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Posted 28 Dec 2004

Reading and Writing Messages in Outlook Express

, 27 Mar 2006
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This article was done to provide an example of IStoreNamespace / IStoreFolder.

Sample Image - Outlook_Express_Messages.jpg

Table of contents


The application has the following features:

  1. List local folders.
  2. Create / rename / delete local folder.
  3. List messages of a local folder.
  4. Get message properties.
  5. Get message source.
  6. Create / copy / move / delete messages.
  7. Mark messages as Read or Unread.
  8. List body properties or headers.
  9. Get / set property values.
  10. Navigate body structure.
  11. Get / set body content.
  12. Insert bodies.
  13. List / add / remove attachments.

Using this Code

This code was written to provide an initial example of the IStoreFolder / IStoreNamespace classes. Then, an example of IMimeMessage / IMimeMessageTree / IMimeBody / IMimePropertySet was added to the application. The idea of this article is to document, with a complete example, all these interfaces to show how Outlook Express storage could be accessed.

In the initial dialog, all the local folders of the main identity are listed to let the user modify them. In the message dialog, you will see all the messages of the selected folder. Identifying the message source and other operations can be done here. In the 'Bodies' dialog, you will be able to view the message structure and modify it.

Points of Interest

List local folders:

// add all the folders to the list box recursively
void CDemoDlg::AddFolders(STOREFOLDERID dwFolderId)
    FOLDERPROPS props;
    int nIndex;

    hEnum = NULL;

    // set the size of the structure
    // or the function return error
    props.cbSize = sizeof(FOLDERPROPS);

    HRESULT hr = 
      &props, &hEnum);

    while(SUCCEEDED(hr) && hr != 
               S_FALSE && hEnum != NULL) {
        nIndex = m_listFolder.AddString(props.szName);

        if(nIndex != LB_ERR && nIndex != LB_ERRSPACE) {
            // set the folder id as the data of the item
            m_listFolder.SetItemData(nIndex, props.dwFolderId);

            // add children of this folder too

        hr = m_pStoreNamespace->GetNextSubFolder(hEnum, &props);

    // close the enum
    if(hEnum) {

List messages of a folder:

//List messages of folder and add 
//all 'Subject' and 'From' to the list box
CString item;
int nIndex;

hEnumMsg = NULL;

// set the size of the structure
// or the function return error
msgProps.cbSize = sizeof(MESSAGEPROPS);

// as we want the subject and other
// staff we get all the properties.
// you can use MSGPROPS_FAST as first parameter
// to get only a few properties of the message.
HRESULT hr = m_pStoreFolder->GetFirstMessage(0,

while(SUCCEEDED(hr) && hr != S_FALSE) {
    item = msgProps.pszDisplayFrom;
    item += _T("      ");
    item += msgProps.pszNormalSubject;

    // message subject and from is displayed in the list box.
    // data of each item is the message id.
    nIndex = m_listMsg.AddString(item);

    if(nIndex != LB_ERR && nIndex != LB_ERRSPACE) {
        m_listMsg.SetItemData(nIndex, msgProps.dwMessageId);

    // free the message properties
    // as they are allocated by IStoreFolder.

    hr = m_pStoreFolder->GetNextMessage(hEnumMsg, 
                                   0, &msgProps);

// close the enum
if(hEnumMsg) {

Display the source of a message:

// this function displays the source
// of the selected message in the list box
void CMsgDlg::OnView()
    ULONG ulReaded = 0;
    int nIndex;
    HRESULT hr;
    IStream *pTextStream;
    char buffer[4096];

    // Get selected folder id
    nIndex = m_listMsg.GetCurSel();
    if(nIndex == LB_ERR) {
        MessageBox(_T("Select a message first."), 
                   _T("Demo Error"));

    dwSelMsg = m_listMsg.GetItemData(nIndex);

    // create a IStream from the message
    hr = m_pStoreFolder->OpenMessage(dwSelMsg, 
         IID_IStream, (VOID **) &pTextStream);
    if(FAILED(hr)) {
        MessageBox(_T("Error opening message."), 
                   _T("Demo Error"));

    CMsgSrcDlg msgSrcDlg;

    // read all the message
    do {
        hr = pTextStream->Read(buffer, 
             sizeof(buffer)-1, &ulReaded);

        if(FAILED(hr)) {
            MessageBox(_T("Error reading message."), 
                       _T("Demo Error"));
        else {
            buffer[ulReaded] = 0;

    } while(SUCCEEDED(hr) && ulReaded != 0);

    if(SUCCEEDED(hr)) {
        // display message


Create a message in a folder:

IStream *newMail = NULL;
ULONG len;
CString msgSource;

// Set msgSource to contain
// the source of the new message

// Create the IStream to write the new message
// this function returns the id of the new message
hr = m_pFolder->CreateStream(0, 0, &newMail, &msgId);
if(FAILED(hr)) {
    MessageBox(_T("Cannot Create Stream."), 
               _T("Demo Error"));

