Jonathan Hodgson
This article describes using a Wiki for knowledge sharing and database schema documentation.
18 Mar 2009
Chris Maunder
How to read a text file on a server using VBScript in ASP
18 Jun 2008
Nguyen Quy Minh
A small solution to deal with session timeout when using Ajax UpdatePanel
31 Jul 2012
Bryian Tan
ASP.NET Password Strength Indicator somewhat similar to AJAX PasswordStrength extender control behavior and implemented by using jQuery and XML.
15 Jan 2009
Najmul Hoda
This article demonstrates how to implement paging in GridView using Ajax Slider Extender.
28 Jan 2008
Maruf Maniruzzaman
This article describes how to integrate Spring.NET enterprise Framework with ASP.NET
8 Feb 2012
Sacha Barber, Richard E King
Streaming live results to a web site using MSMQ/Duplex WCF/SignalR/jQuery
11 May 2003
Tom Wellige
Viewer and Editor for any table in any Database you can reach from your IIS/PWS.
24 Feb 2009
To display a loading message (or GIF) when the page_load has functions that take a long time
3 Jan 2016
Bryian Tan
ASP.NET Password Strength Indicator/Checker Version 2.0 somewhat similar to AJAX PasswordStrength extender control behavior and implemented by utilizing jQuery and XML.
2 Sep 2009
Farooq Kaiser
The JQuery has several methods that can be used to perform Ajax requests
30 Oct 2001
Chris Maunder
Using the Microsoft Index Server to enable your readers to search your site
16 Jun 2009
Uwe Keim
Introducing a small user control to simplify localization of literal text with contained hyperlinks
21 Jun 2016
Emmet M
MVC-like for classic ASP.
26 Mar 2002
Sven Axelsson
How to separate code and style using ASP templates
17 Dec 2008
Sandeep Mewara
How to select multiple values from 'a dropdown look & feel' in a Web application
30 Aug 2005
Simply ensuring your website is accessible to screen reader users is unfortunately not enough to ensure these users can find what they're looking for in a reasonably quick and efficient manner
21 Jun 2000
Konstantin Vasserman
How to display multiple pages of records in ASP
31 Aug 2003
Per S
Where are your internet visitors coming from?
29 Jan 2006
This article describes getting a custom horizontal scroll bar in a combobox or a listbox with functionality as expected on pressing of up or down arrow keys.
21 Apr 2002
Nathan Ridley
An ASP class (Classic ASP) that generates a dynamic html tree list control that looks the same as a windows explorer tree but allows multiple columns of data per tree node
22 Apr 2009
Maintaining ViewState while working with Dynamic Control
19 Jan 2017
Bart-Jan Brouwer
This blog explains how you can send email with .Net Core using Dependency Injection
26 Aug 2003
Philip Patrick
Web-based administration toolkit for MS Access databases
3 Oct 2001
An article on getting User Information with VBScript using WSH
29 Dec 2005
Emmanuel Kartmann
This article describes a conversion tool which takes an HTML document as input and generates a Microsoft Word document for printing.
25 Jan 2013
Madhukar Mudunuru
Usage of ASP.NET Charting Controls provided with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
11 Dec 2018
Vivek Johari
This article “SQL Triggers – An Introduction” will give you the detailed knowledge about the SQL Triggers which can be very helpful in your work.
10 Jul 2011
Marshall Rosenstein
Querying images from Yahoo! programmatically.
11 Apr 2014
Larry Boeldt
A VBScript application to manage image galleries based on the SimpleViewer Flash image gallery.
25 Aug 2001
Chris Maunder, Uwe Keim
The Discussion board ASP scripts as used in The Code Project. This is an open source project for the Code Project community.
2 Mar 2005
A simple technique for selecting random records from a table.
25 Mar 2004
John Sasak
Step by step guide for .NET programming with a Post-Relational Database
22 Apr 2008
Tamir Khason
How to use raw sockets in Silverlight application and how to make Silverlight speak with Windows Forms and WPF
30 Mar 2008
murtaza dhari
How to get DataGrid row value without postback or AJAX.
