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Posted 1 Feb 2003

Media Player

, 20 Sep 2003
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Its a media player which plays all media audio and video files.

Sample image

Sample image

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Media Player

This is a simple media player which plays all audio and video formats .I am updating it becouse there were many of many complaints about it . Actually i had not time to do it , now found some ,so updating it . It uses Media Control Interface(MCI) Functions in the MFC .It is very simple , that is we only have to give the path and file name and other parameters to the function and the function will play that file .


First the file names are taken from the user using the file dialog .These file name are stored in an array of CString type Files[Index] ; Index is the the index of files .Multiple files can be selected at a time . Now to Create window of playing the file is created in the following  function

<PRE lang=mc++>void CMP3Dlg::CreateWindowplay(CString str) { if(m_Video!=NULL)    // m_video is handler of HWND type which is <PRE lang=mc++> //checked wether it has already some window data OnFileClose();  m_Path=str; MCIWndRegisterClass(); KillTimer(0); SetTimer(0,1000,NULL);   //  Set Timer m_Path=str; if(m_Video == NULL &&flag==0) { m_Video =MCIWndCreate(m_screen.GetSafeHwnd(),AfxGetInstanceHandle()<PRE lang=mc++>,MCIWNDF_NOOPEN|MCIWNDF_NOPLAYBAR |MCIWNDF_NOMENU,m_Path);   <PRE lang=mc++>// Create the Window for playing m_Path  is file name ::ShowWindow(m_Video,SW_MAXIMIZE); } m_SVolume.SetRange( 0, 1000, TRUE );  // Set Slider range m_SVolume.SetPos(500);   // Set volume Position initially m_mute.SetCheck(1);  // Set Checked the Volume check box ptr=FromHandle(m_Video);   // Get handler of Window created ptr->UpdateWindow(); MCIWndSetTimeFormat(m_Video ,"ms");   // Set time Format m_length=MCIWndGetLength(m_Video );   // Get Video Length TotalTime=m_length/1000; TotalTime=TotalTime/100; m_Seek.SetRange( 0, m_length, TRUE );   // Set Seek slider bar range m_Seek.SetPos(0); MCIWndPlay(m_Video);   // Play the File flag=1; UpdateData(FALSE); MCIWndSetVolume(m_Video, m_Volume);   // Set Volume to m_Volume e=0; // Check for previus created window }

So now Our window is created and file is played . Now there is a option for pause that is

void CMP3Dlg::Onpause() 
// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here



to stop 

To move to next file ,

OnFileClose() ;
if(Files[SongNo]!="" )
CreateWindowplay(Files[SongNo]);  // again Create the window 
OnPlayPrevius() ;   // check if Index is full play previous 
The is a Implemenation for CD ROM door open and close . this is done as ,
// mciSendString("set cdaudio door open",NULL,NULL,NULL);

To Increase the Speed of Play

int a;

Similarly there is a function to decrease the speed

For full screen option,  there is another dialog upon which the window is created . The dialog is maximized so full screen is got . It is done as

void CMP3Dlg::OnViewFullscreen() 
// TODO: Add your command handler code here
FullScreen=1;   // flag of full screen , Mode is Full screen
KillTimer(0);   // Kill timer
MCIWndDestroy(m_Video);  // destroy previous window 

// Now save the Context of Current file for full screen through FS object of 
//FullScreen Dialog
FS.SeekPos=SeekPos;   // Get seek position of previous window for new dialog 
 			//(Full screen)
FS.m_Volume=m_Volume;   // Get 
FS.DoModal();           // Create New dialog
SeekPos=FS.SeekPos;  // Return Back to Normal size and get New 
      			//Context from Full screen 
if(SeekPos==m_length )
if( repeat==1) 
OnPlayNext();    // Check whether the file has ended or seek is at end so 
                 //next file will also be played in the full //screen mode
Onfullscreen() ;


flag=1;   // Re-create Window for normal size play   
::ShowWindow(m_Video,SW_MAXIMIZE);  // Restore the all Conext , volume value 
					//, seek postion ,,etc
MCIWndSetTimeFormat(m_Video ,"ms");
Now In new dialog Create Window and play according to previous context,
We will do it in the ShowWindow Function which is called first time when the
 dialog is created .
void FScreen::OnShowWindow(BOOL bShow, UINT nStatus) 
CDialog::OnShowWindow(bShow, nStatus);
CWnd* desk=GetDesktopWindow();  // Get the Desktop window's pointer
RECT re;
::ShowWindow(this->GetSafeHwnd(),SW_MAXIMIZE);   // Maximize window
// Now Create window for playing the file 
::ShowWindow(m_Video,SW_MAXIMIZE);  // Now set the previous saved context 
MCIWndSetTimeFormat(m_Video ,"ms");
MCIWndSetVolume(m_Video, m_Volume);

We can add and remove  files to the Play list . There is another dialog for 
play list . 

To add files :

void playlist1::OnAdd() 
,"All Files(*.*)|*.*|MP3 Files (*.mp3)|*.mp3|AVI Files(*.avi)|*.avi|");
if(avi.DoModal() == IDOK)
currPos = avi.GetStartPosition();
while(currPos != NULL)              // Get file names while now end of 
m_Path = avi.GetNextPathName(currPos);
((CMP3Dlg *)GetParent())->Files[((CMP3Dlg*)GetParent())->m_Index]=m_Path;
m_control.AddString(m_Path);  // Add to List box

Similary we can remove file through function 
void playlist1::OnRemove() 
// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
m_control.DeleteString( i );
for(int j=0;j<=((CMP3Dlg*)GetParent())->m_Index;j++)
for(int h=i;h<((CMP3Dlg*)GetParent())->m_Index;h++)


We can play a file  by double clicking on  File name


The Shape of Dialog is got through
CRect r;

So thats all from me .What  could be done more in it ? that could be

1. We does not know about the file in the program ,whether its audio or video ,if audio to dont go to full screen

2. The full screen mechanism is not efficient , also it needs menu in full screen on right click .

3. Implementation of VCD cutter

and much more !!!!!!!!!!!!!



This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Tahir Naeem
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