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Posted 23 Nov 2004


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ASP TreeView (Version 2.0)

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28 Mar 2005GPL32 min read
ASP TreeView is a advanced ASP control that's base on Server side / Client side technique. server side: Asp + JScript, client side: Jscript + HTML.

If you think the ASP TreeView won't too bad that immediately Vote for it!

Sample Image - asptreeview.gif


ASP TreeView is an advanced TreeView control that's base on ASP technique. server side: Asp + JScript, client side: JScript + HTML.

The picture below shows Asp TreeView's work flow and running elements:



Image 3Image 4Image 5Image 6

Client side: IE5+, Gecko browser (Mozilla, Firefox, NetScape)

Server side : IIS4.0 , ASP3.0+


  • compatibility IE5+, Gecko browser (Mozilla, Firefox, NetScape)
  • server side: Access2000 database - tree.mdb to be create automatically (if tree.mdb nonexistent)
    --- the function need MDAC2.0+
  • support check boxes
  • tree item moving, dragging, dropping accessible!
  • using XMLHTTP technic to refresh tree which's asynchronous
  • Asp TreeView's user interface and functions customization
  • HTML codes as tree item's text is acceptable (except "SPAN" and "DIV")
  • tree item expand or collapse don't be interactive mode

How to use ASP TreeView?

you will need extract download source files and locate the directory -- "Samples", thereinto have a sample page -- "treedemo.asp" to offer reference:

To include Asp TreeView inside sample page. It is quite easy to use and configure.

Step 1:

Suppose that the Asp TreeView is installed the /Tree/ path of your web site. you need include AspTreeView.asp server side scripts inside the <BODY> of sample page, just like this:

<!--<span class="code-comment"> #include virtual="/tree/AspTreeView.asp" --></span> 

or you can using relative path, just like this:

<!--<span class="code-comment"> #include file=".. /AspTreeView.asp" --></span> 

Step 2:

Modify inside parameter BasePath of config.asp:

BasePath = "/Tree/"


To avoid using relative paths. It is preferable to set the base path starting from the root (/). Always finish the path with a slash (/).

Configurable File: config.asp

  • path configure :suppose that the Asp TreeView is installed the /Tree/ path of your web site,

    modify inside parameter BasePath of config.asp:

    BasePath = "/Tree/"
  • ASP TreeView user interface:width, height, background etc.
  • ASP TreeView performance configure: enabled / disabled function customization, such as tree item be drag, drop, delete, rename.
  • ASP TreeView runtime configure:setting parameter value - IsVisibleMode
    true: All the tree items are visible while ASP TreeView have been initialized
    false: The belonging to first level items for root item are visible while ASP TreeView have been initialized


The software has still exist unexpected errors, welcome to test it, finding out errors to E-mail:

You are allowed to use the ASP TreeView that's free, the ASP TreeView is only for personal and nonprofit organization, you can't use commercially that's in face of legal. to use commercially to purchase licensed through visit: Now, cheap for the ASP TreeView, a commercial license need pay $3.99.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The GNU General Public License (GPLv3)


About the Author
Software Developer (Senior)
China China
I was borned at Jianghan district, Qianjiang Hubei province of China, and always pursuiting his dream in Beijing.

Last century 1996, I got a learning machine called Subor(1.8MHZ CPU, 2k memory) that it can be connected to TV looked like computer emulater, the machine is really good for learning G-Basic, and Wubi inputs, after soon, A real PC was presented to me, the core was 586 pentium MMX, really graceful! in that mean-time, I practiced Javascript language and dynamic HTML on that PC, of course, including many famouse classic games. also, I have further self-studied professional electronic courses via Wuhan University.

A great starting point was in 2001, I went to a software firm and did deepth experience in real software development, learned C/C++ and ASP(VBscript).

In 2005, I moved to another creative firm, major responsibility is to develop windows GUI based on MFC framework, and early touched Mac PowerPC and Macbook for migrating soft. I'm still there and developing a great social web application.

In 2007, I have married with my wife and had a very cute daughter she's close to 3 old now. At all available time, I has been activating on and doing lots of amazing jobs.

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