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Posted 2 Aug 2004

NotifyWindow: A different MSN Messenger style notification window

, 2 Aug 2004 Public Domain
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Another MSN Messenger-like notification window, this one does its own drawing


NotifyWindow displays an MSN Messenger-like notification window. If you want to display your own images in the notification window, you may prefer to use John O'Byrne's TaskbarNotifer. NotifyWindow may be easier to use if you just intend to display text. Animations are used in opening and closing the NotifyWindow, and the window is displayed TopMost while not stealing focus. The window will be shown for a default of 11 seconds, although this can be changed. NotifyWindow does all of its own drawing, so no extra image files are required.

Using the code

It is pretty simple to display text using NotifyWindow.

// Display the text "This is a sample NotifyWindow"
NotifyWindow nw = new NotifyWindow ("This is a sample NotifyWindow");

// The following two lines of code will display a window that 
// looks exactly like the one shown at the beginning of this article.
NotifyWindow nw = new NotifyWindow ("NotifyWindow", 
  "This is a sample notification created with NotifyWindow");

If desired, a variety of other options can be changed - such as fonts and colors. The included TestNotifyWindow application will let you play around with a few of the settings, but the code displayed here should serve as a more complete reference.

NotifyWindow nw = new NotifyWindow();

nw.Text = "This is the NotifyWindow text";
nw.Title = "Title Text";

// Change the background style.  Other valid 
// styles are Solid, VerticalGradient,
// HorizontalGradient and BackwardDiagonalGradient  
// (Default: VerticalGradient)
nw.BackgroundStyle = NotifyWindow.BackgroundStyles.ForwardDiagonalGradient;

// Change the background colors  
// (Default: BackColor=SteelBlue, GradientColor=WhiteSmoke)
nw.BackColor = Color.SpringGreen;
nw.GradientColor = Color.White;

// Change the text and title colors.  (Default: ControlText)
nw.TextColor = Color.Blue;
nw.TitleColor = Color.Black;

// Change the color displayed when the text is pressed.  (Default: Gray)
nw.PressedColor = Color.Red;

// Use non-default fonts.  If TitleFont is not set 
// by the user, nw.Font will be used.
nw.Font = new Font ("Tahoma", 8.25F);
nw.TitleFont = new Font ("Tahoma", 8.25F, FontStyle.Bold);

// Change NotifyWindow size.  (Default: 130, 110)
nw.SetDimensions (nwWidth, nwHeight);

// Do not close the NotifyWindow if the mouse 
// cursor is over the window.  (Default: true)
nw.WaitOnMouseOver = true;

// Set up an EventHandler to be called if the text or title are clicked.
nw.TextClicked += new System.EventHandler (nwTextClicked);
nw.TitleClicked += new System.EventHandler (nwTitleClicked);

// Display the window for 20 seconds, or 20000ms.  (Default: 11000ms)
nw.WaitTime = 20000;

// Now show the NotifyWindow.

This is how the NotifyWindow created with the above code will look:

Programmers can also use their own Blend (for the background) or StringFormat (which will be used when Text and Title are drawn) if desired by setting the nw.Blend and nw.StringFormat variables.

Points of Interest

NotifyWindow is unique because it does all of its own drawing. The background is drawn using Graphics.FillRectangle with either a LinearGradientBrush (default) or a SolidBrush. The borders are drawn using a series of calls to Graphics.DrawRectangle and Graphics.DrawLine. On Windows XP or higher systems with Visual Styles enabled, the close button is drawn using DrawThemeBackground() from UxTheme.dll - otherwise, ControlPaint.DrawCaptionButton is used.

