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Posted 11 May 2008

Visual Studio IDE like Dock Container

, 14 May 2009
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Free Windows dock container

Important Note

We intend to create a new release of this open source product at the end of the next month (June 28, 2009). Please send any bug you've found (or desired change request) at .

Thank you all for using this product.


This article describes how to use the free dock container library in your applications.
You can download the full source from here. The full documentation for the product can be accessed here.

Here is a image of the sample project of this application:



This user control is made in C# and allows docking child forms on Left, Right, Top, Bottom and Fill.
The dock is guided by dock guiders.

Using the Code

There are two important classes in this library: DockableToolWindow and DockContainer.

The DockableToolWindow is the base class for the tool windows.

The most important property from this class is AllowedDock. This property returns the allowed dock values for the tool window which specializes this class. By default, this property allows docking the tool window on all panels. Overriding this property can change the dock behavior of the tool window (for example can allow only dock left or right).

The DockContainer class is the user control which hosts the tool windows.

This control should be added to the main form and docked fill.
Then you can add forms to it using the AddToolWindow method. This method adds a tool window to be managed by dock container. The caller must show the form to make it visible.

private void ShowNewForm ()
   // Create a new instance of the child form.
   DockableToolWindow childForm = new DockableToolWindow ();

   // Add the form to the dock container
   _dockContainer1.AddToolWindow (childForm);

   // Show the form
   childForm.Show ();

The forms can be added and docked with a single call to the DockToolWindow method.

private void OnCreateNewToolWindowDockedLeft (object sender, EventArgs e)
   // Create a new instance of the child form.
   DockableToolWindow childForm = new DockableToolWindow ();

   // Add and dock the form in the left panel of the container
   _dockContainer1.DockToolWindow (childForm, zDockMode.Left);

   // Show the form
   childForm.Show ();

The tool windows can be undocked using the UndockToolWindow method. Here is a sample of how to un-dock the top level tool-window from the left panel and then move it to an arbitrary location:

DockableToolWindow toolWindow = _dockContainer.GetTopToolWindow(zDockMode.Left);
if (toolWindow != null)
   toolWindow.Location = new Point(300, 100);

It is important for the users of this library to use the MinimumSizeChanged event to enforce the minimum dimensions of the container form.

private void OnDockContainerMinSizeChanged (object sender, EventArgs e)
   int deltaX = Width  - _dockContainer1.Width;
   int deltaY = Height - _dockContainer1.Height;

   MinimumSize = new Size (
      _dockContainer1.MinimumSize.Width  + deltaX,
      _dockContainer1.MinimumSize.Height + deltaY);

Points of Interest

The full documentation of this product can be accessed at the site mentioned at the beginning of this article. Please contact us at for additional information.


  • First version of this product was released on 2008.05.07


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under A Public Domain dedication


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Could you explain some things for me?

1) If we dock window on whole client area, we can't do anything with it except close.
How to undock such windows?
2) When the window tabbed it have triangle button in his title, for what it?
Pushing the button don't give any reaction.
3) How to dock floating window?
4) How to tab window in another window (like in VS Solution Explorer and Class View)?

And a little tip:

If we create docked window and then undock it the triangle button,
the pin button and the close button still on the title until mouse move.
I think it's bug.

OS: Windows XP, SP2
IDE: Visual Studio 2008
Docking Control:
.NET 3.5

Thank You
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