// write message source in the IStream
hr = newMail->Write((const char *) msgSource, 
     msgSource.GetLength(), &len);
if(FAILED(hr)) {
    MessageBox(_T("Cannot Write message."), 
               _T("Demo Error"));

// Commit the IStream in the folder
// and use the returned msgId
hr = m_pFolder->CommitStream(0, 0, 0, 
                  newMail, msgId, NULL);
if(FAILED(hr)) {
    MessageBox(_T("Cannot Commit Stream."), 
               _T("Demo Error"));

// release the IStream

List body properties:

// add property names to the combo box
// first get IMimeMessage interface
// using IStoreFolder and the message id.
hr = pFolder->OpenMessage(msgId,
                          (LPVOID*) &m_pMimeMsg);
if(FAILED(hr)) {
             "SetMessage: OpenMessage.\n");

// get root body of the message.
hr = m_pMimeMsg->GetBody(IBL_ROOT, 0, &m_hCurBody);
if(FAILED(hr)) {
                      " Cannot get root body.\n");


// bind the body to the IMimePropertySet interface.
hr = m_pMimeMsg->BindToObject(m_hCurBody,
     IID_IMimePropertySet, (LPVOID *) &m_pPropertySet);
if(FAILED(hr)) {
           " BindToObject IID_IMimePropertySet.\n");


IMimeEnumProperties *pEnum = NULL;
ULONG cFetched;


// enum properties of the body.
hr = m_pPropertySet->EnumProps(0, &pEnum);
if(FAILED(hr)) {
          "FillCombo: EnumProps.\n");

hr = pEnum->Next(1, &eProp, &cFetched);

while(SUCCEEDED(hr) && hr != S_FALSE) {

    hr = m_pAllocator->FreeEnumPropertyArray(1,
                                    &eProp, FALSE);
    if(FAILED(hr)) {
                          " FreeEnumPropertyArray.\n");

    hr = pEnum->Next(1, &eProp, &cFetched);

if(pEnum) {

List attachments:

ULONG attachCount, i, j;
HBODY *bodyAttachs = NULL;
IMimeBody *pMimeBody;
LPSTR display;
int nItem;


hr = m_pMimeMsg->GetAttachments(&attachCount,
if(FAILED(hr)) {
    MessageBox(_T("Cannot get attachments:")
       _T(" GetAttachments."), _T("Demo Error"), MB_OK);

// keep only bodies of type IBT_ATTACHMENT.
for(i=0; i<attachCount;) {
    hr = m_pMimeMsg->IsBodyType(bodyAttachs[i],
    if(hr != S_OK) {
        for(j=i+1; j<attachCount; j++) {
            bodyAttachs[j-1] = bodyAttachs[j];

    else {
        // for the attachments, get display
        // name of the body to add to the listbox.
        hr = m_pMimeMsg->BindToObject(bodyAttachs[i],
                                      (LPVOID *) &pMimeBody);
        if(SUCCEEDED(hr)) {
            hr = pMimeBody->GetDisplayName(&display);
            if(SUCCEEDED(hr)) {
                nItem = m_attachs.AddString(display);
                          (DWORD) bodyAttachs[i]);



if(bodyAttachs) {

Get body content:

while(1) { // just to save code!
    // bind body handle to a IMimeBody interface.
    hr = m_pMimeMsg->BindToObject(m_hCurBody,
                                  (LPVOID *) &pMimeBody);
    if(FAILED(hr)) {
             "UpdateBodyInfo: BindToObject\n");


    encType = IET_BINARY;
    m_isTextBody = FALSE;

    m_cntType = GetContentType(m_hCurBody);

    // if the body is a 'text' treat as a text.
    // Otherwise, read it as a buffer char
    // by char.
    if(m_cntType.Find(_T("text")) == 0) {
        encType = IET_UNICODE;
        m_isTextBody = TRUE;


    m_bodyContent = _T("");

    // Get body as a stream
    hr = pMimeBody->GetData(IET_UNICODE,
    if(FAILED(hr)) {
        OutputDebugString("OEMessage::GetBodyText: GetData\n");

    // if it is a text when we read it it comes unicode.
    if(encType == IET_UNICODE) {
        // for text bodies
        do {
            // Read the IStream into our buffer
            hr = pBodyStream->Read(lpszwBody,
            if(FAILED(hr)) {
                OutputDebugString("OEMessage::GetBodyText: Read\n");
            else if(ulRead != 0) {
                // Null terminate it
                lpszwBody[ulRead/2] = '\0';
                m_bodyContent += (WCHAR *) lpszwBody;
        } while(ulRead != 0);
    else {
        do {
            // Read the IStream into our buffer.
            // It can be binary so it could
            // be displayed truncated.
            hr = pBodyStream->Read(lpszBody,
            if(FAILED(hr)) {
                OutputDebugString("OEMessage::GetBodyText: Read\n");
            else if(ulRead != 0) {
                // Null terminate it
                lpszBody[ulRead] = '\0';
                m_bodyContent += lpszBody;
        } while(ulRead != 0);



if(pMimeBody) {

Set body content:

