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Library for Decode/Encode SMS PDU

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4.74 (48 votes)
18 Oct 2012CPOL
Library for decoding and encoding mobile short messages to/from SMS protocol data unit

Last Updates

You can find some community fixes mentioned on comments section on Project Home at Google Code[^].


The smspdulib library is intended for more transparent interaction with SMS PDU. This thought over hierarchy of classes will allow you to create new classes for other types of short messages using the realized base functionality.

At present, the following types of short messages are supported: status report, SMS (with long (large) SMS parts support).

Hierarchy of Classes

Classes hierarchy


Sample Code

This example shows you how to decode PDU.

SMSType smsType = SMSBase.GetSMSType(pduSource);
switch (smsType) {
    case SMSType.SMS:
        SMS sms = new SMS();
        SMS.Fetch(sms, ref pduSource);
        //Use instance of SMS class here
    case SMSType.StatusReport:
        SMSStatusReport statusReport = new SMSStatusReport();
        SMSStatusReport.Fetch(statusReport, ref pduSource);
        //Use instance of SMSStatusReport class here

This example show you how to encode SMS to PDU.

SMS sms = new SMS();
sms.Direction = SMSDirection.Submited;
sms.PhoneNumber = "+74951234567";
sms.ValidityPeriod = new TimeSpan(4, 0, 0, 0);
sms.Message = "Me message here!";
string pduSource = sms.Compose(SMS.SMSEncoding.UCS2);

Useful Links


  • Updated Decode7bit method: Fixed some bugs (see comments)
  • PopDate method now doesn't recognize time zone because some phones send strange stuff

Please help me find more detailed specification of PDU format and TP-SCTS format.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Eduard Gomolyako
Chief Technology Officer
Russian Federation Russian Federation
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Posted 11 Oct 2006


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