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Posted 7 Nov 2002


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Convert Tiff To Pdf

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17 Feb 2003BSD2 min read
Tiff To PDF conversion Source Code.


After looking everywhere for TiffToPdf source code, I decided to write my own conversion routine. It is fairly simple and straight forward and it fits my needs. I decided to return the favor and post this code here so others that need the capability can utilize it as well. Currently it only supports Tiff Image files in Fax formats.

What you need to compile.

You will need CXImage to compile and build. It only uses the CXFile / LIBTIFF functions of CXImage but CXImage is a nice library anyways.

Where to go from here

If you would like to extend it and make improvements on it please send me an e-mail with your improvements, and suggestions. It would be nice to extend this functionality.

How to use

This is the class function declaration for CDTPDFConvert::TiffToPdf The function requires an input tiff file. If there is no output pdf file it will use the tiff file name with the .pdf extension, the additional paramaters are for the pdf info header.

int TiffToPdf( char* a_tiff, char* a_pdf, char* a_szCreator,
                         char* a_szCreationDate, char * a_szAuthor,
                                   char * a_szProducer, char * a_szTitle,
                                   char * a_szSubject, char * a_szKeywords  );

This is an example of how to use the class. The class is wrapped with exception handling and has a error string that returns limited info if there was a problem. The error checking and exception handling can be improved drastically but for this purpose if you choose to use the code that is your responsibility.

void main()
  CDTPDFConvert convert;
  if (convert.TiffToPdf( a_in_tiff, a_out_pdf, Additional Paramaters ) < 1) {
    printf( convert.m_szErrorCode );
  } else
    printf( "Converted Tiff to Pdf!" );

Edit Revision

21 Nov 2002 - Initial Editing

18 Feb 2003 - I removed CXImage Dependicies (Code is loosely based on CXImage Lib a really cool library get it!). I also added libtiff into zip file. Added several image compression routines, and made it easier to build.

14 July 2003 - If you need the most recent working version of this source code with improvements and bug fixes check out my website.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The BSD License

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