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RGreatEx - The ReSharper Great Extension

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3.68 (24 votes)
16 Jan 2008CPOL
The easiest way to localize projects for .NET developers
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RGreatEx makes it extremely easy for anyone to quickly implement localization into new or existing .NET applications.
Moreover, this plugin creates safer code for accessing resources.

Supported Languages

  • C#
  • Visual Basic .NET

Context Actions


Refactoring Methods

Custom Tools


Move String to Resource

This context action helps you to move a string literal to a resource file by the refactoring method "Move String(s) to Resource".

Image 2

Use Resource Instead of String

This context action replaces the current string literal by a typed access to a resource.

Image 3

Use System.String.Empty instead of ""

This context action replaces the empty string literal by the System.String.Empty usage.

Image 4

Use System.Environment.NewLine instead of "\r\n"

This context action replaced by the System.Environment.NewLine usage are string literals: "\r", "\n" and "\r\n".

Image 5

Convert @"" to ""

This context action converts the current verbatim string to a regular string.

Image 6

Convert "" to @""

This context action converts the current regular string to a verbatim string.

Image 7

Surround with ""

This context action helps to create a string literal from the current selection.

Image 8

Mark as (Non) Localizable

This context action marks a parameter of the constructor, method or property as (non) localizable.

Image 9

Image 10

Introduce Constant

This context action replaces a literal by constant declaration.

Image 11

Image 12

Check Array Index Value

This context action adds if statement for test index value.

Image 13

Context action result.

Image 14

Check Collection or List Index Value

This context action adds if statement for test index value.

Image 15

Context action result.

Image 16

Check dictionary key value

This context action adds if statement for test key value.

Image 17

Context action result.

Image 18

Check String or StringBuilder Index Value

This context action adds if statement for test index value.

Image 19

Context action result.

Image 20

String Could be Moved to Resource

All localizable string literals are highlighted.

Image 21

Use Resource Instead of String Literal

All localizable string literals that exists in resources are highlighted.

Image 22

Cannot Resolve Resource

Shows error if your code contains invalid resource identifiers.

Image 23

Image 24

Use More Safety Resource Accessor

Suggests to replace unsafe resource accessor by more safety accessor.

Image 25

Move String to Resource

Use context action Move string to resource or the action "Move"(F6) for start refactoring.

Image 26

Choose resource file and key for the selected string.

Image 27

Select same strings for removing.

Image 28

All selected strings will be replaced by typed access.

Image 29

You can undo changes:

Image 30

Move String(s) from File(s), Folder(s) or Project

Select File(s), Folder(s) or Project in "Solution Explorer" and call "Refactor This"(Ctrl+Shift+R) to start refactoring.

Image 31

Choose strings from selected project for refactoring.

Image 32

Choose resource file and key(s) for the selected string(s).

Image 33

You can undo changes.

Image 34

Rename Resource

Move cursor to the resource wrapper usage and call "Rename "(F2) to start refactoring and type a new name.

Image 35 Image 36

SafeResx - Strongly Typed Resource Generators

Now you can generate safer code for your resources.


  • Add a comment for the resource line by using comment XML tag.
  • Generated class has public modifier, which allows you to create shared resources between assemblies.
  • For formatting, string generates typed methods for calling String.Format.

Use one of the following custom tools to get safer code:

  • SharedSafeResx - Generates shared resource wrapper, which allows you to use resources in referenced assemblies.
  • PrivateSafeResx - Use this generator to create private project resources.
Image 37

Image 38

Image 39

Localization Options

Image 40

Options for All Languages

Image 41

Options for C#

Image 42

Options for Visual Basic .NET

Image 43


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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