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Posted 5 Jun 2003


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Drawing trackers, moving and resizing the objects using double buffering.

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5 Jun 2003
Drawing, Positioning and resizing the Boxes with double buffering

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In VC++ we have a class CRectTracker which helps drawing the trackers and also there is function a DrawFocusRect() with which tracker behavior can be achieved. In C# I did not find any kind of such functionality (if there is then I am unaware at the moment.). So I decided to make program which draw box with tracker and allows manipulation with the box with the help of trackers.

Key features

  • Drawing trackers
  • Moving the boxes having trackers attached to it.
  • Resizing the box with the help of trackers.
  • Selection is made in Z Order.

I tried to avoid Form’s Invalidate() function as it generates flickering effects and drawing is not smooth. I designed the program in a way to maximize the usage of double buffering to avoid flickering effect.

Using the code

Class CRectTracker

DrawSelectionGhostRect()Draws the given ghost rectangle on the specified bitmap
InitTrackerRects()Initializes the eight rectangle of the tracker.
DrawSelectionTrackers()Draws the already initialized tracker rectangles
CursorCheck()Checks the position of the cursor and changes the form cursor with appropriate cursor and returns the border of the rectangle for the resizing purpose.

In the main program there are three modes of the program. First is the “None mode” which indicates that user is not drawing, second mode is the “Drawing mode” and it is invoked when user selects the Box icon from the toolbar and third is the “selection mode” it is invoked when user selects a box for changing the positioning or size.  

There is main bitmap which holds the current drawing. Whenever a change is required like drawing rubber band selection or drawing tracker a copy of the main bitmap is made and saved in TrackerImage bitmap and all the changes are made in it and in the end it is assigned to the main bitmap. Even when repaint is required then RePaintForm() function is called instead of calling paint() function of the form to avoid the flickering effect.


A simple program that demonstrates double buffering & tracker drawing is included. OnPaint() generates flickering effects so it is recommended to draw first on the bitmap and then on the form.


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Comments and Discussions

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Southmountain24-Aug-19 13:29
MemberSouthmountain24-Aug-19 13:29 
QuestionI can't open the demo code. Better code idea? Pin
Member 33908644-Jul-09 7:18
MemberMember 33908644-Jul-09 7:18 
I can't open the demo code. I have VB net installed. Is it possible to convert code to vb net? . Does anyone know about geometric picking objects using distance criterion method? I'd like to develope a simple public GDI lib that you can select and edit a simple objects like line, polyline, ellipse... by clicking mouse. I know for old DOS system, this was discovered and developed very well decades ago. I don't know GDI lib for .net has those functions built-in or it was ignored and leave the burden to developer to figure it out. If that the case then I have to start to work on it from base zero. Any idea would be appreciate.Cool | :cool:
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Mrtnk25-Jun-09 1:26
MemberMrtnk25-Jun-09 1:26 
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Ed Gadziemski8-Mar-14 12:08
professionalEd Gadziemski8-Mar-14 12:08 
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00thilani2-Jan-08 7:41
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Raja Sekhar Bandaru25-Apr-07 15:31
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khurram7t825-Apr-07 22:27
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xuxiaodong7-Jun-04 4:24
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khurram7t88-Jun-04 19:49
Memberkhurram7t88-Jun-04 19:49 
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Chieu Luu21-Nov-03 10:06
MemberChieu Luu21-Nov-03 10:06 
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Nickle18-Jan-04 11:19
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Xboss30-Sep-03 21:22
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JacksonBrown196012-Sep-03 6:23
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birol.bellikan@kibarholding.com27-Jun-03 2:22
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wgaiw11-Jun-03 4:31
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WREY6-Jun-03 3:28
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NormDroid6-Jun-03 6:18
professionalNormDroid6-Jun-03 6:18 

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