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Posted 6 Mar 2006


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C# Eval Function

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21 Jun 2007CPOL
C# eval function


This article is about a C# eval function, how to parse an expression and evaluate it. It supports Boolean, Bitwise, Arithmetic, Unary, Paren, Member (such as, Indexer (such as array[index]) and ConditionalIf(?:), it also supports Variable assign.

You can use it to evaluate one statement in the C# source code.

It does not use runtime compiler.

It does not use JScript.NET.

It does not use DataTable.

Using the Code

Expression Example



All functions or properties use Reflection to eval. It has no global function and its syntax is checked at runtime.
If you let Parameter 'string'=typeof(string), then it can do like this:


If a parameter is a type, it will call its static function or property.





Sample Use

using System;
using Jyc.Expr;
namespace TestExpr
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Parser ep = new Parser();
            Evaluater evaluater = new Evaluater();
            ParameterVariableHolder pvh = new ParameterVariableHolder();

            pvh.Parameters["char"] = new Parameter(typeof(char));
            pvh.Parameters["sbyte"] = new Parameter(typeof(sbyte));
            pvh.Parameters["byte"] = new Parameter(typeof(byte));
            pvh.Parameters["short"] = new Parameter(typeof(short));
            pvh.Parameters["ushort"] = new Parameter(typeof(ushort));
            pvh.Parameters["int"] = new Parameter(typeof(int));
            pvh.Parameters["uint"] = new Parameter(typeof(uint));
            pvh.Parameters["long"] = new Parameter(typeof(string));
            pvh.Parameters["ulong"] = new Parameter(typeof(ulong));
            pvh.Parameters["float"] = new Parameter(typeof(float));
            pvh.Parameters["double"] = new Parameter(typeof(double));
            pvh.Parameters["decimal"] = new Parameter(typeof(decimal));
            pvh.Parameters["DateTime"] = new Parameter(typeof(DateTime));
            pvh.Parameters["string"] = new Parameter(typeof(string));

            pvh.Parameters["Guid"] = new Parameter(typeof(Guid));

            pvh.Parameters["Convert"] = new Parameter(typeof(Convert));
            pvh.Parameters["Math"] = new Parameter(typeof(Math));
            pvh.Parameters["Array "] = new Parameter(typeof(Array));
            pvh.Parameters["Random"] = new Parameter(typeof(Random));
            pvh.Parameters["TimeZone"] = new Parameter(typeof(TimeZone));
            pvh.Parameters["AppDomain "] = new Parameter(typeof(AppDomain));

            pvh.Parameters["Console"] = new Parameter(typeof(Console));

            pvh.Parameters["evaluater"] = new Parameter(evaluater);

            evaluater.VariableHolder = pvh;

            while (true)
                System.Console.WriteLine("Input line,press Return to Eval:");
                string line = System.Console.ReadLine().Trim();
                if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(line))
                    Tree tree = ep.Parse(line);


                    object result = evaluater.Eval(tree);

                    if( result != null )
                        System.Console.WriteLine("Result:{0}", result);
                        System.Console.WriteLine("Result is null");
                catch (Exception e)
                    System.Console.WriteLine("Exception:" + e.GetType().Name _
                                               +"->"+ e.Message);


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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