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Bus Catcher


Bus Catcher will be an application in cloud storage for finding public transport location such as bus, tram, rail, etc.


Bus “Catcher” is an application developed for the Windows Phone platform. It has been designed for users of public transportation. The described application, apart from the basic information about the fastest possible connection, will also provide the current position (using GPRS modems already installed in vehicles) of all public transport vehicles. Thanks to this, the user will, e.g., be able to choose an alternative route rather than wait for a delayed tram. Additionally, users will have access to the ASP.NET MVC web application. What is more, data collected by our app will also serve as an analytical tool for transportation companies. They will be able to generate reports concerning average speed or average delay of any vehicle. The users will also asses the quality of the provided service, so companies will exactly know what kind of improvements to implement in order to keep their customers satisfied. Public transport is gaining significance all around the world and its users need an intelligent tool that will promptly show the necessary directions and the best available connection. With people traveling more and more, SmartPhone users have to install apps for every single city they are visiting. Thanks to our application all main cities of Poland (and in the future, of the world) will be gathered together in one place. The idea can be put into business practice by providing the application for free. With its growing popularity, some premium options could be introduced. We will also be able to sell the application as in many similar cases, e.g., Instagram. Free applications are usually more popular than chargeable ones and therefore in order to get as many users as possible, in the beginning our application should be free of charge. Polish market already has got a close substitute of our application (, however it lacks our main feature, which is presentation of the current position of all public transport vehicles. There will be a website, Windows Phone client, and a Windows 8 application.

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