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Groupable ListView

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4.72 (38 votes)
15 Sep 2006CPOL
Extended ListView with GUIs for easy grouping.

Sample Image - GroupableListView.png


Some time ago, I thought about writing a small extension to the ListView control. This would dynamically create a graphic user interface to allow the end-user create/modify groups, something like ‘GROUP BY’ in SQL. The control will automatically create a ToolStrip and a ToolStripButton for each column.


To use the control, just add ExListView.cs to your project, and switch the GroupsGUIs property to true, if you want to give the possibility to group items for the users.


  • GroupsGUIs - Show or not the ToolStrip to allow group items.
  • ToolStripImage - The image to show on ToolStripButtons of the groups.
  • ShowGroupLabel - Show or hide the 'ShowGroup' label.
  • ShowGroupLabelText - The 'ShowGroup' label. Default: 'Group by:'.


I prepared a small example project, with a ListView which contains some employees. Each employee has a name, sex, and a job. So, if the user wants to group the employees by sex, he just needs to press one button, and the ListView will analyze each ListViewItem and create groups for the data. It creates one group for each different data in selected colums.

Here you see an example of ListView, grouped by Sex and Job:

Sample Image - GroupableListView.png


To analyze and create the groups, I wrote a GroupBy(ColumnHeader[] Headers) method, it’s a simple thread-safe method with a few loops which add groups for each new different data found.

delegate void dGroupBy(ColumnHeader[] Headers);
public void GroupBy(ColumnHeader[] Headers)
    if (this.InvokeRequired)
        dGroupBy d = new dGroupBy(GroupBy);
        this.Invoke(d, new object[] { Headers });
        foreach (ListViewItem lvi in this.Items)
            string header = "";

            foreach (ColumnHeader ch in Headers)
                header += " " + 
            ListViewGroup group = 
                new ListViewGroup(header);
            ListViewGroup found = null;
            foreach (ListViewGroup g in Groups)
                if (g.Header == group.Header)
                { found = g; break; }
            if (found == null)

Sample Image - GroupableListView.png


  • 06/09/06 – v.1.01: Dock fill bug fixed.
  • 20/08/06 – Initial release.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Chief Technology Officer Misakai Ltd.
Ireland Ireland
Roman Atachiants, Ph.D. is the architect behind service, a real-time, low-latency publish/subscribe service for IoT, Gaming. He is a software engineer and scientist with extensive experience in different computer science domains, programming languages/principles/patterns & frameworks.

His main expertise consists of C# and .NET platform, game technologies, cloud, human-computer interaction, big data and artificial intelligence. He has an extensive programming knowledge and R&D expertise.

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Posted 20 Aug 2006


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