9 Jun 2008
Neil Meredith
Dynamically add and remove user controls to a page and maintain the control state.
6 Dec 2006
A simple tool to find unused subs, functions and variables in your ASP code.
2 Feb 2009
Moiz Dhanji
This article is about combining, compressing, minifying the ASP.NET ScriptResource and HTML markups.
9 Oct 2003
Faisal Haroon
Web-based Active Directory Login
25 Nov 2008
Sandeep Mewara
One out of multiple datatype controls can be shown in a single column of a Datagrid based on row datatype (Customized datagrid column)
11 Jun 2011
Omar Al Zabir
UFrame makes a DIV behave like an IFRAME that can load any ASP.NET/PHP/HTML page and allows all postback and hyperlink navigation to happen within the DIV - a painless way to make regular pages fully AJAX enabled
25 Aug 2009
Farooq Kaiser
JQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library and can be downloaded from The jQuery library is also included in the Scripts folder of the Visual Studio ASP.NET MVC template.
22 Mar 2017
luigidibiasi, binterlandi
Build a realtime visitors counter with AJAX and a server-side language.
29 May 2009
Nesreen Maged
Navigation Web User Control is a control which creates navigations buttons at run time so the user can navigate on the data list or any other controls.
7 May 2007
Jeeva S
A complete Java (AWT) Chat Application with great customizable GUI Interface. It has features such as general chat and private chat, music when message arrives, sending images and more
11 Mar 2008
Jeff Bazinet
VwdCms.SplitterBar is a server control that allows you to easily add resizing to your web page layout, now supports both vertical and horizontal resizing.
20 Jul 2013
Anoop Pillai
Doing some 'Big Data' and building a Recommendation Engine with Azure, Hadoop and Mahout
30 Dec 2007
Omar Al Zabir
An extender that allows content to be dragged and dropped within columns and across columns. Allows column-wise content flow and reorganization.
12 Oct 2002
Erik Westermann
Sample chapter from Learn XML In A Weekend by Erik Westermann
12 Mar 2007
Vitaly Zayko
Explains how to get the latest currency exchange rates from the Internet.
12 Sep 2008
How to close open child windows when parent window is closed, using JavaScript.
24 Sep 2008
Sandeep Mewara
Partial update of parent page based on a certain value passed from the child window via AJAX (using UpdatePanel).
27 Aug 2001
Bjornar Henden
A grid control for ASP written in JavaScript to display recordsets.
20 Mar 2009
Addressing jQuery memory leak in UpdatePanel
30 Mar 2002
Dan Pomerchik
ASP for beginners, written by a beginner.
9 Jul 2009
Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 provides a Web Part infrastructure that helps you build custom Web Parts and deploy them to Web sites built using Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. This content is part 2 of the MOSS content from
12 Nov 2003
Simple ASP/SQL Server Chat application
1 Feb 2008
Adam Langley
This article explains a pluggable way to place a banner on pages built in debug mode, without making any code changes.
21 Sep 2008
This article describes how to create an Expandable / Collapsible Panel Control using JavaScript.
19 May 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
This module is designed to solve the old problem of directory replication.
23 Sep 2008
Sandeep Mewara
Having access to a page via JavaScript once the update panel's update on server gets over
15 Jan 2006
Adrian Bacaianu
 This article describes two ways to upload images and files on your web server, and the advantages and disadvantages of both.
1 Oct 2007
Object Oriented AJAX class and objects structured for ease of use and maintainability for multiple requests.
22 May 2004
Bee Master
A simple workaround to copy HTML source of selected text to clipboard from context-menu in Internet Explorer.
30 Jun 2009
Talking Dotnet
This article demonstrates how we can share ViewState across pages
10 Apr 2009
Najmul Hoda
A Masked div or modal popup window is a child window created from the parent window which prevents the user from interacting with it before they can return to the parent application. Modal windows are commonly used in applications to control user awareness and to display critical notices. This maske
12 Dec 2008
Padmaraj Sivaraj
Why some Web controls like Textbox retain values even after disabling the ViewState while others do not?
