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by Max Paulousky
This article presents the techniques and caveats of building Silverlight applications that can be notified about database state changes via polling duplex. WSHttp binding and CLR triggers are used to implement the solution as well.
by Brij
Enabling HTTPCompression in IIS6
by Sky Sanders
AccessControlModule can impart a greater consistency and usability upon the default behaviour of FormsAuthentication and allow any client script code to leverage FormsAuthentication in a straight forward manner.
by Sebastian Solnica
Application pool identity and directory security in IIS6

Latest Articles

by Terrence Sheflin
Explains how to use HttpModule in conjunction with IIS to handle requests to fake directories
by Misha1964
Learn how to validate complex web forms using business rules engine
by Member 10763717
Common issues faced while implementing WCF in Project
by Shivprasad koirala
Steps to use a logging utility in your projects using Application Blocks.

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27 Nov 2009
Max Paulousky
This article presents the techniques and caveats of building Silverlight applications that can be notified about database state changes via polling duplex. WSHttp binding and CLR triggers are used to implement the solution as well.
26 Sep 2008
Max Paulousky
This article describes MS TFS Proxy efficiency testing depending on the internet channel rate between TFS and TFS Proxy, TFS commands, and TFS Proxy cache state. Also, this article describes the advantages of using the MS TFS Proxy on slow Internet channels.
28 May 2007
Sau Fan Lee
ASCII Art generator in ASP.NET.
12 Jul 2005
Chester Ragel
A tool which can be used to do common tasks which Microsoft Content Management Server API provides.
23 Feb 2010
Pero Matić
How to automatically enforce and switch between secure (HTTPS/SSL) and non-secure (HTTP/non-SSL) web pages without hard-coding absolute URLs, using SEO friendly redirects.
31 Oct 2007
Bill Seddon
Shows how a .NET based WebDAV server can be created by combining two Open Source projects. The example implementation returns files from a file system, but you can extend it to return resources from any repository.
9 Nov 2012
Abdul Quader Mamun
To develop scalable applications, effective paging is essential. Devoid of smart and effective paging and sorting to handle thousands of thousand data takes extra time and system resources.
20 Jan 2008
Sushant Joshi
This article describes how to generate Excel at client side and embedd "Pivot Tables" and "Charts" into the Excel.
29 Mar 2012
Matt Perdeck
Improves web site performance by combining and minifying JavaScript and CSS files on the fly. Processes ASP.NET AJAX toolkit .axd files too. Improves image caching and loading. Very easy to add to any ASP.NET web site.
14 Aug 2012
Abdul Quader Mamun
Custom TreeView web user control for parent child relatioinal data upto infinity
22 Aug 2004
Shams Mukhtar
This article will enhance your vision on the usage of Robustness Analysis in conjunction with Model View Controller, using UML with application in ASP.NET. This article is a sequel to my articles on Architecture and Design with ASP.NET.
11 Apr 2005
Uwe Keim
Introduced a class that simplifies Windows Impersonation in C#.
16 Aug 2013
Karthik. A
sBlog.Net is a minimalistic blog engine created using the ASP.NET MVC 3 framework.
8 May 2008
Jake Morgan
Deploy zip files to your web application and serve compressed files directly out of the zip file.
5 Mar 2008
Omar Al Zabir
Performance tips and hard-core tricks that change core runtimes, not for the faint-hearted
27 Jan 2005
Justin Williams
Leveraging the Common Gateway Interface in C#.
9 Apr 2010
Abdul Quader Mamun
ASP.NET provide features to develop appllication for mobile devices. System.Web.Mobile namespace is devoted specifically to mobile Web development.
19 Jan 2009
Sasa Popovic
A Visual Studio add-in that allows generation of Web Parts based on prepared ASCX controls/templates.
26 Jun 2008
Boaz Davidoff
Using multi-threading techniques to create a duplex (two-way) web service that can push events/messages to the client.
16 May 2006
Passing large amounts of data through web services can become a huge bottle-neck in a WAN application architecture (i.e., server is on the web), and in any case, a real load on the network traffic. This is one solution for downsizing the network costs.
4 Oct 2009
Overview of deployment techniques using example WSE 3 enabled solutions
30 Jun 2008
We will create a very simple web chat application using the latest ASP.Net 3.5 technologies from scratch.
