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Posted 7 May 2013


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JavaScript Modal Popup Window

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15 May 2014CPOL3 min read
Flexible JavaScript Modal Popup Window
Image 1


Nowadays, JavaScript Modal Popup window has become an intrinsic part of Web based application. Lately, I had a requirement where I needed to use Modal Popup Window. I Goggled for it and found many JQuery based Modal Popup Windows, but none of the code was fitting my needs.

So I decided to create my own Modal Popup window without using JQuery which should be easy to use and is flexible.

Using the Code

First, you need include ModalPopupWindow.js file in your web page as given below:

<script src="JavaScript/ModalPopupWindow.js"

Once you have included the JS file, you need to create an instance of ModalPopUpWindow. For that, you need to write the below mentioned code:

modalWin = new CreateModalPopUpObject();

modalWin object provides three functions to create three types of modal windows which are mentioned below:

  • ShowMessage
  • ShowConfirmationMessage
  • ShowURL


ShowMessage can be used when you want to show some information to the user:

Image 2

ShowMessage(message, height, width, title)

ShowMessage function takes four parameters:

  • Message: Message that you need to display to the user
  • Height: Height of the message window
  • Width: Width of message window
  • Title: Title of the window

Syntax for calling is as follows:

modalWin.ShowMessage('This Modal Popup Window using Javascript',200,400,'User Information');


ShowConfirmationMessage window can be used where you want to take confirmation from user:

Image 3

ShowConfirmationMessage(message, height,
            width, title, onCloseCallBack, firstButtonText, onFirstButtonClick, secondButtonText,

ShowConfirmationMessage function takes eight parameters:

message, height, width, title parameters are already described above.

  • onCloseCallBack (optional): Name of the function that will get called on confirmation window close
  • firstButtonText: Text that needs to be displayed on first button (like Yes, Agree, OK, etc.)
  • onFirstButtonClick: Name of the function that will get called on click of first button.
  • secondButtonText: Text that needs to be displayed on second button (like Yes, Agree, OK, etc.)
  • onSecondButtonClick: Name of the function that will get called on click of second button

Syntax for calling is as given below:

           Modal Popup Window using Javascript',200,400,'User Confirmation',


ShowURL function can be used when you want to display a new page or URL in Modal popup window.

Image 4

ShowURL(url, height, width, title,
           onCloseCallBack, callbackFunctionArray)

height, width, title, onCloseCallBack are already described above.

  • url: Location or URL of the web page
  • callbackFunctionArray (optional): Using this parameter, you can pass array of function of parent page to the child page inside Modal Window. So that child page can access function of parent page.

Syntax for calling is as follows:

var callbackFunctionArray = new Array(EnrollNow,



You can change the button style using function SetButtonStyle. Sometimes, you may want to show button as link, in that case you can use this function. Below is an example to show buttons as link.

Image 5

  • btnStyle: is semicolon separated styles for buttons. The naming convention for the styles should be like JavaScript not like CSS style. For example in CSS, we use "text-decoration" and in JavaScript, we use "textDecoration". So, please make sure while passing styles that you are using JavaScript naming convention.

Syntax for calling is as given below:


Dragging Window

By default ModalPopUpWindow is draggable, for dragging window you need press mouse over window title bar and drag. In case you don’t want window to be draggable, then you can use Draggable property of ModalPopUpWindow. You need to set this property every time just before calling any show function of ModalPopUpWindow to make it un-draggable

Image 6

Syntax for making window un-draggable is given below:

modalWin.ShowMessage('You can not drag this window',200,400,'User Information');

Passing Values From Modal Popup Child Window To Parent Window

Sometimes, we may need to pass values from child modal window to parent window while using "ShowURL" function of modal window. In JavaScript, we can use window.parent for accessing parent window elements/functions. So we can use the same (window.parent) for passing value from child popup window to parent window. You can find example of the same in the attached demo code where clicking on "Show URL Window" will show up popup window and when you will click on "Enroll Now" button, it will pass values of child window to parent window as shown in below screenshots:

Image 7

Image 8


In the attached source code, you will find examples for all the scenarios described in this tip. Apart from that, you can modify the source code depending on your requirement.


  • Updated source code version v4 for supporting IE11 on 20-Nov-2013


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Mahesh Bailwal
Software Developer (Senior)
India India

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