An obstacle faced in both this and similar applications has been displaying the window on top without stealing focus. Both Form.Show() and setting TopMost = true individually activate the form, which steals focus. We get around this by calling ShowWindow() and SetWindowPos() with arguments instructing the operating system not to activate the window.

const Int32 HWND_TOPMOST = -1;
const Int32 SWP_NOACTIVATE = 0x0010;
const Int32 SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE = 4;
[DllImport ("user32.dll")]
protected static extern bool ShowWindow (IntPtr hWnd, Int32 flags);
[DllImport ("user32.dll")]
protected static extern bool SetWindowPos (IntPtr hWnd, 
  Int32 hWndInsertAfter, Int32 X, Int32 Y, Int32 cx, Int32 cy, uint uFlags);


// Show the window without activating it.
ShowWindow (this.Handle, SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE);

// Equivalent to setting TopMost = true, except don't activate the window.
SetWindowPos (this.Handle, HWND_TOPMOST, Left, Top, Width, Height, SWP_NOACTIVATE);

A similar NotifyWindow class was originally implemented for an open-source project called ChronosXP. When it became apparant that others might like to use this code outside of that project, it was modified, removing the ChronosXP-specific parts and making it more generic.

A class called NotifyWindow2000 is included with the distribution that will display the NotifyWindow indefinitely until there is mouse or keyboard activity, similar to balloon windows. It uses SetWindowsHookEx() with WH_KEYBOARD_LL/WH_MOUSE_LL to detect user activity, so it will only work with Windows 2000 or higher. If anyone knows how to do this on older versions of Windows I would like to hear about it.


  • Initial coding: July 28, 2004


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under A Public Domain dedication


About the Author

Robert Misiak
Architect Onestop Internet
United States United States
Web architect and PM, in the E-commerce space.

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' NotifyWindow.cs
' Copyright � 2004 by Robert Misiak <>
' All Rights Reserved.
' Permission is granted to use, modify and distribute this code, as long as credit is given to the original author, and the copyright notice
' is retained.
' Based on a similar implementation used in ChronosXP, an open-source project:

Imports System
Imports System.Drawing
Imports System.Drawing.Drawing2D
Imports System.Reflection
Imports System.Windows.Forms
Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices

''' <summary>
''' Display An MSN-Messenger-Style NotifyWindow.
''' </summary>
Public Class NotifyWindow
Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the title text to be displayed in the NotifyWindow.
''' </summary>
Public Title As String

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the Font used for the title text.
''' </summary>
Public TitleFont As System.Drawing.Font

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the Font used when the mouse hovers over the main body of text.
''' </summary>
Public HoverFont As System.Drawing.Font

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the Font used when the mouse hovers over the title text.
''' </summary>
Public TitleHoverFont As System.Drawing.Font

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the style used when drawing the background of the NotifyWindow.
''' </summary>
Public BackgroundStyle As BackgroundStyles

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the Blend used when drawing a gradient background for the NotifyWindow.
''' </summary>
Public Blend As System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Blend

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the StringFormat used when drawing text in the NotifyWindow.
''' </summary>
Public StringFormat As System.Drawing.StringFormat

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets a value specifiying whether or not the window should continue to be displayed if the mouse cursor is inside the bounds
''' of the NotifyWindow.
''' </summary>
Public WaitOnMouseOver As Boolean

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the color of the title text.
''' </summary>
Public TitleColor As System.Drawing.Color

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the color of the NotifyWindow main text.
''' </summary>
Public TextColor As System.Drawing.Color

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the gradient color which will be blended in drawing the background.
''' </summary>
Public GradientColor As System.Drawing.Color

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the color of text when the user clicks on it.
''' </summary>
Public PressedColor As System.Drawing.Color

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the amount of milliseconds to display the NotifyWindow for.
''' </summary>
Public WaitTime As Integer

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the full height of the NotifyWindow, used after the opening animation has been completed.
''' </summary>
Public ActualHeight As Integer

''' <summary>
''' Gets or sets the full width of the NotifyWindow.
''' </summary>
Public ActualWidth As Integer

Public ClockState As ClockStates

Protected closePressed As Boolean = False
Protected textPressed As Boolean = False
Protected titlePressed As Boolean = False
Protected closeHot As Boolean = False
Protected textHot As Boolean = False
Protected titleHot As Boolean = False

Protected rClose As Rectangle
Protected rText As Rectangle
Protected rTitle As Rectangle
Protected rDisplay As Rectangle
Protected rScreen As Rectangle
Protected rGlobClose As Rectangle
Protected rGlobText As Rectangle
Protected rGlobTitle As Rectangle
Protected rGlobDisplay As Rectangle

