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Posted 4 Feb 2003


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Make-A-File - File Creation Utility

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4 Feb 2003Ms-PL2 min read
Utility to easily create files for testing purposes. Also supports creating really huge files.

Sample Image - Make-a-File.jpg


Often we need test files during development, either to see how an application behaves with differently sized files or just as a "payload" for various tests.

The Make-A-File utility is written just for this purpose - to create files. They can be between 1 byte and 18 Eb (Exabytes, thats about 18.432. bytes) filled with garbage, random values or zeroes.


Choose a filename (type or click on the "..." button) and a size. The size is made up by the number in the size field and a unit from the dropdown list. The dropdown list offers Bytes, Kb, Mb, Gb, Tb, Pb and Eb (each being a 1000 times bigger than the previous). The resulting file size in bytes is shown in the field at the bottom.

The checkbox "Random content" fills the file with, who would have guessed this, random bytes. The "Quick Create" checkbox is used to create a file quick and filled with garbage. Technically it uses SetFilePointer() to set the end of the file, which results in nothing being written to the file but allocates the disk space for its contents.

Please see the MSDN for the implications.

By default, the quick create also checks the random content.

If you are using NTFS with file compression enabled, you can easily create a 10 Tb (or even bigger) file on any hard disk if you do not enable the random content or quick create options.

How this works?

Simple, if none of these options is enabled then the program will write a stream of zeroes to the disk which get compressed to literally nothing on the file system. Any file which contains only all the same bytes allocates only one unit for the directory entry.


It is written with MFC under VC6 und is tested under W2k and XP Pro (but should run on any Win32 plattform). The archive contains a release executable and the source code.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)


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Questionneed to make 5000 files Pin
Member 1207791822-Oct-15 3:38
MemberMember 1207791822-Oct-15 3:38 
SuggestionIprovement : choose number of files to create. Pin
Михайло Ткачук5-Nov-12 11:28
MemberМихайло Ткачук5-Nov-12 11:28 
Generalbugs Pin
Satelit21-Nov-07 1:16
MemberSatelit21-Nov-07 1:16 
GeneralRe: bugs Pin
Andreas Saurwein21-Nov-07 1:43
MemberAndreas Saurwein21-Nov-07 1:43 
GeneralJust what I needed! Pin
Ashtray36027-Aug-07 9:48
MemberAshtray36027-Aug-07 9:48 
Generaltimer Pin
krathouse18-Apr-07 10:42
Memberkrathouse18-Apr-07 10:42 
GeneralGreat for creating files for unit testing a download utility! Pin
Frog's Brain6-Jul-05 8:02
MemberFrog's Brain6-Jul-05 8:02 
GeneralGreat Pin
Florent Geffroy21-Feb-05 23:00
MemberFlorent Geffroy21-Feb-05 23:00 
GeneralGreat tool Pin
omegamsx8-Feb-05 2:37
Memberomegamsx8-Feb-05 2:37 
GeneralHandy... Pin
Joel Holdsworth21-Sep-04 4:25
MemberJoel Holdsworth21-Sep-04 4:25 
QuestionIt seems to crash when making a 12-Exabyte file :-( ?? Pin
Nitron5-Feb-03 16:48
MemberNitron5-Feb-03 16:48 
AnswerRe: It seems to crash when making a 12-Exabyte file :-( ?? Pin
Andreas Saurwein6-Feb-03 0:32
MemberAndreas Saurwein6-Feb-03 0:32 
QuestionWhat's your goal? Pin
A. Riazi5-Feb-03 2:52
professionalA. Riazi5-Feb-03 2:52 
AnswerRe: What's your goal? Pin
Andreas Saurwein5-Feb-03 2:56
MemberAndreas Saurwein5-Feb-03 2:56 
GeneralRe: What's your goal? Pin
Roger Allen5-Feb-03 7:40
MemberRoger Allen5-Feb-03 7:40 
GeneralRe: What's your goal? Pin
Andreas Saurwein5-Feb-03 11:09
MemberAndreas Saurwein5-Feb-03 11:09 
GeneralRe: What's your goal? Pin
Jörgen Sigvardsson5-Feb-03 10:51
MemberJörgen Sigvardsson5-Feb-03 10:51 
GeneralRe: What's your goal? Pin
Andreas Saurwein5-Feb-03 11:07
MemberAndreas Saurwein5-Feb-03 11:07 

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