ULONG ulLength, ulWritten;
BSTR bstr = NULL;
IStream *pStream = NULL;
IMimeBody *pMimeBody = NULL;


while(1) {
    // Create a new stream to write in the new body
    hr = CreateStreamOnHGlobal(NULL,
    if(FAILED(hr)) {
        MessageBox(_T("Cannot set content:" )
            _T(" CreateStreamOnHGlobal."),
            _T("Demo Error"), MB_OK);

    // compute the new body length + the
    // zero that terminates the string
    ulLength = m_bodyContent.GetLength() + 1;

    // there are better ways
    // to do it but this is the easiest
    bstr = m_bodyContent.AllocSysString();

    // write in the new body
    hr = pStream->Write((LPWSTR) bstr,
                        ulLength * sizeof(WCHAR),
    if(FAILED(hr)) {
        MessageBox(_T("Cannot set content: Write."),
                   _T("Demo Error"), MB_OK);

    // Commit the stream
    hr = pStream->Commit(STGC_DEFAULT);
    if(FAILED(hr)) {
        MessageBox(_T("Cannot set content: Commit."),
                   _T("Demo Error"), MB_OK);

    // bind body handle to IMimeBody interface
    hr = m_pMimeMsg->BindToObject(m_hCurBody,
                                  (LPVOID *) &pMimeBody);
    if(FAILED(hr)) {
        MessageBox(_T("Cannot set content:")
                _T(" Commit."), _T("Demo Error"), MB_OK);

    CString priCon, secCon;

    propValue.vt = VT_LPSTR;

    // get content-type property to save the body
    hr = m_pMimeMsg->GetBodyProp(m_hCurBody,
         PIDTOSTR(PID_HDR_CNTTYPE), 0, &propValue);
    if(FAILED(hr) || hr == S_FALSE) {
        MessageBox(_T("Cannot set content:")
             _T(" GetBodyProp."), _T("Demo Error"), MB_OK);

    // this property has the format
    // of 'primaryType/secondaryType'
    char *sep = strchr(propValue.pszVal, '/');

    if(sep == NULL) {
        MessageBox(_T("Cannot set content:")
             _T("Content Type error."),
             _T("Demo Error"), MB_OK);

    secCon = sep+1;
    *sep = 0;
    priCon = propValue.pszVal;


    // save the data in this new stream
    // into the body using
    // the save conent-type it had before
    hr = pMimeBody->SetData(IET_UNICODE,
    if(FAILED(hr)) {
        MessageBox(_T("Cannot set content: SetData."),
                   _T("Demo Error"), MB_OK);


if(bstr) {
if(pMimeBody) {
if(pStream) {


You can use this freely, leaving the copyright notice at the top of the files.


  • 28-Dec-2004 - First released: IStoreFolder / IStoreNamespace.
  • 25-Mar-2006 - Update: IMimeMessage / IMimeMessageTree / IMimePropertySet / IMimeBody.


This article has no explicit license attached to it but may contain usage terms in the article text or the download files themselves. If in doubt please contact the author via the discussion board below.

A list of licenses authors might use can be found here


About the Author

Pablo Yabo
Technical Lead
Argentina Argentina
Pablo Yabo is a Software Developer since he was young, specialized in system internals.
In 2003 years ago founded with Sebastian Wain a Company named Nektra a custom software development company specialized in Outlook Plugin Development, Data Loss Prevention Solution Development and Windows Driver Development.

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You are right! Thank you very much!!!

But It possable can't load Outlook Express save as *.eml files format, so, the line below pMimeMessage->Load can't return S_OK.

Thank you very much!!!

  HRESULT hr = S_OK;
  IStream* pFileStream = NULL;
  IMimeMessage* pMimeMessage = NULL;
  var.vt = VT_LPSTR;
  var.pszVal = NULL;
  HBODY hbody = 0;
  // Open specified file and return an IStream interface.
  hr = SHCreateStreamOnFile((LPCSTR)_T("somefile.eml"), STGM_WRITE, &pFileStream);
  // Get an IMimeMessage interface and use it to...
  //hr = pFileStream->QueryInterface(IID_PPV_ARGS(&pMimeMessage));
  //hr = pFileStream->QueryInterface(IID_IMimeMessage, (LPVOID*) &pMimeMessage);
	hr = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_IMimeMessage, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IMimeMessage, (LPVOID*)&pMimeMessage);
	hr = pMimeMessage->Load(pFileStream);  
  // ...change the subject...
<s>  hr = pMimeMessage->SetProp((LPCSTR)PID_HDR_SUBJECT, 0, (LPCPROPVARIANT)_T("Here is the new subject"));
  // the To line...
  pMimeMessage->GetProp((LPCSTR)PID_HDR_TO, 0, &var);
  // the message body...
  hr = pMimeMessage->GetTextBody(TXT_HTML, IET_UNICODE, &pFileStream, &hbody);</s>
  // Release our IMimeMessage object.
  // Release our IStream object.
  return 0;


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