Protected viewClock As System.Windows.Forms.Timer

''' <param name="_title">Title text displayed in the NotifyWindow</param>
''' <param name="_text">Main text displayedin the NotifyWindow</param>
Public Sub New(ByVal _title As String, ByVal _text As String)
Title = _title
Text = _text

End Sub

''' <param name="_text">Text displayed in the NotifyWindow</param>
Public Sub New(ByVal _text As String)
Text = _text
End Sub

Public Sub New()
SetStyle(ControlStyles.UserMouse, True)
SetStyle(ControlStyles.UserPaint, True)
SetStyle(ControlStyles.AllPaintingInWmPaint, True)
' WmPaint calls OnPaint and OnPaintBackground
SetStyle(ControlStyles.DoubleBuffer, True)

ShowInTaskbar = False
FormBorderStyle = System.Windows.Forms.FormBorderStyle.None
StartPosition = System.Windows.Forms.FormStartPosition.Manual

' Default values
BackgroundStyle = BackgroundStyles.VerticalGradient
ClockState = ClockStates.None
BackColor = Color.SteelBlue
GradientColor = Color.WhiteSmoke
PressedColor = Color.Gray
TitleColor = SystemColors.ControlText
TextColor = SystemColors.ControlText
WaitOnMouseOver = True
ActualWidth = 130
ActualHeight = 110
WaitTime = 11000
End Sub

''' <summary>
''' An EventHandler called when the NotifyWindow main text is clicked.
''' </summary>
Public Event TextClicked As System.EventHandler

''' <summary>
''' An EventHandler called when the NotifyWindow title text is clicked.
''' </summary>
Public Event TitleClicked As System.EventHandler

''' <summary>
''' Sets the width and height of the NotifyWindow.
''' </summary>
Public Sub SetDimensions(ByVal width As Integer, ByVal height As Integer)
ActualWidth = width
ActualHeight = height
End Sub

''' <summary>
''' Displays the NotifyWindow.
''' </summary>
Public Sub Notify()
If Text Is Nothing OrElse Text.Length < 1 Then
Throw New System.Exception("You must set NotifyWindow.Text before calling Notify()")
End If

Width = ActualWidth
rScreen = Screen.GetWorkingArea(Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds)
Height = 0
Top = rScreen.Bottom
Left = rScreen.Width - Width - 11

If HoverFont Is Nothing Then
HoverFont = New Font(Font, Font.Style Or FontStyle.Underline)
End If
If TitleFont Is Nothing Then
TitleFont = Font
End If
If TitleHoverFont Is Nothing Then
TitleHoverFont = New Font(TitleFont, TitleFont.Style Or FontStyle.Underline)
End If
If Me.StringFormat Is Nothing Then
Me.StringFormat = New StringFormat()
Me.StringFormat.Alignment = StringAlignment.Center
Me.StringFormat.LineAlignment = StringAlignment.Center
Me.StringFormat.Trimming = StringTrimming.EllipsisWord
End If

rDisplay = New Rectangle(0, 0, Width, ActualHeight)
rClose = New Rectangle(Width - 21, 10, 13, 13)

Dim offset As Integer
If Title IsNot Nothing Then
Using fx As Graphics = CreateGraphics()
Dim sz As SizeF = fx.MeasureString(Title, TitleFont, ActualWidth - rClose.Width - 22, Me.StringFormat)
rTitle = New Rectangle(11, 12, CInt(Math.Ceiling(sz.Width)), CInt(Math.Ceiling(sz.Height)))
offset = CInt(Math.Max(Math.Ceiling(sz.Height + rTitle.Top + 2), rClose.Bottom + 5))

