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Posted 5 Jan 2007


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Bulk Record Insert for Access

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5 Jan 20073 min read
This article demonstrates how perform a bulk 'Insert' with MS Access.


This article show a method of inserting multiple new records(rows) into an MS Access database using OleDbDataAdapter.


Many times here at Code Project, I have seen post asking for help on a 'Mass Update' of new records to databases. I have also seen this question on other site as well. And in remembering when I first started learning to intact database this was a big question to me to. Sometimes you can find really good information out on the net or in book on how to solve a problem but sometimes you can't. So, I decided to write this article.

Using the code

This application will act as if it is taking electric meter readings that are in some file and load them into a Access database. The reading are taken every 15 minutes. There are four meters being read at the same time. These data is written to a file with 256 bits (or 8 different sets of readings) on one line in the file. Each meter reading is 8 bits long for a total of 32 bits for each set of readings.

So the problem: Read the file one line at a time breaking the line into sets of readings and placing them in a data table. After the file is read and data table is filled INSERT the new records into the database.

Sample of the data


Here is the method that takes a line already read in by the Stream Reader and splits it up into the sets of readings and creates a new row(record DR). Then adds that set to the data table(DT).

private void ProcessLine()
    int Position = 0;    //Position in the StreamReader Line
    const int Skip = 8;  //Each Reading is 8 characters long
    while (Position < Line.Length)
        DataRow DR = DT.NewRow();
        DR["Meter1"] = Convert.ToInt32(Line.Substring(Position, Skip));
        Position += Skip;
        DR["Meter2"] = Convert.ToInt32(Line.Substring(Position, Skip));
        Position += Skip;
        DR["Meter3"] = Convert.ToInt32(Line.Substring(Position, Skip));
        Position += Skip;
        DR["Meter4"] = Convert.ToInt32(Line.Substring(Position, Skip));
        Position += Skip;

Let me step back and show you how I got the data table. Here I have a static method in my database class that returns a DataTable. I use a 'SELECT' SQL statement to retrieve the table that will receive the meter readings. If you look at the 'WHERE' clause you will see I am trying to retrive a record with the ReadingID of 0. It is important to know that ReadingID is a Autonumber/PK for the table. It will is not going to have a record where ReadingID = 0. This is just a quick way to get the table layout.

public static DataTable LoadDT(string DB)
    DataTable DT = new DataTable();
    string ConnString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + DB +
                        ";User Id=admin;Password=;";
    string SQL = "SELECT * FROM MeterReadings WHERE ReadingID=0";

    OleDbConnection OleConn = new OleDbConnection(ConnString);
    OleDbDataAdapter OleAdp = new OleDbDataAdapter(SQL, OleConn);
    return DT;

Now after we have processed our file and are ready to INSERT the new records into our database. We need a quick and easy way of doing this. So, looking at the next block of code you will see that I create a Data Adapter with the same SQL SELECT as when I created my data table. This just helps to ensure everything is the same going into the database as it is coming out. I assign a SQL INSERT add my parameters and then execute the Data Adapters's Update method.

public static void UpDataDB(string DB, DataTable DT)
    string ConnString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + DB +
                        ";User Id=admin;Password=;";
    string SQL = "SELECT * FROM MeterReadings WHERE ReadingID=0";
    string INSERT = "INSERT INTO MeterReadings(Meter1, Meter2, Meter3, Meter4) " +
                    "VALUES (@Meter1, @Meter2, @Meter3, @Meter4)";

    OleDbConnection OleConn = new OleDbConnection(ConnString);
    OleDbDataAdapter OleAdp = new OleDbDataAdapter(SQL, OleConn);
    OleAdp.InsertCommand = new OleDbCommand(INSERT);
    OleAdp.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("@Meter1", OleDbType.Integer, 8, "Meter1");
    OleAdp.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("@Meter2", OleDbType.Integer, 8, "Meter2");
    OleAdp.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("@Meter3", OleDbType.Integer, 8, "Meter3");
    OleAdp.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("@Meter4", OleDbType.Integer, 8, "Meter4");
    OleAdp.InsertCommand.Connection = OleConn;

Points of Interest

While I hope this might help someone. If one person can be reached then well, I guess slap 'em or say hi or something..stop looking at me!!!


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lost in transition
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I am a software, database, and gis developer. I love the challenge of learning new ways to code.

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