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Posted 28 Nov 2002


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GeoIP - Where are your internet visitors coming from?

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31 Aug 20031 min read
Where are your internet visitors coming from?


With GeoIP you can detect where your visitors are coming from. You can use this information to deliver personalized information (see image below), reducing credit card fraud, analyzing web server logs (I use it for SNIFF), target banner ads, .... (see Solutions at MaxMind -

Click on the image for a test


If you can install a component on your web server, you should download the GeoIP component from MaxMind . I wrote GeoIP.asp since my provider doesn't allow me to install components.


(Updated 1.sep.03, new urls) You need the GeoIP database -, and you need ADO 2.5 or later since GeoIP.asp uses the ADO Stream object to read the GeoIP database.


  1. Download the GeoIP.dat database from MaxMind
  2. Put GeoIP.asp, example.asp and GeoIP.dat in a catalog on your web server.
  3. Test the installation by accessing the example.asp page

Methods and Properties

GeoIP.asp exposes these public methods and properties


  • GeoIPDataBase - Sets the path and filename to GeoIP.dat
  • ErrNum - Returns the error number (if <> 0, there's an error)


  • lookupCountryName - Find an IP's country name
    • example: strCountryName = oGeoIP.lookupCountryName(strIP)
  • lookupCountryCode - Find an IP's country code
    • example: strCountryCode = oGeoIP.lookupCountryCode(strIP)

Using the code

It's rather simple to use this code:

<!--<span class="code-comment">#include file="GeoIP.asp"--></span>
Dim oGeoIP,strErrMsg
Dim strIP,strCountryName,strCountryCode

Set oGeoIP = New CountryLookup
oGeoIP.GeoIPDataBase = Server.MapPath("GeoIP.dat")
If oGeoIP.ErrNum(strErrMsg) <> 0 Then
	strIP = request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR")
	strCountryName = oGeoIP.lookupCountryName(strIP)
	strCountryCode = oGeoIP.lookupCountryCode(strIP)
End If
Set oGeoIP = Nothing

Have fun coding, Per


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