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Visual Studio Editor Clone V0.1a

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6 Mar 2005
A clone of the Visual Studio .NET 2002 editor.

Sample Image - click to see enlarged image


Following the upcoming Visual Studio components (menu bar, toolbox etc.), I decided to gather them all and implement all in one application, to be a clone of the VS 2002 .NET Editor. Thanks to all the developers writing such controls, they are extremely helpful and time saving.


This is an alpha version of the VS Clone project and it only contains the GUI part (most of it); the plan is to reach a fully working editor, which looks like the VS Editor, only without the debugger (I lack this knowledge). Anyway, this is the first released version.

Form Control Creation

private void SetToolBox()
    ToolBoxControl = new ToolBox();
    //add control to form

    //*** Add Toolbox Controls ***//

    //Add Tabs
    ToolBoxControl.AddTab("Windows Forms",0);

    //Add Items
    //Add Items

    //*** Done Adding Items ***//

    // ** Set Visual Properties **//
    ToolBoxControl.Font = new Font("Arial",8);
    ToolBoxControl.BackColor = SystemColors.Control;
    ToolBoxControl.ItemSelectedColor = Color.LightGray;

    //scroll items up
    for (int i=0;i<5;i++)


private void FormDisplay_DragDrop(object sender, 
             System.Windows.Forms.DragEventArgs e)
        //get drop data
        ToolBoxItem DragData = 

        //create a new control

        Assembly controlAsm = 
        Type controlType = 
                             + "." + DragData.Caption);

        Control newControl = 
        //location on client form
        newControl.Location = PointToClient(new Point(e.X,e.Y));

        //default text
        newControl.Text = DragData.Caption;

        //show properties in propertygrid when clicked
        newControl.Click += new EventHandler(Control_Click);

        //add control to form

        //make z-order upper

    catch (Exception ex)

Docking all the Controls Together

private void DockControls()
    //Set Displayes
    DockManager.InnerControl = DisplayTabControl;
    //Right Dock
    //******** Add Toolbox
    cToolBox = DockManager.Contents.Add(ToolBoxControl,"ToolBox");
    //set the toolbox to be 1/7 of the screen
    cToolBox.DisplaySize = 
      new Size(this.ClientSize.Width / 7,this.ClientSize.Height);

    //******** Add Display Explorer
    cExplorer = DockManager.Contents.Add(DisplayTree,"Solution Explorer");
    //set the solution explorer to be 1/6 of the screen
    cExplorer.DisplaySize = 
      new Size(this.ClientSize.Width / 6,this.ClientSize.Height);

    //******** Add PropertyGrid
    cProperties = DockManager.Contents.Add(PropertyGridControl,"Proprties");

    //******** Add Output
    OutputWindow = new FormOutput();
    cOutput = DockManager.Contents.Add(OutputWindow,"Output",imageList,18);

    //******** Add Tasklist
    FormOutput TaskList = new FormOutput();
    cTaskList = DockManager.Contents.Add(TaskList,"Task List",imageList,19);

    //divide the content to two (Properties and Tree)
    wcRight = DockManager.AddContentWithState(cExplorer, State.DockRight);

    //add Properties and ProjectTree

    //add OutputTab
    wcBottom = DockManager.AddContentWithState(cOutput,State.DockBottom);
    //add output and tasklist

    //Add Toolbox

    //Set Status Bar
    DockManager.OuterControl = statusBar;

    //Resize Controls/Forms
    OutputWindow.Bounds = wcBottom.Bounds;

Control Links

What's Next?

Now working on enabling GUI into code - creating forms, dragging controls etc. Also creating a code editor to allow design time editing.


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Posted 5 Mar 2005


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