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Posted 31 Oct 2004


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Transparant Image Button (BMP, GIF, JPG...)

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31 Oct 20041 min read
Using transparant image button~!

Sample Image - CKbcButton.jpg


*I'm not good at English, but if you can understand my story, isn't that enough? :)

When I made this application, especially as dialog based, a lot of buttons were used. Buttons are very important things in my situation. So I decided to make an Image button source.

As you know, there are many sources for image buttons. I think it's useless work making another image button. But those image buttons have a small problem.

intro - a small problem

In this image, button's background hides the parent's background. That's not what I want. So I am going to handle this problem.

Using the code

There are two ways using this button. First of all, include the following files to your project:

  • KbcBmp.h,
  • KbcBmp.cpp,
  • KbcButton.h,
  • KbcButton.cpp,
  • Picture.h,
  • Picture.cpp

Then, let's start~!

  1. Using DDX_Control
    1. Include "KbcButton.h" in header file.
    2. Declare a CKbcButton variable in header file.
    3. Go to dialog resource and draw a button. Check 'Onwer draw' style.
    4. Use DDX_Control like this in CPP file: DDX_Control(pDX, IDC_PLAYBUTTON, m_btnPlay);
    5. Then set button's image by calling SetButtonImage() function.
      // In your header file
      #include "KbcButton.h"
      class CTestButtonDlg : public CDialog
           CKbcButton  m_btnPlay;
      // in you cpp file
      void CTestButtonDlg::DoDataExchange(CDataExchange* pDX)
           DDX_Control(pDX, IDC_PLAYBUTTON, m_btnPlay);
      BOOL CTestButtonDlg::OnInitDialog()
           // set button image..
  2. Using new operation
    1. Include "KbcButton.h" in header file.
    2. Declare a CKbcButton* variable in header file.
    3. Create CKbcButton instance by using new operator.
    4. Call Create() function.
    5. Then set button's image by calling SetButtonImage() function.
      // In your header file
      #include "KbcButton.h"
      class CTestButtonDlg : public CDialog
           CKbcButton*  m_pButton;
      // in you cpp file
      BOOL CTestButtonDlg::OnInitDialog()
           // create button and set button image..
           CRect rtButton;
           CWnd* pWnd = GetDlgItem(IDC_STATIC_SHOW);
           m_pButton = new CKbcButton;
           m_pButton->Create("CKbcButton", WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE|BS_OWNERDRAW, 
                                 rtButton, this, NEWBUTTON);

That's all. Isn't it simple?

Make sure that you set 'Owner draw style' to a button.


Thanks to Dr. Yovav Gad (CPicture's author) and The Code Project. :) I learned a lot of things from this site.


  • Ver 1.0 (11/01/2004)
    • Used CPicture class supporting JPG, GIF...
    • Fixed cursor problem.


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About the Author

ByeongChan Gwak
Web Developer
Korea (Republic of) Korea (Republic of)
student of Pohang University of Science and Technology.

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