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Posted 21 Sep 2001


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CXInfoTip - Information Tooltip

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21 Sep 20012 min read
CXInfoTip is an enhanced information tooltip control.

Sample Image - XInfotip.jpg


If you use Windows 2000, you may have noticed a special tooltip that is used in some instances. At least one spot where it is displayed is after making a dial-up network connection.

CXInfoTip is a simple control that attempts to reproduce this tooltip. It supports multi-line text (separated with a '\n') and an icon. The control can be used as a normal tooltip for controls or as an immediate popup data tip. It is not a direct replacement for CTooltip. The control itself is in the source files: CXInfoTip.h and CXInfoTip.cpp.

To use the control, create it and either call the immediate Show() method or add tools using AddTool(). If AddTool() is used then the RelayEvent() method must be called from the parent window's overridden PreTranslateMessage().

To use the control, add a CXInfoTip member variable to the class.

CXInfoTip m_Tip;

For dialogs, create it in OnInitDialog(). For other windows create it in OnCreate().


To show an immediate tooltip, call the Show() method.

m_Tip.Show(_T("This is a toolip!"), CPoint(100, 100));

To show normal tooltips, use AddTool() for each control and call RelayEvent() from PreTranslateMessage().

        _T("This is the OK button!"), m_TooltipIcon);
BOOL CInfoTipTestDlg::PreTranslateMessage(MSG* pMsg) 


  • CInfoTip::Create

    BOOL Create (CWnd * pParentWnd)

    Creates the tooltip control.

    Return value

    TRUE on success, FALSE otherwise


    • pParentWnd

      Pointer to the parent window.

  • CInfoTip::AddTool

    void AddTool(CWnd *pWnd, LPCTSTR szTooltipText, HICON hIcon = NULL)

    Adds a tool.

    Return value



    • pWnd

      Pointer to the tool window.

    • szTooltipText

      Text to display in the tooltip for the window. Separate multiple lines with a '\n'.

    • hIcon

      Icon to display in the tooltip or NULL for no icon.

  • CInfoTip::RemoveTool

    void RemoveTool(CWnd *pWnd)

    Removes a tool.

    Return value



    • pWnd

      Pointer to the tool window to remove.

  • CInfoTip::SetIcon

    void SetIcon(HICON hIcon)

    Sets the icon to show for immediate tooltips.

    Return value



    • hIcon

      Handle to the icon to display.

  • CInfoTip::SetShowDelay

    void SetShowDelay(int nDelay)

    Adjusts the delay before a tooltip is displayed.

    Return value



    • nDelay

      Delay in milliseconds.

  • CInfoTip::SetFont

    void SetFont(CFont *pFont)

    Sets the tooltip text font.

    Return value



    • pFont

      Pointer to the font.

  • CInfoTip::RelayEvent

    void RelayEvent(LPMSG lpMsg)

    Relays mouse events to the control. If AddTool() is used, then this method must be called from PreTranslateMessage().

    Return value



    • lpMsg

      Pointer to the message structure.


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