End Using
offset = rClose.Bottom + 1
rTitle = New Rectangle(-1, -1, 1, 1)
End If

rText = New Rectangle(11, offset, ActualWidth - 22, ActualHeight - CInt((offset * 1.5)))
' rGlob* are Rectangle's Offset'ed to their actual position on the screen, for use with Cursor.Position.
rGlobClose = rClose
rGlobClose.Offset(Left, rScreen.Bottom - ActualHeight)
rGlobText = rText
rGlobText.Offset(Left, rScreen.Bottom - ActualHeight)
rGlobTitle = rTitle
If Title IsNot Nothing Then
rGlobTitle.Offset(Left, rScreen.Bottom - ActualHeight)
End If
rGlobDisplay = rDisplay
rGlobDisplay.Offset(Left, rScreen.Bottom - ActualHeight)
rGlobClose = rClose
rGlobClose.Offset(Left, rScreen.Bottom - ActualHeight)
rGlobDisplay = rDisplay
rGlobDisplay.Offset(Left, rScreen.Bottom - ActualHeight)

' Use unmanaged ShowWindow() and SetWindowPos() instead of the managed Show() to display the window - this method will display
' the window TopMost, but without stealing focus (namely the SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE and SWP_NOACTIVATE flags)
SetWindowPos(Handle, HWND_TOPMOST, rScreen.Width - ActualWidth - 11, rScreen.Bottom, ActualWidth, 0, _

viewClock = New System.Windows.Forms.Timer()
AddHandler viewClock.Tick, AddressOf viewTimer
viewClock.Interval = 1

ClockState = ClockStates.Opening

End Sub

Protected Overrides Sub OnPaint(ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs)
' Draw the close button and text.
Dim useFont As Font
Dim useColor As Color

If (Not (Title) Is Nothing) Then
If titleHot Then
useFont = TitleHoverFont
useFont = TitleFont
End If
If titlePressed Then
useColor = PressedColor
useColor = TitleColor
End If
Dim br As SolidBrush = New SolidBrush(useColor)
e.Graphics.DrawString(Title, useFont, br, rTitle, Me.StringFormat)
End If

If textHot Then
useFont = HoverFont
useFont = Font
End If
If textPressed Then
useColor = PressedColor
useColor = TextColor
End If
Dim sb As SolidBrush = New SolidBrush(useColor)
e.Graphics.DrawString(Text, useFont, sb, rText, Me.StringFormat)

End Sub

Protected Overrides Sub OnPaintBackground(ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs)
' First paint the background
If (BackgroundStyle = BackgroundStyles.Solid) Then
Dim sb As SolidBrush = New SolidBrush(BackColor)
e.Graphics.FillRectangle(sb, rDisplay)
Dim lgm As LinearGradientMode
Select Case (BackgroundStyle)
Case BackgroundStyles.BackwardDiagonalGradient
lgm = LinearGradientMode.BackwardDiagonal
Case BackgroundStyles.ForwardDiagonalGradient
lgm = LinearGradientMode.ForwardDiagonal
Case BackgroundStyles.HorizontalGradient
lgm = LinearGradientMode.Horizontal
Case BackgroundStyles.VerticalGradient
lgm = LinearGradientMode.Vertical
End Select
Dim lgb As LinearGradientBrush = New LinearGradientBrush(rDisplay, GradientColor, BackColor, lgm)
If (Not (Me.Blend) Is Nothing) Then
lgb.Blend = Me.Blend
End If
e.Graphics.FillRectangle(lgb, rDisplay)
End If
' Next draw borders...
End Sub

Protected Overridable Sub drawBorder(ByVal fx As Graphics)
fx.DrawRectangle(Pens.Silver, 2, 2, (Width - 4), (ActualHeight - 4))
' Top border
fx.DrawLine(Pens.Silver, 0, 0, Width, 0)
fx.DrawLine(Pens.White, 0, 1, Width, 1)
fx.DrawLine(Pens.DarkGray, 3, 3, (Width - 4), 3)
fx.DrawLine(Pens.DimGray, 4, 4, (Width - 5), 4)
' Left border
fx.DrawLine(Pens.Silver, 0, 0, 0, ActualHeight)
fx.DrawLine(Pens.White, 1, 1, 1, ActualHeight)
fx.DrawLine(Pens.DarkGray, 3, 3, 3, (ActualHeight - 4))
fx.DrawLine(Pens.DimGray, 4, 4, 4, (ActualHeight - 5))
' Bottom border
fx.DrawLine(Pens.DarkGray, 1, (ActualHeight - 1), (Width - 1), (ActualHeight - 1))
fx.DrawLine(Pens.White, 3, (ActualHeight - 3), (Width - 3), (ActualHeight - 3))
fx.DrawLine(Pens.Silver, 4, (ActualHeight - 4), (Width - 4), (ActualHeight - 4))
' Right border
fx.DrawLine(Pens.DarkGray, (Width - 1), 1, (Width - 1), (ActualHeight - 1))
fx.DrawLine(Pens.White, (Width - 3), 3, (Width - 3), (ActualHeight - 3))
fx.DrawLine(Pens.Silver, (Width - 4), 4, (Width - 4), (ActualHeight - 4))
End Sub

