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Posted 10 Apr 2006


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Dynamically load a class and execute a method in .NET

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10 Apr 20061 min read
Dynamically load a class and execute a method.


This code drop is part of a smash and grab series. If you're in a rush, you can just grab this code and insert it into your application, no understanding is required. When you have some time (yeah, right), you may want to review the source code.


I needed to load an arbitrary class and execute some methods in it at runtime. I wouldn't know ahead of time what the class or member name was, so I couldn't use a reference in the project. Here is how I did it. Just copy/paste from the code listing below, and away you go.

The code

public class DynaInvoke
    // this way of invoking a function
    // is slower when making multiple calls
    // because the assembly is being instantiated each time.
    // But this code is clearer as to what is going on
    public static Object InvokeMethodSlow(string AssemblyName, 
           string ClassName, string MethodName, Object[] args)
      // load the assemly
      Assembly assembly = Assembly.LoadFrom(AssemblyName);

      // Walk through each type in the assembly looking for our class
      foreach (Type type in assembly.GetTypes())
        if (type.IsClass == true)
          if (type.FullName.EndsWith("." + ClassName))
            // create an instance of the object
            object ClassObj = Activator.CreateInstance(type);

            // Dynamically Invoke the method
            object Result = type.InvokeMember(MethodName,
              BindingFlags.Default | BindingFlags.InvokeMethod,
            return (Result);
      throw (new System.Exception("could not invoke method"));

    // ---------------------------------------------
    // now do it the efficient way
    // by holding references to the assembly
    // and class

    // this is an inner class which holds the class instance info
    public class DynaClassInfo
      public Type type;
      public Object ClassObject;

      public DynaClassInfo()

      public DynaClassInfo(Type t, Object c)
        type = t;
        ClassObject = c;

    public static Hashtable AssemblyReferences = new Hashtable();
    public static Hashtable ClassReferences = new Hashtable();

    public static DynaClassInfo 
           GetClassReference(string AssemblyName, string ClassName)
      if (ClassReferences.ContainsKey(AssemblyName) == false)
        Assembly assembly;
        if (AssemblyReferences.ContainsKey(AssemblyName) == false)
                assembly = Assembly.LoadFrom(AssemblyName));
          assembly = (Assembly)AssemblyReferences[AssemblyName];

        // Walk through each type in the assembly
        foreach (Type type in assembly.GetTypes())
          if (type.IsClass == true)
            // doing it this way means that you don't have
            // to specify the full namespace and class (just the class)
            if (type.FullName.EndsWith("." + ClassName))
              DynaClassInfo ci = new DynaClassInfo(type, 
              ClassReferences.Add(AssemblyName, ci);
              return (ci);
        throw (new System.Exception("could not instantiate class"));
      return ((DynaClassInfo)ClassReferences[AssemblyName]);

    public static Object InvokeMethod(DynaClassInfo ci, 
                         string MethodName, Object[] args)
      // Dynamically Invoke the method
      Object Result = ci.type.InvokeMember(MethodName,
        BindingFlags.Default | BindingFlags.InvokeMethod,
      return (Result);

    // --- this is the method that you invoke ------------
    public static Object InvokeMethod(string AssemblyName, 
           string ClassName, string MethodName, Object[] args)
      DynaClassInfo ci = GetClassReference(AssemblyName, ClassName);
      return (InvokeMethod(ci, MethodName, args));


This is how you use it:

// Create an object array consisting of the parameters to the method.
// Make sure you get the types right or the underlying
// InvokeMember will not find the right method
Object [] args = {1, "2", 3.0};
Object Result = DynaInvoke("c:\FullPathToDll.DLL", 
                "ClassName", "MethodName", args);
// cast the result to the type that the method actually returned.

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