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Great Reads

by Colin Eberhardt
This article describes the development of a cross-platform HTML5 application for Windows Phone and iPhone.
by Marc Clifton
Learning how to programmatically manipulate SVG in Javascript
by Steve Krile
Fully AJAX-enabled user control used to select names from a database in a drop-down format.
by Jeremy Likness
Wisej is a powerful platform that abstracts away the nuances of client/server interactions while embracing all the web has to offer, including third-party HTML5-based solutions, it is the perfect tool for building enterprise web applications.

Latest Articles

by brian_eckert
A simple web page that would allow the user to see all locations where their service could be found
by Matías Fidemraizer
Discover a modern, solid, and powerful way of leveraging object-oriented programming on the Web and anywhere
by Fred Song (Melbourne)
Angular 7 with .NET Core 2.2 - Global Weather
by Madhur Kapoor
One of the quickest way to get your code up and running in Azure is to use Azure Functions which makes use of the serverless architecture. When we say serverless, it means that we don’t have to worry about the provisioning and maintaining of virtual machines or servers.

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23 May 2002
'Anil' Radhakrishna
search multiple sites at once
4 Jul 2002
'Anil' Radhakrishna
Search multiple sites at once and view results on a single page
2 Jul 2002
'Anil' Radhakrishna
A Frill-free way to submit Forms and Parent-Child window communication
4 Jul 2002
'Anil' Radhakrishna
Fun with Frames
21 Mar 2003
'Anil' Radhakrishna
Mimics PowerPoint functionality & can be used for short text messages
25 Jul 2011
'Anil' Radhakrishna
A mash-up of sorts built using Microsoft's jQuery Template plugin along with G Birke's jQuery Pagination plugin & a photo-stream from Flickr acting as a data source
2 Jul 2013
'Anil' Radhakrishna
your source for crowd-sourced news and useful information
29 Dec 2014
'Anil' Radhakrishna
SPA to track food expiry dates shows how to implement CRUD functionality through Azure Mobile Services HTTP OData/REST calls, without writing any server-side code
7 Feb 2015
'Anil' Radhakrishna
Show off your book collection using a AngularJS script & Google Spreadsheet as your back-end
23 Oct 2007
The code helps speed up the devopment of toolparts using SmartPart and SharePoint.
26 May 2007
Tinkering with SilverLight to get a 3D scene rendered in the Browser.
1 Feb 2015
1&1 Internet
Providing a rich, interactive experience will increase visitors returning to your website. Symfony, known as a stable and powerful development environment, can be used to create a wide range of Web projects. Here we provide an introduction to Symfony and a guide to getting started.
24 Mar 2008
How To Make Anthem Ajax Work With Url ReWriting
1 Nov 2012
Building data-centric applications often requires developers to write tons of code spanning multiple tiers; a far from simple, tedious and a time consuming work. In this article, we will create a full featured HTML5 application in less than 10 minutes using the latest version of Vidyano.
24 Jan 2008
Getting that 1 record out of 1000000+ records with these convenient controls.
1 Oct 2013
Creating AJAX and non-AJAX based data-grids with sorting/paging.
6 Aug 2012
How to dynamically add controls on a hierarchical structure on MVC.
14 Oct 2014
JavaScript Namespace
8 Jul 2017
Connect to PC with no public IP using Node.js app for reverse port forwarding / tunneling.
26 Feb 2007
A gadget that helps you control your breathing and water consumption
3 Sep 2014
Frontend design for ASP.NET web applications
14 Sep 2004
OOP aspects of JavaScript programming language.
26 Oct 2004
A workaround to escape the "Your email message has been idle" when clicking a link in a hotmail message that has been displayed for more than five minutes
10 Jul 2015
Aaron Gustafson
When dealing with the insane proliferation of web-enabled devices and the great unknown of where our websites will go, it pays to take a step back and focus on what’s important.
21 Sep 2015
Aaron Gustafson
Responsive Web Design: Where Do We Go From Here?
27 Sep 2014
Abani Kumar Meher
This article explains few scenarios where XSS attack can be done, how we make mistake while creating web application which leads to XSS vulnerability and what should be done to prevent XSS attacks.
