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i have create one COM dll in MS VS 2008 with function
STDMETHODIMP CPinPad::GenPinBlock(CHAR* WorkKey,CHAR* CardDetailsAll, CHAR* PinBlock). I am trying to call this function from html file as
DZ = new ActiveXObject("kiosk.PinPad");
pinblock= DZ.GenPinBlock("",CardDetails); //carddetails ="afafaf123132";
For this Iam getting error as ERROR TYPE MISMATCH. I am unable to find the cause. Please help
__John_ 16-Nov-12 6:57am    
I assume the language is C++, you dont state.
You need to show declaration of 'CardDetails' and 'pinblock'.
Also CPinPad::GenPinBlock takes 3 strings, you are calling it with 2.

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