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Posted 22 May 2007


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Encoding Accented Characters

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22 May 2007CPOL
There is a problem exporting accented characters in plain text files. You need to encode, but which one?


There is a problem exporting accented characters in text files. Some programs cannot import or correctly display accented characters. Therefore you need to use encoding to correctly export a plain text file. However, there are a LOT of encodings, so which one should you use?

Here's How

The answer is: iso-8859-8.

That is the Hebrew (ISO-Visual) encoding. The encoding is natively supported in .NET. It intelligently converts to a visual format for you. The other standard encoders do not do this as you will see below.


Converting the following: Frédéric François.

Encoding Description Output
ASCII Fr?d?ric Fran?ois
Default Frédéric François
UTF7 Unicode (UTF-7) Fr+AOk-d+AOk-ric Fran+AOc-ois
UTF8 Unicode (UTF-8) Frédéric François
iso-8859-1 Western European (ISO) Frédéric François
iso-8859-8 Hebrew (ISO-Visual) Frederic Francois
us-ascii US-ASCII Fr?d?ric Fran?ois
Windows-1252 Western European (Windows) Frédéric François

Example of Code Using Encoding

StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter
    ("somefile.txt", false, System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding("iso-8859-8"));

A Full Example for the Beginner

using (StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter
    ("somefile.txt", false, System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding("iso-8859-8")))
    DataSet1TableAdapters.binsTA ta = new DataSet1TableAdapters.binsTA();
    DataSet1.binsDataTable dt = ta.GetData();
    foreach (DataSet1.binsRow row in dt.Rows)


  • 22nd May, 2007: Initial post


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About the Author

Simon Hughes
Software Developer (Senior)
United Kingdom United Kingdom
C++ and C# Developer for 21 years. Microsoft Certified.

UK Senior software developer / team leader.

I've been writing software since 1985. I pride myself on designing and creating software that is first class. That means it has to be fast, scalable, and with good use of design patterns.

I have done everything from risk analysis and explosion modelling, banking systems, to highly scalable multi-threaded arrival and departure screens in many leading airports, to state of the art wireless warehouse systems.

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