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Producing translucent dialog boxes and windows without flickering

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4.94 (11 votes)
6 Aug 2002
Enhancing window fade-in to render common controls correctly and to allow the window to remain transparent after the fade-in

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The AnimateWindow() API with the AW_BLEND parameter is supposed to fade in and out windows smoothly. Basically, it has two drawbacks:
  1. Text and ListView controls (and several others) aren't rendered correctly during fade-in.
  2. You cannot specify a translucency for the window, i.e., after the animation is over, the window is opaque.
Clicking 'No' in the sample project demonstrates both problems.


There seemed to be a simple workaround for this: Adding the WS_EX_LAYERED extended style to the window and calling SetLayeredWindowAttributes() with the desired alpha value, as described in the MSDN Library and in various other sources. Unfortunately, this didn't work either, at least on my XP Pro system. The code produced a very nasty flickering: the window area was initially black.


The following code shows how to fade in a dialog to a predefinded translucency without flickering:
  HWND hwndDlg,  // handle to dialog box
  UINT uMsg,     // message
  WPARAM wParam, // first message parameter
  LPARAM lParam  // second message parameter
   RECT rcDesktop;
   RECT rcMe;

   BYTE bTranslucency;

   const BYTE TRANSLUCENCY = 192;

   switch (uMsg) {
      // Make it a layered window.
      ::SetWindowLong(hwndDlg, GWL_EXSTYLE,
         ::GetWindowLong(hwndDlg, GWL_EXSTYLE) | WS_EX_LAYERED);

      // Completely transparent window - note the third parameter
      ::SetLayeredWindowAttributes(hwndDlg, 0, 0, LWA_ALPHA);

      // Show it _first_
      ::ShowWindow(hwndDlg, SW_SHOW);

      // Redraw contents NOW - no flickering since the window's not visible
      ::RedrawWindow(hwndDlg, NULL, NULL, RDW_UPDATENOW); 

      // Normally, you would use a timer here...
      for (bTranslucency = 0; bTranslucency < TRANSLUCENCY;
      bTranslucency+=TRANSLUCENCY_STEP) {
         // Adjust the translucency
         ::SetLayeredWindowAttributes(hwndDlg, 0, bTranslucency, LWA_ALPHA);

         // Wait

      // Set the final translucency
      ::SetLayeredWindowAttributes(hwndDlg, 0, bTranslucency, LWA_ALPHA);

   return 0;
Note that the call to ShowWindow() is usually done by the CreateDialogXXX() functions if the dialog template has the WS_VISIBLE style set. For our purposes, we have to do it right here in response to the WM_INITDIALOG message.


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About the Author

Web Developer
Germany Germany
Kirill lives in Berlin (Germany). The name comes from Russia where he was born and where he spent about eight years.

He started with a C64. Soon, he found out that BASIC is as slow as it is simple, and started to learn Assembler which revealed the "true power" of this computer.

After a while, a 486 was bought. He started to learn C/C++ and Pascal and to learn about algorithms and data structures.

Currently, he is studying computer sciences at TU Karlsruhe and working for orgAnice Software GmbH as developer.

He enjoys playing badminton and pool billards.

Comments and Discussions

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binyo6628-Jun-09 17:37
memberbinyo6628-Jun-09 17:37 
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zseasoft13-Oct-07 22:22
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Dr.Luiji29-Aug-07 22:17
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surmitha20-Dec-05 8:17
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GeneralRe: Prob w/ Translucent window overlapped with DirectX Window Pin
-Kirill-20-Dec-05 9:58
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Eureka Jim11-Aug-04 12:02
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PC3700DDR4-May-04 13:43
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AnswerRe: How can this be implemented in VB.NET? Pin
-Kirill-5-May-04 11:08
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GeneralRe: How can this be implemented in VB.NET? Pin
PC3700DDR23-May-04 10:44
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Generalit can't do anything for a subwindow(control) in a dialog Pin
Anonymous27-Sep-02 16:22
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-Kirill-27-Sep-02 16:49
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AnswerRe: Do I need Platform SDK ? Pin
-Kirill-14-Aug-02 14:48
member-Kirill-14-Aug-02 14:48 

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Posted 6 Aug 2002


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