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Posted 24 Sep 2012

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[WinForms] RichTextBox ToolTip like Visual-Studio's

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25 Sep 2012CPOL2 min read
C# RichTextBox tooltip like Visual Studio's.


This is my first post on the CodeProject.

The main idea that pushed me to write this article is that I thought it might be useful to you as it was for me! First of all I searched on the net for something like this component, but unfortunately I didn't find anything like a readymade control or component to use in a project of mine when I was in need for it. So, I decided to stop relying on others work :p and started to make my own. The component works as the following figure shows: 

Image 1

The component  dependencies

The component inherits from the standard ToolTip and relies on the following .NET methods of the RichTextBox control:  

  • GetCharIndexFromPosition(Point)
  • GetLineFromCharIndex(int)

The component is style-able: 

  • You can specify your own color for the text of both; ToolTip title / ToolTip description text. 
  • You can specify your own font for the text for each of both; ToolTip title / ToolTip description text.
  • You can set your own background bitmap.

How to use the component

Here's a step-by-step:

  1. On your project add a reference to the class library file "RTB_ToolTip.dll".
  2. On the VS designer add a new RichTextBox control and let's name it "richTextBox1"
  3. On the VS editor add the following using-directive: 
  4. C#
    using RTB_ToolTip;
  5. After the 'InitializeComponent' or on the 'Load' event (or wherever you want) do the following:
  6. C#
    // Initialize a new RichTextBoxToolTip component
    RichTextBoxToolTip rtb = new RichTextBoxToolTip();
    // Set the desired RichTextBox control to use the ToolTip with
    rtb.RichTextBox = richTextBox1;
    // Initialize a new dictionary to fill in the desired information data
    eDictionary dict = new eDictionary();
    dict.Add("Title", "Description of the ToolTip here");
    dict.Add("abc", "Alphabets :)");
    dict.Add("123", "Numbers ;)");
    // Assigne the dictionary to the RichTextBoxToolTip
    rtb.Dictionary = dict;
  7. Now push F5 button or click on Debug button to see your new RichTextBox behavior.
  8. When the window is shown, type on the richTextBox1 control something like this "Title" / "abc" / "123" (quotes are not necessary). Now put the mouse over a word you typed and the ToolTip will show up automatically like this:

    Image 2

Additional info  

  • If you want to change ToolTip Title/Description color, do the following:
  • C#
    rtb.TitleBrush = Brushes.Blue;  


    rtb.DescriptionBrush = new SolidBrush(Color.Red);
  • You can also set your own pre and after text of the ToolTip title. For example: 
  • C#
    rtb.TitlePrefix = "Definition for '";
    rtb.TitleSuffix = "':";

    The result would look like this:

    Image 3

    You can access the other properties (TitleFont / DescriptionFont / BackgroundImage...) by the same way.

  • For customizing the way the 'SyntaxCheking' class determines words' start and end boundaries you can reset that in the RichTextBoxToolTip.Chars property. Example: 
  • C#
    rtb.Chars = new List<Char>() {' ', '(', ')', '?'};

How does it work?  

Sorry if the source code looks a little bit complicated to understand, I'll try to tell you how it works. See the following figure please:

Image 4


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

Written By
Morocco Morocco
He is a 21 year-old student studying at Mohammed I University (in Oujda - Morocco). Born in Aklim - Berkane, Morocco.
Hates discrimination with all its kinds.
He is interested in programming on Visual Studio since 2009.
Current programming languages:
+ VBScript (for both: Windows & web).
+ JScript (for both: Windows & web).
+ Visual Basic 6.0 and higher.
+ C# 2003 and higher.
+ RealBasic.
+ Html.
+ Still learning C++.

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