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Posted 25 Oct 2002


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Transparent pop-up link with desciption using JavaScript and CSS

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28 Oct 20021 min read
A simple way to make a transparent pop-up link with description.

Sample Image - maximum width is 600 pixels


When I was surfing the web, I found some websites using some cool pop-up links with a description or you may call it a tooltip or titletip. I found it very interesting because of its transparency and thought may be you'll like it too, so I posted this article. Using a little JavaScript and CSS can help you do that easily.

Using CSS

In CSS, you would just add this code to the top of your page below the <head>, to make a CSS class in order to customize the look of the pop-up.

<style type="text/css">
  .transparent {
    color: white;
    border: 1 green solid;

The heart of the code above, is the 3rd line: filter:alpha(opacity=90);. This line makes the popup transparent with the opacity value set to 90. You can set the opacity within 0 - 100. If you set to 0, you won't see the popup.

Using JavaScript

Add the script below right after the CSS above.

    /* this function shows the pop-up when
     user moves the mouse over the link */
    function Show()
        /* get the mouse left position */
        x = event.clientX + document.body.scrollLeft;
        /* get the mouse top position  */
        y = event.clientY + document.body.scrollTop + 35;
        /* display the pop-up */"block";
        /* set the pop-up's left */ = x;
        /* set the pop-up's top */ = y;
    /* this function hides the pop-up when
     user moves the mouse out of the link */
    function Hide()
        /* hide the pop-up */"none";

The code above is quite simple, there're only 2 functions, one to display the pop-up and another to hide the pop-up.

Using HTML

The last part is some HTML, as the code below, to the body of the page and get it up and running.

<body bgcolor="black" text="white">
<a href="" onMouseOut="Hide()" onMouseOver="Show()" 
  onMouseMove="Show()">Move the mouse over here</a><br>
Move your move over the link above<br>
and the pop-up appears. And the pop-up<br>
follows your mouse as long as your mouse<br>
is still over the link. 
<div id="Popup" class="transparent">
    <div style="background-color: #003366">
      <b>Title goes here</b></div>
    <div></b>Description goes here</div>

What else?

If you change a little bit in the CSS code, you'll get 2 more types of pop-up:

  1. Change the line filter:glow(opacity=90); to filter:progid:DXImageTransform:Microsoft.Glow(color=yellow,strength=5); and you'll get this kind of pop-up:

    Sample Image - maximum width is 600 pixels

  2. Or change the line filter:glow(opacity=90); to filter:progid:DXImageTransform:Microsoft.DropShadow(color=yellow,strength=5); and you'll get a pop-up with shadow:

    Sample Image - maximum width is 600 pixels

Note that the 2 types above work only with IE5.5+. Hope this is helpful for you!


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