Protected Overridable Sub drawCloseButton(ByVal fx As Graphics)
If visualStylesEnabled() Then
End If
End Sub

''' <summary>
''' Draw a Windows XP style close button.
''' </summary>
Protected Sub drawThemeCloseButton(ByVal fx As Graphics)
Dim hTheme As IntPtr = OpenThemeData(Handle, "Window")
If hTheme = IntPtr.Zero Then
End If
Dim stateId As Integer
If closePressed Then
stateId = CBS_PUSHED
ElseIf closeHot Then
stateId = CBS_HOT
stateId = CBS_NORMAL
End If
Dim reClose As New RECT(rClose)
Dim reClip As RECT = reClose
' should fx.VisibleClipBounds be used here?
Dim hDC As IntPtr = fx.GetHdc()
DrawThemeBackground(hTheme, hDC, WP_CLOSEBUTTON, stateId, reClose, reClip)

End Sub

''' <summary>
''' Draw a Windows 95 style close button.
''' </summary>
Protected Sub drawLegacyCloseButton(ByVal fx As Graphics)
Dim bState As ButtonState
If closePressed Then
bState = ButtonState.Pushed
bState = ButtonState.Normal
' the Windows 95 theme doesn't have a "hot" button
End If
ControlPaint.DrawCaptionButton(fx, rClose, CaptionButton.Close, bState)

End Sub

''' <summary>
''' Determine whether or not XP Visual Styles are active. Compatible with pre-UxTheme.dll versions of Windows.
''' </summary>
Protected Function visualStylesEnabled() As Boolean
If IsThemeActive() = 1 Then
Return True
Return False
End If
Catch generatedExceptionName As System.DllNotFoundException
' pre-XP systems which don't have UxTheme.dll
Return False
End Try

End Function

Protected Sub viewTimer(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
Select Case (ClockState)
Case ClockStates.Opening
If ((Top - 2) _
<= (rScreen.Height - ActualHeight)) Then
Top = (rScreen.Height - ActualHeight)
Height = ActualHeight
ClockState = ClockStates.Showing
viewClock.Interval = WaitTime
Top = (Top - 2)
Height = (Height + 2)
End If
Case ClockStates.Showing
If (Not WaitOnMouseOver _
OrElse Not rGlobDisplay.Contains(Windows.Forms.Cursor.Position)) Then
viewClock.Interval = 1
ClockState = ClockStates.Closing
End If
Case ClockStates.Closing
Top = (Top + 2)
Height = (Height - 2)
If (Top >= rScreen.Height) Then
ClockState = ClockStates.None
End If
End Select
End Sub

Protected Overrides Sub OnMouseMove(ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs)
'If Title IsNot Nothing AndAlso rGlobTitle.Contains(Windows.Forms.Cursor.Position) AndAlso Not textPressed AndAlso Not closePressed Then
' Cursor = Cursors.Hand
' titleHot = True
' textHot = False
' closeHot = False
' Invalidate()
'ElseIf rGlobText.Contains(Windows.Forms.Cursor.Position) AndAlso Not titlePressed AndAlso Not closePressed Then
' Cursor = Cursors.Hand
' textHot = True
' titleHot = False
' closeHot = False
' Invalidate()
'ElseIf rGlobClose.Contains(Windows.Forms.Cursor.Position) AndAlso Not titlePressed AndAlso Not textPressed Then
If rGlobClose.Contains(Windows.Forms.Cursor.Position) AndAlso Not titlePressed AndAlso Not textPressed Then
Cursor = Cursors.Hand
closeHot = True
titleHot = False
textHot = False
ElseIf (textHot OrElse titleHot OrElse closeHot) AndAlso (Not titlePressed AndAlso Not textPressed AndAlso Not closePressed) Then
Cursor = Cursors.[Default]
titleHot = False
textHot = False
closeHot = False
End If
End Sub

