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I have a c++ COM dll which i am trying to access through the vbscript. The Object is created just fine but always shows the error "type mismatch: function name"
d dim obj1
	set obj1=CreateObject("Begineers.first")
   Dim lngReturnValue 
   Dim a
    Dim b
    obj1.AddNumbers a, b, lngReturnValue

    Wscript.Echo( "The value of a+b is: " & lngReturnValue)

    Set obj1 = Nothing

Functions in c++ dll -
STDMETHODIMP Cfirst::AddNumbers(LONG Num1, LONG Num2, LONG* ReturnVal)
    // TODO: Add your implementation code here
 *ReturnVal = Num1 + Num2;
    return S_OK;
Patrice T 11-Aug-15 1:28am    
What is your question ?
What id the problem ? Where ?
Somesh Dhal 11-Aug-15 5:49am    
when i compile the function it is reporting an error showing "Type mismatch in function"
KarstenK 11-Aug-15 8:38am    
The error is correct. You must correct your call of AddNumbers. But I got no clue how :-O
F-ES Sitecore 11-Aug-15 11:20am    
If your function returns a value it needs parenthesis around the params. Not sure if that's your problem though; obj1.AddNumbers (a, b, lngReturnValue). You might also have issues with the "by ref" lngReturnValue. Try a simpler method call with basic input\output params to eliminate it being something specific to your method signature.

1 solution

One possibility...
VB (script) might be complaining about the type LONG* for an out/retval
You don't show your idl, so I can't see how the method is declared
But it might be worth using a variant for the result, e.g.

[out, retval] VARIANT* retval
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