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Posted 6 Jul 2004


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PathBreaker - WTL utility to easily edit PATH-like strings

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6 Jul 2004CPOL
Editing environment strings like PATH, INCLUDE and LIB is painful? Not anymore.

Sample Image - imgPathBreaker.gif

The Tool

PathBreaker is a small WTL application where you can paste (or enter) a multiple path string (like the PATH environment variable), and edit the individual paths.

When toying around with the batch build of a larger application, I was incredibly annoyed by the editing of environment strings, like the PATH or INCLUDE variable. Visual Studio provides a nice interface for its internal strings, but nothing that works stand-alone.

I figured this would make a nice standalone WTL application - and here it is. No installation is necessary, and the executable is just 40K.

The Source code

Source code is included for anyone interested. It uses WTL 7 (which is now OpenSource - see SourceForge), but should work with previous WTL versions as well. Things that might be interesting are:

  • Browsing for a folder using SHBrowseForFolder.
  • Setting the initial folder when using SHBrowseForFolder.
  • Building a popup menu dynamically.
  • Enumerating Environment variables.
  • Editing the labels in a list control.
  • Entering Label Edit using the keyboard (F", or just start typing).
  • Copying / Pasting CString to / from clipboard.

If you like it - fine!


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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Beyond these trivialities Peter works for Klippel[^], a small german company that wants to make mankind happier by selling them novel loudspeaker measurement equipment.

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GeneralPretty good. Couple of comments.... Pin
prcarp12-Jul-04 3:07
Memberprcarp12-Jul-04 3:07 
GeneralRe: Pretty good. Couple of comments.... Pin
peterchen12-Jul-04 5:44
Memberpeterchen12-Jul-04 5:44 
GeneralRe: Pretty good. Couple of comments.... Pin
prcarp12-Jul-04 9:36
Memberprcarp12-Jul-04 9:36 
GeneralRe: Pretty good. Couple of comments.... Pin
prcarp12-Jul-04 9:39
Memberprcarp12-Jul-04 9:39 
GeneralRe: Pretty good. Couple of comments.... Pin
David Pritchard8-Oct-04 4:15
MemberDavid Pritchard8-Oct-04 4:15 
GeneralRe: Pretty good. Couple of comments.... Pin
peterchen8-Oct-04 5:59
Memberpeterchen8-Oct-04 5:59 
GeneralRe: Pretty good. Couple of comments.... Pin
prcarp11-Oct-04 7:19
Memberprcarp11-Oct-04 7:19 
GeneralRe: Pretty good. Couple of comments.... Pin
David Pritchard11-Oct-04 9:12
MemberDavid Pritchard11-Oct-04 9:12 

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