6 Aug 2007
Omar Al Zabir
Learn about 13 production disasters that can bring down your business
5 Sep 2009
Farooq Kaiser
In this article, I will examine how you can improve the performance of an ASP.NET MVC application by taking advantage of the various components
30 Dec 2007
Rama Krishna Vavilala
This article builds a web based message board and uses several new technologies introduced with Visual Studio 2008 such as LINQ, WCF Web Programming, WCF Syndication, ASP.NET ListView, ASP.NET DataPager etc.
11 Aug 2005
Local web service calls third party web service which returns XML data and serialization fails, the article shows how to obtain the actual SOAP message.
8 Jul 2004
Simon Steed (SimonAntony)
This article explains how using caching within your Windows Forms application can speed up data access for frequently used data and avoid performance bottlenecks over the network.
9 Jun 2013
Stan Bice
Imagine connecting church worship attenders with real-time content.
21 Dec 2010
Massimiliano Peluso "WeDev Limited"
This article describes in depth everything that happens beween the request/response in a web application.
14 Sep 2010
An AJAX UpdatePanel with less communication overhead and better performance
3 Sep 2007
Max Paulousky
This article describes a control that allows getting a web page as the customer sees it. E.g., the developer can store the copy of the page as it was before an exception and restore the page when it's required.
20 Nov 2005
Jason Witty
With the release of SQL Server 2005, Microsoft introduces the long overdue ROW_NUMBER() function. In this article, we will walk through a C# implementation of pagination using the ROW_NUMBER() method.
25 Jan 2008
A simple guide meant to take the reader through a series of questions that will help them plan for and manage their business network.
28 Nov 2008
Denis Voituron
This article describes how to develop a reverse proxy in C# using the IIS HTTPHandlers.
21 Sep 2005
Ralph Hare
Adding mouse gesture recognition to Internet Explorer.
2 Aug 2004
Elvin Cheng
It allows calls to server events from client script code without causing the page to post back and refresh.
19 Mar 2011
Paul Sanders (the other one)
This article provides a way to use RSA public key encryption in scripts running on a Web server hosted by a shared hosting company. It also demonstrates how to use RSA in .NET to solve the 'real world' problem of signing license codes so that they cannot be forged.
4 Apr 2006
Salvatore Vetro
The art of swap from a database to another changing a flag
11 Apr 2005
Alex James
A simple and reliable way to build context into a multi stage process in ASP.NET.
9 Feb 2009
Rahman Masudur
This article shows how to use a WCF service in XBAP or a WPF browser application.
5 Jan 2005
Teo Lachev
Introducing Microsoft Reporting Services.
15 Dec 2008
Faris Y. Elias SHOMOU
Exploring multiple hosting environment for WCF service
13 Feb 2007
Vlad Hrybok
This article describes how to run DotNetNuke content management system on UltiDev Cassini web server, which unlike IIS can run on Windows XP Home and can be redistributed along with the DotNetNuke applications.
11 Apr 2009
Reduce sitemap maintenence and never have another "unlisted" page! Unlisted pages dynamically inherit site map placement from a parent page. Replace repetitive '/default.aspx' mentions with '/' for friendlier URLs. Wildcard query string matching and more...
17 Jan 2008
Rolf Szomor
A work-around for ASP.NET menu parent menuitem highlighting.
26 Aug 2005
Hannes Foulds
This article shows how DPAPI and Triple DES can be used to encrypt connection strings and other sensitive strings for storage in the ASP.NET web.config file.
22 Apr 2008
Tamir Khason
How to use raw sockets in Silverlight application and how to make Silverlight speak with Windows Forms and WPF
6 Dec 2006
A simple tool to find unused subs, functions and variables in your ASP code.
19 Aug 2008
The article explains how to fetch data from Microsoft Analysis Services 2005 (OLAP) Cube using ADOMD.NET and MDX, and display it in the form of a grid.
14 Jun 2009
Artem S. Dmitriev
This article will show you how to create a proxy client to the WCF web service from PDA device.
6 Jul 2007
Use SOAP to communicate with a remote DB Server (Here I use SQL Server) on the Internet and get information or interact with the database
17 Sep 2007
Tiago Halm
An overview on Filter.NET as a framework designed to expose the ISAPI Filters API to .NET while maintaining the power, flexibility and efficiency of the IIS platform
25 Oct 2008
Mohamed Zaki
This custom UI Action for SharePoint extends the lists action menu to allow users to zip document library items and download all of them with or without version.
8 Dec 2008
Anas Karkoukli
A new implementation of the Custom Profile Provider for ASP.NET 3.5, using LINQ, Workflow Foundation, and the Responsibility-Centric-Singleton DataContexts pattern.
