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Posted 22 Apr 2009


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SQLDoc Sharp

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23 Apr 2009CPL2 min read
SQLDoc Sharp, an interactive tool designed to generate the SQL Server 2005/2008 documentation.


SQLDoc Sharp is an interactive tool designed to generate the SQL Server 2005/2008 documentation.

It allows you to export documentation to CHM format (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help).
It is also easy and interactive, which allows multiple database documentation.
For more details, please refer to


Finding the answer to, "Is there any free tool for generating documentation from SQL 2005/2008".

Using the Code

After running the application, the initial UI looks like below:


Three steps required to generate the documentation.

Step # 1

In the top section, provide the details about the SQL Server. It includes:

  1. Source: Instance Name of the SQL Server 2005/2008 
  2. If want to connect with SQL authentication then:
    1. User Name: Name of the user whose credentials you want to use
    2. Password: Password of the user whose credentials you want to use
  3. In case, to connect with Windows authentication then, only check the checkbox   (Integrated Security) and your current Windows credentials would be used to connect with the specified SQL Server Instance.

Step # 2

Choose the database name from the Database dropdown list, whose documentation you want to generate and then click on the Fetch button.

Meanwhile you can choose/change the File Name of the CHM file which would be generated. And also if required, you then choose to export the metadata/documentation in the XML format too.

Step # 3

Click on the Generate button. And locate the CHM file at the path specified.

After making the selection the SQLDoc Sharp, the UI should look like:

SQLDocSharp Step 2.png

Screen Shots of the Documentation Generated



Instance Information

Instance Information.png

Date Source Information

DataSource Information.png

Data Types

List of DataTypes.png


List of Users.png



Table Details

table details.png









User Defined Data Types


Points of Interest

At the time of writing the application, I got the opportunity to explore the SQL Server Metadata functions, stored procedures, etc. I also explored ADO.NET GetSchema, MetaCollections, etc. 


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Common Public License Version 1.0 (CPL)


About the Author

Amit Chaudhary
India India
An engineer with approx. 8 years of excellent experience in middle tier applications, analysis, design, development, testing, and maintenance of various client server/web based applications. Has the ability to handle multiple task(s), work independently as well as in team. Motivated, energetic with demonstrated proficiency for learning new technologies and business environments to provide effective and efficient IT solution(s) that envisage a futuristic approach with distributed and object oriented technologies.

Comments and Discussions

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AnswerRe: Won't compile under VS2010 Pin
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99sayegh6-Mar-11 18:08
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GeneralCheck/Uncheck/Toggle buttons and Check boxes Pin
ScotDance12-Jan-10 5:02
MemberScotDance12-Jan-10 5:02 
GeneralTested against Northwind (small db) Just hangs the machine, also have to set chm path to same as exe [modified] Pin
john blox29-Sep-09 4:01
Memberjohn blox29-Sep-09 4:01 
GeneralRe: Tested against Northwind (small db) Just hangs the machine, also have to set chm path to same as exe Pin
Hanant11-Oct-09 9:18
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GeneralAgain it hangs Pin
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AnswerRe: Again it hangs Pin
Amit Chaudhary17-May-09 21:01
MemberAmit Chaudhary17-May-09 21:01 
QuestionUnable to read CHM page with non-English object name Pin
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MemberWill_保哥10-May-09 9:19 
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eran202122-Apr-09 8:14
professionaleran202122-Apr-09 8:14 
AnswerRe: My vote of 1 Pin
Amit Chaudhary25-Apr-09 8:40
MemberAmit Chaudhary25-Apr-09 8:40 
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AnswerRe: SQL Doc sharp Pin
Amit Chaudhary25-Apr-09 8:41
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AnswerRe: it didn't work Pin
Steve Messer22-Apr-09 10:39
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AnswerRe: it didn't work Pin
Amit Chaudhary25-Apr-09 8:41
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Steve Messer25-Apr-09 13:00
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Peni22-Apr-09 3:26
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Amit Chaudhary22-Apr-09 3:27
MemberAmit Chaudhary22-Apr-09 3:27 

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