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How to Create a Countdown Timer and Show Current Time in Unity3D

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1 Feb 2015CPOL
How to create a Countdown Timer and show current time in Unity3D


demo  forkMe

  1. Create a new 2D project:


  2. Optionally, download some background image (I used this one) and drag it to the Assets folder:


  3. Drag the background image to the Hierarchy:


  4. Adjust the size of the Camera to 8:


  5. Hierarchy->Create->UI->Text:


  6. Click on Canvas in Hierarchy and set the Render mode:


  7. Click on Text and change the settings (Positions, Width, Height, Text, Font Site):


  8. Rename the Text to TimerText.
  9. Duplicate the TimerText and rename to TimeText:


  10. Change y position of TimeText to -200:positionChange
  11. Hierarchy -> Create -> Create Empty:


  12. Rename it to GameController
  13. Inspector -> Add Component -> New Script (name it Timer and select JavaScript):


  14. Paste the following code:
    #pragma strict
    var timer: float = 70;
    var isFinishedLevel : boolean = false;
    public var displayText : UnityEngine.UI.Text;
    public var timeText : UnityEngine.UI.Text;
    private var oldTimer : float;
    function Start(){
    	oldTimer = timer;
    function Update()
    	if (!isFinishedLevel) {
    		timer -= Time.deltaTime;
    	if (timer > 0) {
    		var minsDisplay : String = parseInt( timer / 60 ).ToString();
    		var secsDisplay : String = parseInt( timer ).ToString();
    		if ( (timer - ( parseInt(minsDisplay) * 60)) > 10 ) {
    		     secsDisplay = parseInt( timer - ( parseInt(minsDisplay) * 60) ).ToString();
    		else {
    			secsDisplay = "0" + parseInt( timer - 
                              ( parseInt(minsDisplay) * 60) ).ToString();
    		displayText.text = minsDisplay + " : " + secsDisplay;
    	else {
    	 	timer = oldTimer;
    function CurrentTime() { 
    	var dt : System.DateTime = System.DateTime.Now;
    	var h : int = dt.Hour; 
    	var m : int = dt.Minute; 
    	var s : int = dt.Second;
    	timeText.text = h + ":" + m + ":" + s;
  15. Drag TimerText and TimeText to the script from Hierarchy:


  16. [le problems] – Run the program, and you’ll run into few issues:
    1. If you open up any other window, you will notice that the timer will stop, and continue counting once you return to the Unity window [edit: this seems to be expected behavior and in order to “fix” this, you have to set the “Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Run In Background” option (from here)].
    2. TimerText and TimeText are not “ticking off” at the same time.
  17. If someone has information on how to solve this, please comment and I’ll update the post once the solution is found.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Nikola Breznjak
Software Developer (Senior)
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I’m an engineer at heart and a jack of all trades kind of guy.

For those who care about titles, I hold a masters degree in computing from FER (and a black belt in karate, but that’s another story…).

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Lately, I’m very passionate about Ionic framework and am currently in the top 3 answerers on StackOverflow in Ionic framework. I wrote a book about Ionic framework which you can get for free on Leanpub: Ionic framework – step by step from idea through prototyping to the app stores.

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Austin Mullins3-Feb-15 11:33
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AnswerRe: Keeping countdown in sync with the system time Pin
Nikola Breznjak3-Feb-15 19:45
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Posted 1 Feb 2015

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