16 Nov 2007
blogging developer
Developers use multiline TextBox controls in almost all web projects. Since the MaxLength property of a TextBox control does not work when the TextMode property is set to Multiline, we usually use Validator controls to validate the length.
24 Dec 2005
Vlad Hrybok
The article describes creating a Visual Studio .NET Setup Project that allows ASP.NET applications to be deployed on boxes that don't have IIS installed. Some familiarity with Visual Studio .NET Setup Projects will help better understand the material in this article.
9 Oct 2007
10 tips for search engine optimization (SEO) for your ASP.NET website.
15 Sep 2004
A technique to use the IIS Basic Authentication mechanism to control access to trace.axd.
17 May 2005
Javier Lozano
This article shows you how to use async handlers along with XMLHTTP to process long executing tasks in ASP.NET.
4 Oct 2009
Shaun Wilde
Custom MembershipProvider and RoleProvider implementations that use web services in order to separate the application and database servers.
26 Jun 2005
A file upload utility that uses BITS as the transfer engine.
24 Aug 2011
Matt Perdeck
This two part series shows how to get the most out of the compression features built into IIS 7 and IIS 6. This second article focuses specifically on IIS 6 compression.
15 May 2005
Klaus Salchner (Canada)
Microsoft Indexing Server is a powerful indexing and search engine for your web or file search. This article explains how to set up Indexing Server and how to search its index from within your application.
24 Apr 2014
Member 10763717
Common issues faced while implementing WCF in Project
20 Sep 2006
Create your own AJAX Shoutbox using ASP.NET and C#.
13 Mar 2006
Alexandru Ghiondea
Describes a way of creating a web service that persists its state between sequent calls.
13 Nov 2012
Wawrzyniec Wawro
This article is about cross-"worker thread" solutions of implementing the Singleton Pattern in ASP.NET.
4 May 2005
Stephen Huen
Review of MCMS Connector for SharePoint Technologies.
16 Jul 2005
Geo-Locating C# Smart Client Application using the 2.0 Framework
5 Sep 2007
A dirty panel extender implementation with ASP.NET AJAX control toolkit.
20 Feb 2006
Tittle Joseph
An ASP.NET DataGrid custom control which allows freezing of header, columns, and rows in a DataGrid just by changing a single attribute value. It is inherited from the .NET DataGrid, therefore all features of the DataGrid are still available.
27 Aug 2006
Toby Emden
How to protect secure assets using a .NET Reverse Proxy, an ISAPI redirection filter and .NET Forms Authentication
26 Sep 2006
Create an AJAX Color Picker for your website with the power of Anthem.
27 Sep 2005
Weidong Shen
Adding secure communications to the Microsoft IssueVision sample application using WSE 2.0.
28 Dec 2007
This article aims to show the creation of Network Links for Google Earth.
30 Dec 2007
Scott Dorman
Explains how to use managed code to detect which version of Internet Information Services (IIS) is installed and if ASP or ASP.NET is registered.
11 Apr 2005
Daniel Fruzynski
How to reduce DataGrid's ViewState size, while maintaining all DataGrid's functionalities.
13 May 2008
Philip Lippard
Writing an ASP.NET Custom Control which extends the ListView to visually show sort direction for columns.
17 May 2007
This article explains how to create your own HTML attributes using a plug-in framework.
12 Apr 2005
Praveen Nayak
A vanilla implementaion showing how Updater Block 2.0 can be included in a Windows Forms application.
20 Aug 2008
Marcel Wijnands
Manage IIS 6 in .NET
25 Mar 2009
Behrouz Rad
The most advanced things which you can do with GridView in ASP.NET 3.5
30 Jul 2009
Chris McGlothen
An article on installing and implementing Subversion version control software and TortoiseSVN the client interface tool for Windows machines.
18 May 2008
A wizard that allows you to FTP an application to a remote server and then launch the configuration wizard from the web browser to update the database connection.
15 Feb 2007
Mark Bible
Information relevant to installing and configuring Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server for users who require Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) access over the commercial internet with Basic Authentication in a single-server scenario
17 May 2006
Stephen Huen
Provides a start page for search engines to crawl a Content Management Server (MCMS) web site.
6 Apr 2010
Cross browser support for a scrollable GridView.
28 Feb 2006
Diego Mijelshon
How to develop a handler that reads Exchange WebDAV folders and returns RSS.