3 Oct 2005
Abdelmoniem Hafez
This article provides developers and non-developers with a module that builds and displays dynamic unlimited levels of menu [English and Arabic].
1 Mar 2007
Abdul Sami, PMP
A brief introoduction to using WebParts in your applications
6 Dec 2009
A JavaScript client-side validation helper.
31 Mar 2009
Abhay Mhatre
PDF file creation using the ItextSharp library with ASP.NET and C#, and deleting the file from the server after displaying it.
19 Jun 2008
Using LinqDataSource with ASP.NET data controls like gridview and dropdown list
19 Jun 2008
Part II of the Using LinqDataSource with ASP.NET data controls like gridview and dropdown list
27 Oct 2009
Using LinqDataSource with ASP.NET data controls like gridview and dropdown list
23 Jun 2008
Using LinqDataSource with ASP.NET data controls like gridview and dropdown list
26 May 2008
Abhijit Jana
A Approch To Integrate Java with .NET Web Application
18 Oct 2008
Abhijit Jana
This article describes how to maintain the scroll position and freeze header at the time of postback inside an UpdatePanel.
1 Aug 2006
Abhilash Nedumpurath
An article on printing issues of DataGrid
2 Sep 2014
Abhishek Jaiswall
This article is all about the basics of D3.JS
9 May 2015
Abhishek Maitrey
Part 3 of learning AngularJS
9 Jan 2013
Abhishek Nandy
In depth details of an Ultrabook
7 Jun 2013
Abhishek Nandy
Analysis Of World Climatic Condition
15 Mar 2008
Abhishek Sur
Animation of an image. Using multiple images as thumbnails, you can enlarge it to a specific size.
1 Dec 2009
Abhishek Sur
The Article will guide you with complete knowledge of how to add a google map in your webpage with knowledge of JAVASCRIPT, Use of Geocoder, Use of InfoWindow, Use of Marker, Tabbed Markers, Maximising marker, Creating context menu, streetview in your map
2 Oct 2009
Abhishek Sur
The article will guide you with samples to create and embed Microsoft Map in your website within minutes. The intention is to give basic knowledge on how JavaScript library could be used to embed Custom Map.
31 Oct 2009
Abhishek Sur
This article will enable you to add custom search rules to your application using Bing Search API with much more
23 Dec 2015
In B2C scenarios, focus changes a bit. End users expect the simplest and the best of experiences from your application. Hence you would start focusing on UX, Performance, Simplicity, Stickiness, etc.
24 Sep 2007
Abishek R Srikaanth
This article will show how to save changes on the close of the browser or when exiting a page.
4 Jun 2013
This whitepaper shows how to add a document viewer to a website, blog entry, email, or any other HTML design so you can show almost any kind of document to your visitors. Code samples show how to configure the viewer as a new tab/window, a frame in a layout, or even as a floating “lightbox.”
27 May 2016
One of the new additions to our recent PrizmDoc v11.0 release was a developer preview of our document pre-conversion feature. In this article, first we’ll give a quick PrizmDoc overview, and then cover how to get started with pre-conversion.
21 Mar 2005
This simple function uses JavaScript to scroll any control into view after the page has loaded.
23 Apr 2015
In the following tutorial, find out how to create your first video chat application using the forge by Acision SDK in less than 10 minutes.
19 Feb 2008
Adam Crawford
A custom web control to add radio button selection to the GridView control.
1 Feb 2008
Adam Langley
This article explains a pluggable way to place a banner on pages built in debug mode, without making any code changes.
7 Apr 2006
Adam Tibi
Discussing the MultipleFieldsValidator that validates a group of fields in which at least one is required, like phone number, mobile phone number, or email. It inherits the BaseValidator and uses some new cool ASP.NET 2.0 features.
22 Nov 2007
An introduction to Silverlight, the promising alternative to Flash, which enables the creation of rich web content and applications using a lightweight add-on that is friendly to both designers and developers.
9 Mar 2009
This chapter provides a high-level architecture of TIBCO General Interface and its framework components and describes how General Interface applications work in the browser.
21 Aug 2007
Adeel Hussain
Sometimes when the internet connections is unstable, we have to check again and again if the connection is active? This script does this task for us.
