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Posted 11 Jan 2011

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Programming Practice for Server Side State Maintenance Variable

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11 Jan 2011CPOL
Programming practice for server side state maintenance variable


Http protocol is stateless, so we need to maintain state on Client side or Server side. For this time, I am going to discuss about the maintaining state on Server Side with one programming practice.


To maintain state on Server side, most of the developers use Session, Caching, Application variables. But most of the beginner developers make one mistake, which is:

session["myData"] = data;

Code pushes data in session variable(s).

Data = (Conversion_To_Data_Type_Of_Data) session["mydata"];

Code gets data back from session variable.So most of the developers follow the above procedure to push and get data from server side variable.


  1. Developer requires remembering name of string value, i.e., name of the variable. If you refer to the above code, it's mydata.
  2. If there are a number of developers working on a project, it’s hard to maintain server side variable if we follow the above procedure, i.e., your maintenance increases.
  3. If there are large number of developers working in your project, you require to inform each and every one about the variable you are declaring.


The easiest solution that I found after doing so much programming is as follows:

Step 1

Create one static class:

public class SessionPropeties
 // code

Step 2

Create property for each session variable of your application as shown below:

public int UserId
            return Convert.ToInt32(HttpContext.Current.Session["UserID"].ToString());
          return 0;
            HttpContext.Current.Session["UserID"] = value;

After following the above steps, the class will be like below:

public class SessionPropeties
 public DataType prop1
            return Convert.ToDataType (HttpContext.Current.Session["prop1"].ToString());
            return defaultvalue;
            HttpContext.Current.Session["prop1"] = value;
 public DataType prop2
            return Convert.ToDataType (HttpContext.Current.Session["prop2"].ToString());
            return defaultvalue;
            HttpContext.Current.Session["prop2"] = value;

Step 3

In coding to get and set data, you just require to call these properties.

To set data
SessionProperties.UserId = 1;
To get data
int userid = SessionProperties.UserId;


  1. Once you declare your properties, you do not need to remember it. You just need to call your Session property class.
  2. Maintenance becomes easy when project size is large or there are a number of developers working in a team, because you just need to refer to the Sessionproperties class having all severside properties. And you can also add property you need and you don’t require to inform all the people working in your team.


You can maintain your Cache and Application server side variable in a similar way. So it's better you encapsulate your server side variable in one class which makes your task easy when you do code in web application.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Pranay Rana
Software Developer (Senior)
India India

Microsoft C# MVP (12-13)

Hey, I am Pranay Rana, working as a Team Leadin MNC. Web development in Asp.Net with C# and MS sql server are the experience tools that I have had for the past 5.5 years now.

For me def. of programming is : Programming is something that you do once and that get used by multiple for many years

You can visit my blog

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