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Simple chat application using .NET remoting


The article contains simple and powerful chat application using .NET remoting. The application has common room for chatting all available users. Show the list of online users. Private chat using separate message window and many more. I faced problem when I tried delegates to convey the messages. But found out solution by surfing many techie sites like msdn, egghead, expertexchange, codeproject, codeguru.  

You can see following concepts used in the code.

  1. Interfaces
  2. Delegates
  3. Events
  4. Collection classes
  5. OOPs
  6. Remoting fundamentals with some advanced features.

This application can be used over intranet. I faced lot of problem while establishing communication between client and server using .NET 1.1. But in .NET 2.0, it works very smooth.

I have tried to do things very simple.

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