14 Nov 2004
Kevin Staunton-Lambert
A general overview of Internet technologies including what the Internet actually is, what HTML and XML are, using Web forms, CGI/MIME, IIS ISAPI, ASP and creating HTML based front ends to databases via ODBC32, OLE DB, ADO and ASP.NET
27 Jun 2005
Stephen Huen
Gives Content Management Server web sites search capability using SharePoint Portal Server as the search engine.
4 Mar 2009
Anindya Sen Gupta
Learn how to make your website more secure so that McAfee recognizes it 100% mcAfee Secured and PCI Compliant
30 Oct 2014
Terrence Sheflin
Explains how to use HttpModule in conjunction with IIS to handle requests to fake directories
22 Sep 2005
Stephen Huen
Lists items in a Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) list.
3 Jan 2005
Oleg Kobchenko
A simple way to bind a Vertical Table with a DataGrid in ASP.NET.
15 Sep 2009
Sushant Joshi
This article enables you to send mails from Windows application which is normally a tedious task
1 Jun 2007
Mansoor Sarfraz
Internet Explorer does not always show the full contents of dropdown lists and list boxes. This means if the data in the list box is bigger thatn the control's witdth, the user will not be able to fully see it. We can show a tooltip of each content to solve the problem.
23 Nov 2009
Configuration of .NET applications using database
7 Dec 2004
Steven Berkovitz
How to push HTML content to a blackberry handheld using MDS
27 Jun 2005
Stephen Huen
Gives Content Management Server web sites search capability using SharePoint Portal Server as the search engine.
20 Mar 2008
David P Henry, Graham Murray
A solution for securing access to a ClickOnce application using ASP.NET Forms authentication.
1 Apr 2009
Ravikumar Commuri
How to Create 3DBarChart with Graphics, Bitmap Objects in ASP.NET 2.0
12 Jul 2009
Kishore Nandagiri
Improve your web application performance using Application Pools.
22 Jan 2005
Stephen Huen
Display content from a Content Management Server placeholder in a WSS site.
18 Apr 2005
A simple, easy to use and setup project management with asp and ms access.
19 Jan 2009
Sasa Popovic
Base class for skinned Web Parts and a tool that will generate Web Part code based on previously made layout (ASCX)
28 Feb 2009
Rick Bassham
This article covers how to make a custom IHttpHandler to use the X Library from embedded in an assembly.
10 Feb 2009
Add a website, virtual folder, and host header to IIS 6 from code.
9 Mar 2007
Koushik Biswas
Have you written a web service that will be deployed over HTTPS and you want to test it on your own box? Have you written a client that needs to call a web service using a client certificate, and want to test it without involving half your company? Here's how to do it!
27 Jan 2006
Cohen Shwartz Oren
How to configure IIS in order to enable the use of Named Kernel Objects in Web Services.
26 Oct 2007
ImageTemplate.NET lets you easily generate images dynamically for use on your website.
28 Nov 2007
Sriram Chitturi
IIS rejects files with unknown type and ISP providers may not have updated their servers with the XAML MIME type. This article suggests a workaround to host XAML files.
6 Mar 2006
Tittle Joseph
A Custom Control to show tooltip text over a Icon.
13 Nov 2005
Daron Yndem
My favorite feature of ASP.NET 2.0 is Web Parts. But the anonymous users in ASP.NET cannot save personalization data and can't use Web Parts design options. This article describes how we can solve this problem in a tricky way.
31 May 2005
Using .NET's System.Globalization class for retrieving month names in forgein lanaguages, and the DateTimeFormatInfo for keeping your dates the correct way around.
5 Feb 2006
Palwinder Singh
Creating FTP and Web IIS virtual directories programatically, using C#.
11 Jun 2011
Omar Al Zabir
Serve extensionless URL from IIS without using custom ISAPI handler or IIS 6.0 wildcard mapping
2 Aug 2009
Raj Settipalli
Simplest method to host remote component under IIS with ASP.NET application as client
28 Mar 2005
ASP TreeView is a advanced ASP control that's base on Server side / Client side technique. server side: Asp + JScript, client side: Jscript + HTML.
11 Jul 2004
Easy Guestbook with ASP and MS Access
5 Oct 2009
A .NET managed framework to send template emails in HTML or plain text
3 Jun 2007
Learn more about the Mashup creator, Popfly space, and the Web page creator.
5 Oct 2005
Sadish Kumar.V
This article will help you to open an MS-Word Document (Document or Document template) or MS-Excel sheet from server side code (ASP.NET) with minimum configuration efforts.