23 Feb 2011
Adel Refaat
A web control that creates a JavaScript object representing a resx (resources) file and makes it available to be used from HTML and JavaScript code.
26 Feb 2008
Adi Smadi
What are they, what to choose and how to deal with them
8 Sep 2008
Today everybody want to imporve the performance of a website, as you see on google i.e. the password strength, when we enter any character in password field, password strength is checked i.e weak, strong etc very quickly, so i have added the same functionality for the username availability
13 Apr 2009
Ruby on Rails application for the world's fastest server data.
20 Dec 2007
Adnan Aman
Callback is a lightweight technique used to call server side methods asynchronously from JavaScript without any postback and reloading/rendering of unnecessary parts of page and unnecessary code.
18 Jan 2008
Adnan Aman
Callback is lightweight technique used to call server side methods asynchronously from javascript without any postback and reloading/rendering of unnecessary parts of page and unnecessary code
10 Jan 2009
Adnan Aman
This is my very humble effort to reply Mr. Scott Henselman's Interview questions with great respect for him.
20 Oct 2015
Layouts is a Javascript library that let you create web applications with complex UI using Xaml
13 May 2009
Adrian Akison
Presents a custom control replacement for the script tag that optimizes JavaScript for web pages. Automatically merges, prevents duplicates, externalizes, orders, adds expires headers, caches, minifies, and places your scripts.
13 Jul 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
A way to build HTML pages in ISAPI using OLE DB database access
6 Nov 2007
Adrian Dorache
C++ syntax highlighting in HTML format.
18 Feb 2009
Adrian Dorache
Component used to convert a numeric value into English/Romanian words in Excel
26 Feb 2009
Adrian Dorache
Scripting the clipboard content in Windows Script Host.
10 Jan 2013
Adrian Holland
JSRazor brings the power of razor-like templates to client-side javascript.
12 Dec 2005
Adrian K
How to log client side JavaScript errors to the server using AJAX, XML and C#.
23 Oct 2011
The code implements a system to create articles using MS-Word for use in the Mambo CMS. The majority of the code is a C# project that reads and parses HTML text created using MS Word. The support projects are a VBA macro for creating the needed HTML and an export/import system for getting localhost
25 Apr 2007
Advosol Inc.
The OPC XML-DA sample clients show how OPC XML-DA web services can be accessed from different kinds of desktop and web applications.
18 Jul 2017
ExtReact gives you the most complete set of components for your React apps in a single, commercially supported, and professionally maintained package. Let’s take a look at what’s inside.
16 Feb 2017
Afreen F
This article explains basic concepts of AngularJS like Modules, Controllers, Expressions, Directives, Scope and Scope Inheritance.
1 Mar 2017
Afreen F
In this article, we will learn setting up the Angular 2 environment. In continuation of this article in next part, we will learn how to write a simple Hello World Application and keep on adding advance features of Angular 2 to it.
25 Mar 2002
AFShin Dehghani
Find files or directory in client or server site with JavaScript
30 Mar 2012
Afshin Mehrabani
In this article we are going to review a piece of NodeJS code and learn how to use some of its common modules. This is a simple application which keeps record of logs including errors, warnings and information.
2 Jul 2009
Client callbacks in ASP.NET
1 Oct 2010
This article demonstrates how to create public and private members in JavaScript through a sample.
27 Sep 2010
This article demonstrates the steps in creating a simple jQuery plug-in with a sample called Map Scroller.
15 Oct 2010
Describes about five interesting tips in JavaScript.
29 Jun 2018
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this article, I will show you how to create the Docker images using a Node.js web application that are not dependent on a platform or environment, and can be deployed to other platforms like OpenShift, using examples on Azure platform.
16 Oct 2018
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this article, we lay the foundation of the concepts needed to understand Docker engine.
18 Aug 2006
Ahmad Asgharzadeh
Modified PleaseWaitButton (originaly written by Mike Ellison) for ASP.NET 2.0.
13 Nov 2016
Ahmed Bouchefra
NativeScript is a framework that allows web developers to leverage their web development skills to build native mobile apps for Android and iOS(And later Windows Phone as promised by the nativescript team).So thanks to NativeScript if you can use JavaScript and CSS you can build a native mobile app
17 May 2012
Ahmed Charfeddine
A Websocket protocol implementation atop the ush Framework real time library plus a demo example featuring four types of communication workflows between the HTML5 web client and the server.