16 Mar 2006
Nathan Ridley
This script allows you to email the contents of an HTML form to one or more specified addresses. It supports HTML emails, plain text emails, and preformatted email templates.
10 Mar 2002
Torsten Mauz
Code which allows you to update any number of records with yes/no type values using checkboxes
2 Dec 2009
Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury/Galib
Solution to ASP.NET theme conflict with FCKEditor
13 Aug 2009
jLinq (LINQ for JSON) is a completely extensible library that allows you to create your own query methods and attach them to the core library. This screencast goes over some of the basics for creating your first extension method.
14 Dec 2007
Rajganesh Mountbatton
This article talks about the issues faced in accessing controls inside a Master Page from JavaScript, and points a quick solution.
26 Sep 2008
Lalith Bommera
A simple AJAX approach that includes an HTML page client, and a JavaScript making an AJAX call and receiving a response. A remote page will receive the parameter information and respond to the JavaScript call method with the necessary information.
17 Dec 2008
This article provides guidelines for improving the performance of ASP.NET application on client-side.
23 Jun 2005
Calling a WebService from ASP3.0 and JavaScript
24 Feb 2009
Talking Dotnet
This article helps in understanding the readonly property with view state.
24 Jan 2008
This tutorial will show you how to create a DotNetNuke module using LINQ to SQL.
25 Aug 2009
Farooq Kaiser
ASP.NET AJAX enables a Web application to retrieve data from the server asynchronously and to refresh parts of the existing page. This improves the user experience by making the Web application more responsive and enables you to create amazing Web 2.0 applications to delight your users.
18 Jun 2008
A JavaScript implementation of Firefox's "Awesome Bar".
20 Jan 2009
Richard Heyes
An introduction to the new HTML5 features.
23 May 2009
Pham Dinh Truong
The standard Panel control doesn't have good layout in most browsers. A new Panel Web Control is introduced with consistent look-and-feel for every browser.
13 Jan 2010
Abdul Sami, PMP
This article is an introduction to some of the new features in ASP.NET 4.0 and the Visual Studio 2010 IDE.
7 Aug 2004
Christian Calderon
The Classic ASP Framework (CLASP) will allow you to structure your ASP pages in the same way you do it with ASP.NET
2 Mar 2004
Alexander Fedorenko
Step-by-step article about writing web-based chat. This article explains the chat with users list.
29 May 2009
Md.Asaduzzaman Azad
Apply watermark in TextBox using JavaScript
29 Sep 2009
A simple MenuControl with sitemap path and the use of control adapters without using any background code
3 Nov 2015
Najmul Hoda
Lets create different types of shapes in html using powerful and amazing css
25 Apr 2008
Automatically resize a TabContainer or TabPanel.
12 Jun 2002
Srinivas Chintakindi
This article shows how to get HTML source of any WebPage even if the website prevents viewing the source
6 Aug 2000
A simple COM component with source that provides file upload capabilities for your ASP pages.
18 Aug 2003
Marc Clifton, J. Dunlap
A concise summary of SCRUM, one of the "Agile Methods"
13 Feb 2009
Mark Graham
An article about the importance of object cloning if cached data is to be preserved in the .NET cache
22 Sep 2002
Megan Forbes
The first in a series on network security for web developers
16 Aug 2008
How to use the Google Static Maps API within .NET.
8 Apr 2018
David Cantrell
Implementing the ASP.NET MVC HTML Helper "using pattern" in Classic ASP by using the With keyword, an HTML tag class and helper methods.
5 Nov 2008
Leo Stableford
This article describes how to cheat your way to an elegant URL REST Web service.
4 Jul 2009
Kiran Kumar Veerabatheni
‘In-Progress’ Message & Disabling controls in ASP.NET Pages using JavaScript
25 Nov 2009
A simple mechanism to authenticate users to a WebService
27 Aug 2001
Uwe Keim
Small library to make working with Regular Expressions a little bit easier
14 Aug 2008
How do I retrieve the country name and country code from an IP number?
