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Posted 22 Jun 2010


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C# CSV Reader and Writer

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22 Jun 2010MIT1 min read
Class library which provides the ability to read and write CSV files


I have lost count of the number of projects I have worked on that required me to write data in a CSV format and present it to the user for download. On a recent project, I decided that it would be a good idea to implement some classes that would simplify the process of reading from and writing to a CSV file.

I had a scan around on the web to find a simple solution to the problem. There were many classes that already do this, but I found them way too complex.

So I decided to build my own!

Using the Code

Below are a few samples of how the classes can be used. The classes have many constructor and method overloads that allow reading/writing from/to files, strings and streams.

Using the CsvReader Class

List<List<string>> records = new List<List<string>>();

using (CsvReader reader = new CsvReader(FilePath, Encoding.Default))
    while (reader.ReadNextRecord())

The CsvReader class has the following properties:

  • TrimColumns - Gets or sets whether column and heading values should be trimmed
  • HasHeaderRow - Gets or sets whether the CSV content has a header row
  • Fields - Gets the fields in the current Record
  • FieldCount - Gets the number of fields in the current record

Using the CsvFile Class

CsvFile file = new CsvFile();
file.Populate(FilePath, true);

The CsvFile class has the following properties:

  • Headers - Gets the column headers
  • Records - Gets the records within the CSV file
  • HeaderCount - Gets the number of header columns
  • RecordsCount - Gets the number of records within the CSV file

Using the CsvWriter Class

CsvFile csvFile = new CsvFile();
csvFile.Populate(FilePath, true);

using (CsvWriter writer = new CsvWriter())
   writer.WriteCsv(csvFile, FilePath);

The CsvWriter class has the following properties:

  • ReplaceCarriageReturnsAndLineFeedsFromFieldValues - Gets or sets whether carriage returns and line feeds should be replaced in field values.
  • CarriageReturnAndLineFeedReplacement - Gets or sets the character replacement for carriage returns and line feeds.


Version 1.0 (22-06-2010)

  • 1.0: First release


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The MIT License


About the Author

Web Developer
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I have been developing web and software applications for 9 years originally in Microsoft Visual Fox Pro. But for the last 8 years I have been using Microsoft.Net.

I love writing code and especially enjoy writing tools to aid development.

I have developed my own code generator which generates C# code from a SQL Server database. The generator generates Business Components, Data Components and entities and is optimised for performance as it uses stored procedures and SqlDataReaders.

FrameworkGen can be downloaded for free from

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