1 Feb 2013
Ahmed Charfeddine
A Visual C++ Project Wizard for the fast creation of high performance TCP servers in C++
30 Nov 2014
Ahmed Charfeddine
Websocket, SSL, Json, MySQL are all combined together with Push Framework to produce a C++ server that interacts with an Angularjs web front-end. The application shows the ease of implementing CRUD.
10 Jul 2008
Ahmed Shokr
JavaScript slide menu with JQuery.
19 Apr 2005
Ahmed_EL Sayed
How to set up SQL Server Integrated Security for using with SMS.
29 Jan 2016
An alternative Tor Browser built with C# using CefSharp and Tor.NET.
24 Jul 2018
Implementation of radar chart for various .NET platforms
27 Nov 2018
Using locality-sensitive hashing algorithm to improve performance of searching of musical incipits
27 Nov 2006
A simple implementation of AJAX in generating a tree view from XML, ASP.NET, and C#.
25 Oct 2014
Ajosh Palis
Circular Menu using HTML 5 Canvas
20 Aug 2013
A quick tutorial on using Google Maps in MS MVC 4.
7 Aug 2013
A cool way to batch upload new user credentials to a web-app using KnockoutJS
14 Sep 2016
Using FullCalendar, jQuery, and MVC to give your web-app ready-to-go appointment diary functionality.
30 Sep 2014
A whirlwind tour of how to implement search, filter and sort using KnockoutJS
7 Dec 2015
20 questions you might be asked about KnockoutJS in an interview
27 May 2015
How to develop a single page application (SPA) without a framework using MVC and SammyJS
29 Sep 2015
A solution to uploading large files in C# MVC
6 Sep 2016
How to scrape data from a website with C#
7 Mar 2016
Get on top of memory leaks and improve user experience when using JQuery/KnockoutJS in a SPA or SPA based Hybrid Mobile Application
29 Feb 2016
Fast way to post pre-prepared twitter updates, without using the API
17 Apr 2016
An introduction to the latest, leanest, most useful tool in the MS Visual Studio family!
7 Apr 2016
Automate your webscrapes - build a point and click web scrape engine in Javascript and C#
9 Jul 2016
A simple and useful pattern when you need to allow user access to large volumes of data
4 Sep 2016
Adding multi user and resource capabilities to Full Calendar in .Net MVC
5 Feb 2017
Using the Google map API to plan routes, and work out the nearest destination from a starting point
8 Nov 2017
Using JSPlumb with ASP MVC to create flow-chart and work-flow applications
14 Sep 2018
A free video course to learn the fundamentals of web scraping - usually missed by other sources!
14 Aug 2004
Akash Kava
Adding JavaScript prompt for Delete Command in DataGrid (easy undocumented way).
25 Jun 2018
Akhil Mittal
In this article, we’ll explore Solidity and develop our first smart contract of "Hello World".
24 Jun 2015
Akki Kumar
Image Combobox in HTML is no longer a pain, thanks to JQuery and CSS
21 Dec 2016
Akram El Assas
This article discusses functional programming in JavaScript through algebra, numbers, euclidean plane and fractals.
3 Dec 2018
Akram El Assas
A high-performance, extensible, modular and cross-platform workflow engine.
20 Nov 2009
An article about creating an Image Browser and understanding its principles
29 Oct 2011
Al Moje
Demonstrates how to Add/Delete/Edit/Update image, and save to SQL database table, and also how to create a menu like an Outlook with faded in slide show
14 Dec 2010
Al-Farooque Shubho
A jQuery script that lets you display the “Navigate Away” browser message when an input field value is changed in the page, and for that, you don’t need to write any code!
3 Nov 2008
Ala Hamad
Make your Hyperlink control use JavaScript to create a popup window.
14 Aug 2018
Alaa Ben Fatma
A visual scripting environment for R & data science.
13 Oct 2009
Alaa-eddine KADDOURI
The Open Source framework to make use of jQuery in an ASP.NET application easier.
22 Jan 2010
Alaa-eddine KADDOURI
This articles describes the newly implemented features in version 0.4.0: client events, third party extensions, and resource management.