5 Nov 2008
Najmul Hoda
I have created a ComboBox control that mimics the functionality of Google suggest. As you type a search phrase, it automatically displays a list of matching entries in a dropdown.
3 Jul 2013
Anil kumar Bhardwaj
Create HTML tree or organization structure for web applications.
5 Sep 2008
Abhijit Jana
This article describes some features and architecture of IIS 7.0 and deployment of ASP.NET sites on IIS
26 Apr 2000
Chris Maunder
A simple introduction to using Access .mdb databases in your ASP pages
23 May 2004
John Sasak
Step by step introduction to a new generation database for .NET: Schema definition.
27 Oct 2009
Using LinqDataSource with ASP.NET data controls like gridview and dropdown list
24 Jan 2012
A class that allows the creation and manipulation of collections in classic ASP.
5 Aug 2009
muhsin meydan
A simple jquery tab as template that addresses few issues with JavaScript tabs
13 Apr 2009
Aneesur Rehman Khan
This article demonstrates how to develop multi language page at server side as well as client side
7 May 2009
This is an example of how to get anything you want from the web with Jquery+C# and load via AJAX into a div
10 Dec 2014
Anas R Firdousi
This is part#1 of a series of not "so-obvious" stuff in JavaScript... beginner to expert!
9 Jun 2009
Write jQuery plugin WebControl for ASP.NET just in few miniutes!
10 Oct 2008
Urs Enzler
This article describes workarounds to solve the problem of multiple postbacks when using a command button of type image in an ASP.NET GridView (Internet Explorer).
20 Jul 2008
Jahedur Rahman Chowdhury
Integrating FCKeditor in ASP.NET
26 Aug 2001
George Chastain
An ASP event calendar for you website.
9 May 2014
Larry Boeldt
Part II of an article describing an ASP based multi-image uploading tool. We add a .NET thumbnailer and free ourselves from the DLL registration for image manipulation.
30 Oct 2014
Terrence Sheflin
Explains how to use HttpModule in conjunction with IIS to handle requests to fake directories
23 Jul 2013
Syed M Hussain
This article explains how to create a messagebox class to use in web applications.
11 Jun 2008
A fast and innovative Gantt chart using JScript.
16 Sep 2003
This paper provides a technical overview of .NET and COM interoperability.
10 Apr 2009
Syed Rafey Husain
SEO Tips and Techniques, andnd end-to-end SEO guide
28 Mar 2002
A beginner's guide to SMTP automated mail delivery with the CDONTS library.
12 Jun 2008
An Internet Explorer style information bar in JavaScript
20 Apr 2008
Matt Gullett
A JavaScript widget to customize the look and feel of check boxes
5 Nov 2008
Abhay Mhatre
A solution to handle session variable problems between classic ASP and ASP.NET web applications.
17 Mar 2009
Prakash Hirani
Article on how to display action messages after any action or event performs successfully or not like Gmail using JQuery and CSS
30 May 2004
Om Prakash Pant
This article describes how to display images which are stored in database in either SQL Server or MS Access.
29 Jan 2000
Uwe Keim
A Component for calling a URL from an ASP script and reading back the output
19 Jan 2002
tommy skaue
A simple function to encrypt your users passwords
14 Nov 2001
Agus Kurniawan
Simple program for an Active Server Component that handles cookies
21 Dec 2007
Using the KudzuASP template engine for Classic ASP
17 Jul 2009
Erode Senthilkumar
How to handle the errors effectively in SQL Server?
30 Nov 2010
Custom Paging on any database
15 Mar 2009
Saki Sachin
This article shows ASP.NET 4.0 ClientID feature and its related properties for client side development.
27 Jun 2001
Christian Tratz
Some functions for client side HTML forms validation. Never write them again!
12 Sep 2001
Alan Wen
This is a 3-tier application. A COM component returns SQL data in XML format, then using XSLT to transform to HTML at client side. By using XML, all the data can be sort, split into pages locally, that will give users a quick response!

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