24 Nov 2007
W. Kevin Hazzard
Site maps make your websites search engine friendly. Learn how to generate them dynamically using your site's HTTP 404 error handler page.
10 Nov 2008
Harshana Eranga Martin
This article contains code to send email using Gmail accounts.
5 Jun 2007
The purpose of this document is to provide the step by step information about enabling the Form Based Authentication (FBA) for MOSS 2007 site.
3 Feb 2006
Prasad Khandekar
A JavaScript based random password generator with pattern string support.
12 Jul 2011
Custom Membership and Role Providers, a website administration tool, and Role based access to individual files.
27 Sep 2005
Andrew M Baldwin
An article about the Multiformity Open Source project.
18 Aug 2010
Tushar Arora
This script can be used in an ASP.NET 3.5 website. It can search out exact phrases and keywords live from all HTML pages and text files on the website.
7 Mar 2005
Server.MapPath does NOT return the physical path of global.asa.
4 Nov 2007
Bruno Gazzera
A utility to convert file includes to virtual includes.
15 Feb 2008
Ahmed Kahwaji
Generate and configurate digital certificate using IIS 6.0
3 May 2007
Mohammed Habeeb
An article to illustrate editing and encrypting of sections of a Web.Config file programatically.
25 May 2007
Igor Krupitsky
SparkLine is a small, high resolution line chart. This article explains how to create and use SparkLines in your ASP.NET application.
30 Oct 2007
A solution for loading user controls asynchronously via AJAX with no custom JavaScript required.
28 Dec 2004
Daniel Fisher (lennybacon)
This article describes how to use System.Web.Mail with the SMTP server's pickup directory.
10 Oct 2007
Deepthi Viswanathan Nair
This article depicts how to merge cells in the DataGrid control in ASP.NET, hence gains better look and clarity.
5 Aug 2004
Simple News System using ASP and MS Access
2 Feb 2009
Manish K Gupta
Encryption & Decryption of Connection Strings inside the Web.config in ASP.NET 2.0
22 Dec 2004
Helps you create context sensitive dynamic URLs: dynamically computed URLs, depending on which server the page is generated on.
18 May 2005
S Sansanwal
This article describes the function to post XML data to an ASP.NET page and then read the data on an ASP.NET page
23 Aug 2006
A .NET 2.0 server control to fix the ActiveX activation issue caused by Internet Explorer updates.
12 Mar 2007
Bashir Magomedov
This article describes the HtmlMap Web Control. Some description and code realization are provided.
9 Sep 2005
Michael Chao
An article on updating a part of your web page without causing flash.
18 Aug 2007
Sidhartha Gundavarapu
This article provides a solution to the configuration file overwriting problem while developing WCF Services and using Visual Studio for development
6 Feb 2005
This article describes the implementation of an ASP.NET Web Service which can be used for SSN format validation.
30 Dec 2007
Anders Revsgaard
No matter how well you design your system, a distributed SOA application is always complex. When a SOA application fails, it can be difficult to track down the cause of the problem and the Web service where the error occurred. To handle this difficulty, you need a logging system such as UptoLog.
5 Jul 2011
My Tech World
Switching IIS websites' physical location automatically
23 Aug 2004
Muhammad Zeeshan Arshad
This code will help to store multiple checkbox or radio box values via Form (to render on screen / to store in a database).
21 Mar 2008
In this article, I will show you how to access a Web page with JavaScript code in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can process CRM entities or different actions in that page
21 Jul 2008
Rajib Ahmed
Properly using cache, session, and viewstate objects in your application
18 Jul 2007
Anton Pious Alfred
Most systems that use Stored Procedures make use of SQL parameters to send and receive information from the database. The code to create these SQL parameters and then populating them is repeated throughout the system. This article describes how to automate this code.
25 Sep 2006
This article is all about providing Context Sensitive Help in a web page, asynchronously or AJAX style, using Client Callbacks in .NET 2.0.
25 May 2009
Vitaliy Liptchinsky
This article expresses a simple idea of how to enhance web application performance using Garbage Collection notifications.
14 Jun 2005
With that class you only have to set a few properties and you can access to the webservices, only need know the URL of webservice, the method to invoke, and parameters.
20 Nov 2007
Sujith John Thomas
This article explores the concepts of XMLSS and its transformation to XL.
18 Aug 2007
A smart way to manage languages on a multilingual website, using resources and globalization,localization
20 Aug 2005
Transfer arguments between dialog page and invoker page in 1.1
12 Mar 2008
Sushant Joshi
To adjust the size of the drop-down list dynamically at the client-side and adding back-ground and fore-ground color to the drop-down list.