20 Sep 2005
Alagarsamy, Srinivas
This article explains AJAX and shows a sample using ASP.NET demonstating how it can be used to improve user experience of our web applications
1 Jul 2016
Introduce how to have a quick start with Hola Studio.
5 Jul 2016
Introduce components in Hola Studio
5 Jul 2016
Introduce functions in Hola Studio
2 Dec 2010
Albin Abel
Observer pattern is an excellent technique to deal with one to many relationships among objects.
21 Aug 2017
The beginnings of a simple visualization into an assortment of financial calculations using simple JavaScript
4 Jan 2008
Aleksey Zaharov
This article shows you how to bring revolutionary UI provided by MS Silverlight to the world of ASP.NET control development with the help of the recently released ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions CTP.
13 Mar 2008
Build simple and sophisticated Facebook Apps with FBML, ASP.NET
22 Mar 2008
Alessandro Forte
A description of various frameworks to develop a complete enterprise .NET applications easier
22 Mar 2009
Alessandro Zifiglio
Jiffycms HTML Editor is an Open Source commercial grade RTE.
22 Mar 2009
Alessandro Zifiglio
Learn how to upload images to the server and display them in an image gallery.
5 Sep 2007
Alex Furmanski
Tired of constantly writing the same labourious plumbing to add a confirmation to a delete button in a GridView? I was, so I simplified things.
18 Aug 2015
Alex Kolesnichenko
This article provides a guidance on building feature-rich web applications using AngularJS framework with Visual Studio Code and TypeScript. Step-by-step instructions from getting basics right to build and test automation.
24 Jan 2007
alex turner
An article on feeding data into Excel from web services and formating it into management reports
28 Jan 2007
alex turner
The object of this post is to embed an image into a script which can then load it into MS Excel!
2 Feb 2007
alex turner
How to read an XML data source from file or AJAX and then represent it in Internet Explorer as a GUI
16 Feb 2007
alex turner
A JScript that is really used in business for cleaning up named ranges in Excel.
1 Mar 2007
alex turner
If you have a PHP, ASP, Ruby, or whatever based website, it is usually a pain to get simple but good looking Excel spreadsheets out of the site. This solution is too simple to be true (but it is).
22 Feb 2007
alex turner
How to send emails using JScript and Netcat. This technique can be used for mailouts or load testing.
1 Mar 2007
alex turner
An easy to use class that gives some binary file abilities to JScript.
1 Mar 2007
alex turner
To futher my previous post on sending emails using Netcat and JScript, here is how to also send attachments.
16 Mar 2007
alex turner
How to make a simple Excel database reporting engine with XML configuration.
25 Mar 2007
alex turner
Concatenating strings is critical in many dynamic content situations. Here is how to make it scale and then be fast and scale.
19 Jan 2010
alex turner
How to and the benefits of tightly integrating scripting with native Micro Focus COBOL to produce more customisable and flexible applications.
2 May 2002
JScript object for easy client-side cookie usage.
13 Sep 2005
Streaming binaries and text from the client machine to server using HTA
6 Apr 2006
A JavaScript generic serializer.
16 Mar 2008
A generic data exchange framework with AJAX.
8 Nov 2017
In this tutorial, I'll be building a high performance ASP.NET Core 2.0 React.js Single Page Application that implements CRUD forms with validation without using Redux or JQuery.
28 Sep 2011
Alexander Chernosvitov
AntiBot control using HTML5 rotating feature
7 Nov 2013
Alexander Chernosvitov
ActiveX component for 3D visualization, embedded in different client applications.
21 Jan 2015
Alexander Chernosvitov
Object-oriented approach to Web Application developing using JavaScript
21 Jan 2004
Alexander Fedorenko
Step-by-step article about writing web-based chat. This article explains the chat with users list and registration.
21 Jan 2004
Alexander Fedorenko
The last part of the ASP chat series. This article explains how to provide a chat with multiple rooms.
4 Mar 2015
Alexander Iacobciuc
This article is about a basic implementation of HTML5 client/server chat application.
13 Jul 2006
Alexander Kleshchevnikov
How flexible is the normal functionality of ASP.NET validators? In this article, I am going to show how to customize the appearance of the attached control of a validator during an error situation on the server or the client side, or even call a custom client function without postback.
