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Posted 10 Dec 2008

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An FTP secure client library for C#

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10 Dec 2008CPOL2 min read
How to implement an FTP secure connection with an SSL stream class.


The purpose of this article is to create a C # FTP client in Secure mode, so if you don’t have much knowledge of FTPS, I advise you to take a look at this: FTPS.

In the .NET Framework, to upload a file in FTPS mode, we generally use the FtpWebRequest class, but you can not send commands with « quote » arguments, and even if you search on the web, you will not find a concrete example of a secured C# FTP client.

It’s for those reasons I decided to create this article.

SSL Stream?

To send a socket in Secure Socket Layer (SSL) mode, we use the class System.Net.Security.SslStream.

Provides a stream used for client-server communication that uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol to authenticate the server and optionally the client”.

For more information, refer to MSDN.

Using the Code

1. Pre-Authenticate

FTPFactory ftp = new FTPFactory();

//Connect to SSL Port (990)

//Send "AUTH SSL" Command
string cmd = "AUTH SSL";

Before connecting to the FTP server in SSL mode, you have to define the 990 SSL port and send the « AUTH SSL » command authentication using SSL.


2. Create SSL Stream

//Create SSL Stream
//Login to FTP Secure

ftp.getSslStream() creates an SSL stream from client socket which will be used for exchange between the client and the server FTPS. Then, you have to enter a login and password to authenticate on the FTPS server.

Note: if the SSL stream is well established, then I display all the information about the server certificate.


3. Upload File

//Set ASCII Mode

//Send Arguments if you want
//cmd = "site arg1 arg2";

//Upload file
ftp.uploadSecure(@"Filepath", false);


Before uploading a file, you have to specify the mode: ftp.setBinaryMode(bool value).

  • value is false --> ASCII mode
  • value is true --> Binary mode

By default, it’s binary. Now, you upload the file using:

ftp.uploadSecure(@"Filepath", false)

Note: you can upload in non secured mode using ftp.upload().

Points of Interest

I learned how an SSL stream and the RAW FTP communication works between a client and an FTP server. Searching on the web, I found many who were stuck on the issue of SSL communication with an FTP server, so I hope this article will be of great help.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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