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Posted 5 Jun 2007


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XGetoptCS - A Unix-style getopt() written in C#

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5 Jun 2007CPOL2 min read
XGetoptCS provides Unix-style command line processing for C# apps


XGetoptCS is a port of my C++ XGetopt to C#. XGetoptCS is modeled after the Unix getopt() function. The basic idea is that you call the XGetoptCS method Getopt() in a loop like this:

static int Main(string[] args)
    char c;
    XGetopt go = new XGetopt();
    while ((c = go.Getopt(args.Length, args, "aBn:")) != '\0')
        switch (c)
            case 'a':
                Console.WriteLine("option -a");

            case 'B':
                Console.WriteLine("option -B");

            case 'n': 
                Console.WriteLine("option -n with arg '{0}'", go.Optarg);

            case '?':
                Console.WriteLine("illegal option or missing arg");
                return 1;

    if (go.Optarg != string.Empty)
        Console.WriteLine("non-option arg '{0}'", go.Optarg);


    return 0;

Getopt will continue processing the command line arguments until it hits the end (returns a '\0') or finds an illegal option (returns a '?'). In the above example, the option string "aBn:" contains the three legal options: -a, -B (options are case sensitive), and -n. There is a colon (:) after the -n option, indicating that it must be followed by a value. This value string may be retrieved by using the Optarg property. See the XGetopt.cs module header for more details.

XGetoptCS Demo

So here is my version of Getopt() for C#. Please note it does not have all features of the latest GNU getopt() - the limitations are documented in the source header. How to use it is pretty straightforward if you are already familiar with Posix or Unix getopt().

The demo project provides a sample app that shows how command line is processed:


How To Use

To integrate XGetopt into your own app, add XGetopt.cs to your project, and add the line:

using XGetoptCS;
to the file where you want to call Getopt(). See demo code in Program.cs for example.

Revision History

Version 1.0 — 2007 June 5

  • Initial public release


This software is released into the public domain. You are free to use it in any way you like, except that you may not sell this source code. If you modify it or extend it, please consider posting new code here for everyone to share. This software is provided "as is" with no expressed or implied warranty. I accept no liability for any damage or loss of business that this software may cause.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Hans Dietrich
Software Developer (Senior) Hans Dietrich Software
United States United States
I attended St. Michael's College of the University of Toronto, with the intention of becoming a priest. A friend in the University's Computer Science Department got me interested in programming, and I have been hooked ever since.

Recently, I have moved to Los Angeles where I am doing consulting and development work.

For consulting and custom software development, please see

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