Protected Overloads Overrides Sub OnMouseDown(ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs)
If e.Button = Windows.Forms.MouseButtons.Left Then
If rGlobClose.Contains(Windows.Forms.Cursor.Position) Then
closePressed = True
closeHot = False
ElseIf rGlobText.Contains(Windows.Forms.Cursor.Position) Then
textPressed = True
ElseIf Title IsNot Nothing AndAlso rGlobTitle.Contains(Windows.Forms.Cursor.Position) Then
titlePressed = True
End If
End If
End Sub

Protected Overloads Overrides Sub OnMouseUp(ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs)
If e.Button = Windows.Forms.MouseButtons.Left Then
If closePressed Then
Cursor = Cursors.[Default]
closePressed = False
closeHot = False
If rGlobClose.Contains(Windows.Forms.Cursor.Position) Then
End If
ElseIf textPressed Then
Cursor = Cursors.[Default]
textPressed = False
textHot = False
If rGlobText.Contains(Windows.Forms.Cursor.Position) Then
RaiseEvent TextClicked(Me, New System.EventArgs())
End If
ElseIf titlePressed Then
Cursor = Cursors.[Default]
titlePressed = False
titleHot = False
If rGlobTitle.Contains(Windows.Forms.Cursor.Position) Then
RaiseEvent TitleClicked(Me, New System.EventArgs())
End If
End If
End If
End Sub


Protected Const WP_CLOSEBUTTON As Int32 = 18
Protected Const CBS_NORMAL As Int32 = 1
Protected Const CBS_HOT As Int32 = 2
Protected Const CBS_PUSHED As Int32 = 3
' DrawThemeBackground()
<StructLayout(LayoutKind.Explicit)> _
Protected Structure RECT
<FieldOffset(0)> _
Public Left As Int32
<FieldOffset(4)> _
Public Top As Int32
<FieldOffset(8)> _
Public Right As Int32
<FieldOffset(12)> _
Public Bottom As Int32

Public Sub New(ByVal bounds As System.Drawing.Rectangle)
Left = bounds.Left
Top = bounds.Top
Right = bounds.Right
Bottom = bounds.Bottom
End Sub
End Structure
Protected Const HWND_TOPMOST As Int32 = -1
Protected Const SWP_NOACTIVATE As Int32 = 16
Protected Const SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE As Int32 = 4

' SetWindowPos()

' ShowWindow()

' UxTheme.dll
<DllImport("UxTheme.dll")> _
Protected Shared Function IsThemeActive() As Int32
End Function
<DllImport("UxTheme.dll")> _
Protected Shared Function OpenThemeData(ByVal hWnd As IntPtr, <MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPTStr)> _
ByVal classList As String) As IntPtr
End Function
<DllImport("UxTheme.dll")> _
Protected Shared Sub CloseThemeData(ByVal hTheme As IntPtr)
End Sub
<DllImport("UxTheme.dll")> _
Protected Shared Sub DrawThemeBackground(ByVal hTheme As IntPtr, ByVal hDC As IntPtr, ByVal partId As Int32, ByVal stateId As Int32, ByRef rect As RECT, ByRef clipRect As RECT)
End Sub

' user32.dll
<DllImport("user32.dll")> _
Protected Shared Function ShowWindow(ByVal hWnd As IntPtr, ByVal flags As Int32) As Boolean
End Function
<DllImport("user32.dll")> _
Protected Shared Function SetWindowPos(ByVal hWnd As IntPtr, ByVal hWndInsertAfter As Int32, ByVal X As Int32, ByVal Y As Int32, ByVal cx As Int32, ByVal cy As Int32, _
ByVal uFlags As UInteger) As Boolean
End Function

Public Enum BackgroundStyles





End Enum

Public Enum ClockStates




End Enum

End Class
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