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Posted 3 Jun 2007


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The new RibbonForm, RibbonRoundButton, and FastMenu

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3 Jun 2007CPOL2 min read
A free version of RibbonForm, RibbonRoundButton, and RibbonFastMenu.

Screenshot - RibbonTest.png


In this article, I present the RibbonForm, RibbonRoundButton, and RibbonFastMenu as a release version. I present RibbonContextMenu as a preview version because I have to improve some parameters to work with it well.

The Controls

RibbonForm 1.0

Screenshot - RibbonForm.png

The RibbonForm was a bit difficult to design due to it being a modeless window, and I had to implement all the resizing and window moving by myself. Also, I had to implement a HSB method to change colors.


The RibbonForm has these properties:

  • CompB: To change the Brightness of the Form with a value that I recommend to get from the RibbonFormSample (see screenshot above).
  • CompS: To change the Saturation of the Form, the same as above.
  • CompH: To change the Hue of the Form, the same as above.
  • TextSection: It's the subtitle of the Form with the harmony color.

How to use

In a new Windows application, add an existing item from the Solution Explorer, and choose the RibbonForm.cs (it adds the other files needed). Now, in the Form1.cs code, change to this:

using RibbonStyle; //To add the NameSpace

namespace RibbonTest
    public partial class Form1 : RibbonForm //To inherit from RibbonForm
        public Form1()

RibbonRoundButton 1.0

Screenshot - RibbonRound.png

It was really hard to design a vectorial round button with fading, but I think it finished well.


The RibbonRoundButton has these properties:

  • ColorBase, ColorOn, ColorPress: The typical colors.
  • ColorStroke: Is the border of the button.
  • ImgOffset: You can move the image from topleft to rightdown.
  • ImgScale: You can scale the image from 1 to 100.

How to use

You can choose two options: as other buttons, you can add the DLL in Class_RibbonRoundButton, or you can add an existing item in the Solution Explorer and choose RibbonRoundButton.cs, then recompile and add the button to the Form.

RibbonFastMenu 1.0

It's the form that appears when you click on the MenuButton on the top-left. This Form has the typical app options.

I have to implement a SetHSB() method to change the colors, but it is functional.

How to use

In a Windows application, choose Add Existing Item, and select the RibbonFastMenu.cs. I recommend adding all the existing resources from the RibbonTest app to have all the images, and then you will have a Form like in the first image of the article.


I'm designing a better way to use the RibbonContextMenu because I think it's a bit difficult to use, but please be patient till I finish it.

Keep in mind

  • I have to add the SetHSB() method to the FastMenu.
  • Make a better way to implement the FastMenu.
  • Make a stable version of the RibbonContextMenu.


  • June 2007 - RibbonForm 1.0, RibbonFastMenu 1.0, RibbonRoundButton 1.0.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Juan Pablo G.C.
Software Developer Expediteapps
Spain Spain
I'm Electronic Engineer, I did my end degree project at Astrophysical Institute and Tech Institute. I'm HP Procurve AIS and ASE ,Microsoft 3.5 MCTS
I live in Canary Islands ,developing customized solutions

Deeply involved in Xamarin Forms LOB (including Azure Cloud with offline support, custom controls, dependencies) projects, WP8.1 & W10 projects, WPF modern styled projects. Portable libraries like portablePDF, portableOneDrive, portableReports and portablePrinting (using Google Printing API).

Web and apps showcase at:

Take a look to my blog

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