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Posted 3 Oct 2001


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CPicture - The Yovav (Horror) PictureShow

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18 Jun 2003CPOL
Routines for displaying image files (.BMP .DIB .EMF .GIF .ICO .JPG .WMF)

After many days of searching (and not finding) a way to load a JPG from a resource and show it on a dialog based application, I decided to take steps

So I created what I call a very simple and useful class, it can easily be implemented by adding it to a project, and you do not have to be a real JPEG freak and invent all header reading from the beginning (it uses the IPicture interface - same way as Internet Explorer does)

About The Project

I was little carried away with this "ACDSee alike" picture viewer, as it was not my main purpose - I did not have the time to make it "perfect", if you feel lucky and want to improve it here and there then please share it with me.


class CPicture
	void FreePictureData();
	BOOL Load(CString sFilePathName);
	BOOL Load(UINT ResourceName, LPCSTR ResourceType);
	BOOL LoadPictureData(BYTE* pBuffer, int nSize);
	BOOL SaveAsBitmap(CString sFilePathName);
	BOOL Show(CDC* pDC, CPoint LeftTop, CPoint WidthHeight, int MagnifyX,
                  int MagnifyY);
	BOOL Show(CDC* pDC, CRect DrawRect);
	BOOL ShowBitmapResource(CDC* pDC, const int BMPResource, 
                                CPoint LeftTop);
	BOOL UpdateSizeOnDC(CDC* pDC);

	virtual ~CPicture();
        // Same As LPPICTURE (typedef IPicture __RPC_FAR *LPPICTURE)
	IPicture* m_IPicture; 
	// Height (In Pixels Ignor What Current Device Context Uses)
	LONG m_Height; 	     
        // Size Of The Image Object In Bytes (File OR Resource) 
        LONG m_Weight;	
        // Width (In Pixels Ignor What Current Device Context Uses)
         LONG m_Width;  
//~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Example & Usage 4 Dummies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
//  U Need 2 Add "CPicture.CPP" and "CPicture.H" Into Your Project 
// (From FileView)
//  So U Will Get Control Over The Functions In This Class,
//  Then U Can Create a Picture Object And Show It On a Device Context
// Create a Picture Object (An Instance Of This Class)
//  CPicture m_Picture;  

// Make Sure U Include This Where U Gonna Create The Object...
//  #include "Picture.h" 
//  Load Picture Data Into The IPicture Interface 

//  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

// Load From a File - Just Load It (Show Later)
//	m_Picture.Load("Test.JPG"); 
// Load From a Resource - Just Load It (Show Later)
//	m_Picture.Load(IDR_TEST, "JPG"); 

//  (U Must Include IDR_TEST In Your Resources Under a Custom Name, 4 
//   Example - "JPG")
//  When Using DC Object On a *Dialog Based* Application (CPaintDC dc(this);)
//  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
// Get Picture Dimentions In Pixels
//      m_Picture.UpdateSizeOnDC(&dc); 
//	m_Picture.Show(&dc, CPoint(0,0), 
                       CPoint(m_Picture.m_Width, m_Picture.m_Height), 0,0);
//      Change Original Dimentions
//      m_Picture.Show(&dc, CRect(0,0,100,100)); 

//      Show Bitmap Resource
//	m_Picture.ShowBitmapResource(&dc, IDB_TEST, CPoint(0,0)); 
//  OR When Using a Pointer On a "Regular" MFC Application (CDC* pDC)
//  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
//	m_Picture.UpdateSizeOnDC(pDC); // Get Picture Dimentions In Pixels
//	m_Picture.Show(pDC, CPoint(0,0),  CPoint
//                     m_Picture.m_Width,m_Picture.m_Height), 0,0);
//      Change Original Dimentions
//	m_Picture.Show(pDC, CRect(0,0,100,100)); 
//      Show Bitmap Resource
//	m_Picture.ShowBitmapResource(pDC, IDB_TEST, CPoint(0,0)); 
//  Show Picture Information
//  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
//	CString S;
//	S.Format("Size = %4d\nWidth = %4d\nHeight = %4d\nWeight = %4d\n",
//	         m_Picture.m_Weight, m_Picture.m_Width, 
//               m_Picture.m_Height,  m_Picture.m_Weight);
//	AfxMessageBox(S);


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

President NEW media
United States United States
Creator of NEW media

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