17 Mar 2008
Avinish Awasthi
The purpose of the integration is to create collaboration sites on SharePoint 2007 as new accounts or opportunities are created in Microsoft CRM.
1 Aug 2007
Jatin Prajapati
Here i am showing, how user can access network files and folder that are stored on other Server.
14 Jul 2004
Bobby Ryzhy
An article on browsing via directories or HTTP, with ASP.NET.
12 Jun 2008
Dustin Metzgar
Explains a simple way of using WS-AtomicTransaction to create distributed transactions across Web services
27 Oct 2005
An article on how to generate an HTML popup menu from a database.
25 Apr 2005
This article focuses on demonstrating the usage of DIME (Direct Internet Message Encapsulation) with Web Services. Here, you will have two applications, one is a Web Serivice that uses DIME technology to send an attachment (of different types) to a client side, other is a Windows Forms application.
19 Jan 2006
Alberto Venditti
A simple tool to view and edit virtual directories settings on multiple web sites and web servers.
4 Nov 2007
Aman Sura
This article provides a quick and comprehensive overview of ASP.NET and ATL Web Services.
30 Sep 2005
Abi Bellamkonda
ASP.NET Reports Starter Kit Porting from Windows to Linux using Mainsoft's Grasshopper
29 Jun 2007
Fabricio Miranda
In this article, i will be showing how to parse and modify a peace of HTML code using a nice and helpfull .NET assembly.
23 Oct 2007
This tool is useful to create new virtual directories with extra settings in One Click !
21 Dec 2007
An ASP.NET server control inspired from Google mail’s selection of file attachments, and implementing ASP.NET AJAX Extensions 1.0.
7 Feb 2005
Daniel Fruzynski
This article shows how to remove unwanted white chars from each line, and some of the new line chars too. My code correctly handles scripts embedded in HTML pages.
9 Dec 2005
Gabriel Sirbu
This article explains how to add an extra header item to a standard ASP.NET DataGrid.
27 Nov 2006
A simple implementation of AJAX in generating a tree view from XML, ASP.NET, and C#.
29 Apr 2007
Dimitar Madjarov
An article which describes an alternative way of cooperation between Oracle PL/SQL and C#
25 Oct 2009
This article discusses a mechanism for creating scalable Windows services using IIS.
19 Jan 2009
Mohan Pindyala
Workflow calculator WCF service, an example of long running workflows
22 Dec 2006
This is a command line program that will enable users to create a Virtual Directory on a local host.
24 Jul 2008
David Hoyt
Easy to use ASP.NET suite that gives you everything you need to get started and makes it all pathetically easy to use - Windows services (with UAC), localization (webpage and e-mail), e-mail templating, configuration, and much, much more!
10 May 2007
Paul Glavich
ANTS Profiler provides you with a quick and easy way of identifying performance bottlenecks within your .NET applications. Additional support for the latest .NET 3.0 features, the Vista operating system, and Visual Studio integration, cements ANTS Profiler as a leading tool in performance profiling.
13 Mar 2008
Paul Reeder
Implementing a custom configuration for routing rules
3 Jan 2006
This guide will show you how to enumerate through the stored procedures in MSSQL 2000, as well as retrieve parameter information for a stored procedure.
6 Mar 2008
John Doherty
How to: Monitor, Record, and Playback every visit to a website using very simple techniques and existing technologies.
7 Aug 2007
albert arul prakash
XSS gaining popularity to hack into websites. This article describes how to power yourself against XSS
10 Apr 2005
Emmanuel Ay
A short article on how to replace your long and ugly querystring URLs with clean and simple URLs in ASP.NET.
14 Feb 2004
This navigation toolbar is implemented in JavaScript by DHTML.
26 Sep 2009
It's a very complete and robust processor of ViewState, it allows: to select the way of serialization, compression and encryption optionally.
9 Jun 2008
This article describes on building a Database from scratch using Batch File from the existing Database
5 Oct 2004
Joey Chömpff
An article on managing Session information.
14 Jul 2007
Kostas Papakonstantinou
A simple textbox control allowing only integer input.
29 Jul 2005
Simple web-based time management application using ASP and MS Access.
29 Oct 2004
A simple image gallery with captions using ASP.
29 Oct 2004
A C# .NET serviced component that encapsulates MQ PUT and MQ GET.

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