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Posted 19 Nov 2003


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Grove [.NET Develop Component Kit]

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19 Nov 20033 min read
for database project developer



    Grove is a component  kit for .net project develop . Grove Develop Component Kit include Grove Component and Grove Tool Kit.
    Grove Component is an object-oriented develop component that base of .net framework , It supported multi-database , it provide standard tow tier , three tier , or N tier develop mode.
    Grove Tool Kit is an Addin base on .net develop environment ( Visual Studio 2003/2002 ) , It can preview entity class or xml description from data table at any databases , but it only support MS SQL Server for the moment.

How Grove can do?

    It can help you to develop .net project from an new sight , Grove Kit is useful for yours group , it can help your project finish fast

Version Scheme

  • Component can do the entity class persistence , it like insert , update , delete etc , and entity class can do simple query
  • Tool Kit can preview and generate entity class or xml description
  • Component can do relationship query , it like INNER JOIN , LEFT JOIN , RIGHT JOIN , FULL JOIN etc
  • Tool Kit can build these relationship by itself , it look like MS SQL Server Relationship constitution , and use like too
  • Component can do IN query , it like sub collection query , and change object query mode , use Object Query Interface , abandon persistence manager to query
  • Tool Kit can preview xml description for entity class or relationship query

Next plan :
  1. EXISTS Relationship Query
  2. Rebuild xml description for relationship query , and give a parser
  3. Reflect SQL to Tool Kit Relationship format

Current Version :

  1. Entity class can persist by itself 
  2. Tool kit relationship builder , visual UI
  3. Develop multi-mode supported
  4. Simple Log Management
  5. Simple Exception Management

Practical Sample

  • Entity class persist by self
Use ToolKit create entity class : 
    public class Customer:Grove.DataObject.EntityClassBase
        int _CustomerID;
        string CustomerName;
        string CustomerURL;

        public int CustomerID
            get{return this._CustomerID;}
        public string CustomerName
            get{return this._CustomerName;}
        pubic string CustomerURL
            get{return this._CustomerURL;}

Persist by self :
    Customer c=new Customer();
    c.Insert();//insert a new customer
    c.CustomerName="chengdu tryitsoft";
    c.Update();//update customer
    c.Delete();//delete customer
    c=c.GetObject(1005);//retrieve a customer
    string filter="CustomerName=’tryitsoft?quot;;
    DataSet ds=c.GetObjects(filter);//retrieve customers by custeomr name

Description : if you want to entity class can persist by itself , entity class must extend Grove.DataObject.EntityClassBase
  • Relation query by entity class
Use Tool Kit create relation entity class :
public class OrdersRelationQuery
    [RelationReflect("Orders","Order Details")]
    public string Relationship_1
        get{return "[Orders].[OrderID]=[Order Details].[OrderID]";}

    DateTime _RequiredDate;
    public DateTime RequiredDate
        get{return this._RequiredDate;}
    int _ProductID;
    [DataField("ProductID",TableName="Order Details")]
    public int ProductID
        get{return this._ProductID;}

Relation diagram in Tool Kit :

Execute Query by relation entity class :
    IObjectOperator oo=ObjectOperatorFacotry.GetObjectOperator();
    IObjectQuery oq=oo.NewQuery(typeof(Customer));
    oq.Filter="";//use entity property name to set sql filter 
    oq.OrderString="";//use entity property name to set order string
    ArrayList result=oq.Execute();

Tool Overview

    Grove Tool Kit is an Addin tool for visual studio .net , when you installed it ,  and open the Studio IDE , please find it in tool menu in Studio IDE , if you can 't  found it , you can execute 'ReCreateCommands.reg' to register again , this file can found in your install path .
    Click the 'GroveToolKit' item in tools menu of Studio IDE ,  and set the database connection string , and connect to DB :

    Now , you can select a table , and click the 'preview entity class' button of tool bar , and then :

    You also can click the 'preview xml definition' button to preview :

    When you want to build a relationship query , you can select the 'Build Relationship Query' button ,  and choose the entity class option to next , and you can see a white form , in here you must add table first , and link these tables's relation , it use like MS SQL Server :

Project Sample

  • Rainbow(sz)  Bug Management System


Support email : <landws>


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