9 Oct 2006
Alexander Kleshchevnikov
The problem I want to discuss in this article appears only in Internet Explorer. When an absolutely positioned layer (div) is overlaid with a dropdown or some ActiveX component, the z-index style sheet property does not work and the layer shows under such objects.
9 Oct 2006
Alexander Kleshchevnikov
Some users like to click twice or more on the Submit button especially if the postback does not respond immediately. This scenario can bring problems on the server in case, for instance, if the “first click” already disposed some resources. In this article, I am going to discuss one of the solutions
1 Jan 2011
Alexander Kosorukov
Creating AJAX Extender control with pop-up window
13 Jan 2011
Alexander Kosorukov
Creating AJAX Extender control with pop-up window
13 Jul 2004
Alexander Shilonosov
Creating Web-style GUI and easily managing it from MFC code. Creating dialogs based on DHTML, receiving events from DHTML to MFC, and calling JScript functions from MFC.
5 Dec 2015
Alexander Siniouguine
Discover Bower and Gulp with Visual Studio 2015
16 May 2006
Alexander Turlov
The article describes a simple approach of implementing AJAX functionality in ASP.NET web applications.
1 Oct 2008
Alexander Turlov
Web UI coclor picker control implemented as an ASP.NET AJAX Extender.
14 May 2010
Alexander Turlov
Automatically compress embedded JavaScript resources with Microsoft Ajax Minifier
2 May 2011
Alexander Turlov
A fix for a JavaScript error with Bing Maps in Firefox
11 Dec 2012
Alexander Wieser
The Spectre Framework is an attempt to introduce HTML5 as a first class citizen UI language for CLR based applications.
25 Jun 2013
Alexandr Belotserkovskiy
This series will be about Web API and its use in Windows Azure
1 Dec 2009
Alexandru Cibotari
An introduction to jTemplates with an example of how to create a grid using jTemplates.
2 Dec 2009
Alexandru Cibotari
This article shows how an Accordion control can be implemented with the use of the jTemplates plug-in.
10 Jul 2008
Alexandru Lungu
Implementing JavaScript’s missing functionality of including in JavaScript files other JavaScript files.
10 Jul 2008
Alexandru Lungu
How to include JavaScript files in other JavaScript files.
10 Jul 2008
Alexandru Lungu
Implementing JavaScript’s missing functionality of including JavaScript files in other JavaScript files.
17 Mar 2008
Alexei Fimine
ASP.NET GridView which only displays as many rows as the user is willing to fill on the client-side. Uses ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, Regular Expressions, CSS, and HTML.
22 Apr 2008
Alexei Fimine
ASP.NET GridView implementing AjaxControlToolkit's Rating control, DropDownLists for each row, database connectivity, Regular Expressions, JavaScript, CSS etc. This article is an exercise to better understand the aspects of using various technologies (both server and client-side) within a GridView.
25 Jul 2014
Alexey Nikolaev
The article describes integration of the new Web Real Time Communication technology and IP cameras for online video broadcasting purpose Section Multimedia SubSection Audio and Video
1 Jul 2008
Alexey Prosyankin
This article describes how to use Visual Studio for developing a Vista Gadget.
7 May 2009
This is an example of how to get anything you want from the web with Jquery+C# and load via AJAX into a div
10 Aug 2008
Aleš Hübl
A WebControl that handles client-server communications via AJAX.
31 May 2007
alfi uziel
Validate form controls with the use of a regular expression outside the function.
6 Nov 2007
alfi uziel
JavaScript code that will rearrange the elements in a select control according to the user selection.
13 Jun 2011
Ali Al Omairi(Abu AlHassan)
A confirm message box that can be drawn with HTML and CSS
29 Oct 2013
Ali Al Omairi(Abu AlHassan)
A message box that can be drawn with HTML and CSS.
9 Jun 2011
Ali Al Omairi(Abu AlHassan)
A component that schedules asynchronous post-back based priority
25 Jul 2008
Ali Daneshmandi
A free gadget for Windows Vista.
13 Dec 2014
Ali Torabi 2
MVP is a class library for managing database tables and gives an easy migrations solution.

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