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DTX - Database Toolbox For MFC Ver 1.8 (Freeware Version)

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DTX is a set of classes for editing and automatic read, write and display of datatabase fields, as well as 70+ ready to use classes


What is This

DTX is a set of classes for editing and automatic read, write and display of datatabase fields. DTX provides automatic read and write of Blob variables (for example. Read and write DBImage). It's very easy to use. Version 1.8 is only for use with MS Access Databases, but is not designed only for Access tables. It includes 70+ ready to use classes.


  1. Very easy to use
  2. automatic reading, writing Field values
  3. automatic read, write blob fields
  4. automatic reading, writing DBImages
  5. Uses Normal and Calculated Fields
  6. automatic updating of screen data
  7. Uses standard windows (C<xxx> Classes) and colored and shadowed (CDTX<xxx> classes) controls


  1. CACEditCtrl
    - Auto Complete Edit (Based On James R. Twine's CACEditCtrl)
  2. CCalculatorCombo, CDTXCalculatorCombo and CCalulatorDlg (Only Ver 1.5) Popup Calculator and Calculator dialog
  3. CFlatComboBox, CJFlatButton (Copyright Kirk Stowell)
  4. CDate, CComboDate, CListBoxDate (Copyright MORIN Jean-Marc, Only in Ver 1.5)
  5. CDaoTableCreator
    - *.MDB Database creator
  6. CDBCheckBox
    a Control for Bool fields
  7. CDTXComboBox, CDBComboBox, CDTXDBComboBox, for String and Integer fields
  8. CDBCurrencyEdit, CDTXDBCurrencyEdit, for Currency Fields
  9. CDTXEdit, CDBEdit, CDTXDBEdit, for general fields
  10. CDTXImage, CDBImage, CDTXDBImage, for LongBinary Images
  11. CDBListCtrl, CDTXDBListCtrl, for Listing (Derived from Maarten Hoeben's CReportCtrl, Only in Ver 1.5)
  12. COXMaskedEdit, CDBMaskedEdit, CDTXDBMaskedEdit, for general fields (Copyright and Derived From Dundas COXMAskedEdit)
  13. CDBNavigator
    a Record Navigator like MS DBNavigator
  14. CDTXLabel
  15. CNumericEdit, CDBNumericEdit, CDTXDBNumericEdit, for Numerical fields (Derived From Corey Spagnoli's pastable Numeric edit ctrl)
  16. CFlatACComboBox, CDTXSACComboBox Auto Complete ComboBox
  17. CReportCtrl, CDTXReportCtrl, CDBListCtrl,
    (Derived from Maarten Hoeben's CReportCtrl)
  18. CDTXTable
    a base class for Access a database system
  19. CDTXDAOTable
    a class for Acces MS Access Databases
  20. CLabel
    (Copyright NT ALMOND)
  21. CDBLabel
    (Derived from CLabel)
  22. CRicheditex (Copyriight AndrewFo) and CAutoRicheditCtrl (with Richedit 2.0)
  23. CDBRichEdit
    and CDTXDBRichEdit
  24. CDateWnd, CPopupDate
  25. CDBDateCombo, CDTXDBDateCombo, CDBListBoxDate, CDTXDBListBoxDate
  26. CDTXDBACEdit
  27. CDBCalculatorCombo, CDTXDBCalculatorCombo
  28. and helper classes and procedures


  1. Label Demo
  2. Edit Demo
  3. Image Demo
  4. ComboBoxes Demo
  5. Database Demo
    1. Background (Read Write Blob Demo)
    2. My Friends  (Read DtxField Value)
    3. Employee   (Sample Database App)
    4. My Programs (My other Freeware and Shareware Programs)
  6. New Controls Ver. 1.5 Controls demo

Screen Shots

Label Demo

Edit DemoImage DemoCombo Demo
DTXLabel DemoDTXEdit DemoDTX Image DemoDTX Combo Demos
Back Ground DemoMy FriendsEmployeeMy Programs
DTX Background demo (From Database)DTX MyFriends DemoDTXEmployee DemoMy Other Freeware and Shareware Programs

How to Use

Unzip DTX Files any directory. Run Visual Studio. Go "Tools" Menu and Select "Options". Click on "Directories" Tab and Add DTX Directory for "Include Files" and "Library files"(use "Show Directories for" combobox). Now we added DTX path to Visual Studio. Now we are design DTX Background demo

  1. Now create a new project. For ex. Dialog Based and Name is "CTestDlg".
  2. Go "View" Menu and select "Resource Includes". Add "#include <dtxlib.rc>" line at "Read-only symbol directives" Listbox.
  3. Open "Stdafx.h" and add "#include <dtx.h>" line.
  4. Press Alt+F7 and open then "Project Settings"
  5. Select the "Link" tab
  6. Select the "Object/Library Modules" edit box and type "DTXLibDbg.lib" (debug version at the Win32 Debug)
  7. Click "OK" Okay now add DTX to my project.
  8. Design your dialog.
  9. Right Click On yor dialog (CTestDlg) at "Project Workspace". Click "Add Member Variable"
  10. Type "CDTXDAOTable" in "Variable Type" editbox and Type "m_Table" in "Variable Name" editbox
  11. Go CTestDlg::CTestDlg and change The ":
    CDialog(CTestDlg::IDD, pParent)
    " line to :
    CDialog(CDenemeDlg::IDD, pParent),
     m_Table(NULL, _T("C:/Test/DTX.mdb"),  _T("Background"))
    " (NULL = parent Wnd of Table, c:/test/dtx.mdb is main db file,  Background is my Table Name)
  12. Press Ctrl+W and Open Classwizard
  13. Click "Member Variables" Tab
  14. Select "IDC_EDIT1" and click "Add Variable" Button ( The IDC_xxx may be different)
  15. choose a name. Click "OK" (for ex. m_Name) (Note: Category must be "Control")
  16. Try 10-11 number for all Fields
  17. At the "Project Workspace" click "m_Name"
  18. Change the Type CDTXDBEdit (may be another class for ex. CDTXDBImage, CDBNavigator, etc...)
  19. Try 13-14 for the all fields ( For ex DBNavigator)
  20. Go "CTestDlg::OnInitDialog()" (OnInitialUpdate for CFormView)
  21. If required add "m_Table.SetTableName(<Your DB File Path and Name>));"  
    (may be "m_Table.SetTableName(_T("c:/test/DTX.MDB"));"
  22. Add "m_Table.SetOwner(this);" line
  23. Add "
      (m_Name.SetFieldName(_T("<Field Name>"));
  24. Add "m_Name.SetTable(&m_Table);" line
  25. Try 19-20 for all fields
  26. Add "m_Table.Opentable();" Line and open the table
  27. Compile and run
  28. Thats all .

Future Plans

  1. DBGrid (Finished but under test)
  2. CTXADOTable (ADO Interface - Finished under test)
  3. Interface for other Database Systems (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Postgre, Gigabase, etc...)
  4. Reporting Tool (Designer and Viewer)
  5. Memory Table

Important Notice

  1. Thanks for using DTX
  2. All 3rd party components copyrighted by authors and found in Code Project and Code Guru
  3. DTX is not Designed for only MS Access Tables
  4. Visit my WEB Site for other Freeware and Shareware programas
  5. Please send me email or ICQ Message (UIN= 57653356) for updates and questions


This article has no explicit license attached to it but may contain usage terms in the article text or the download files themselves. If in doubt please contact the author via the discussion board below.

A list of licenses authors might use can be found here

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