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I print using this method :

PrintDocument tmpDoc = new PrintDocument();
tmpDoc.PrintPage += new PrintPageEventHandler(toPrinter);
PrintPreviewDialog tmpDiag = new PrintPreviewDialog();
tmpDiag.Document = tmpDoc;
tmpDiag.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized;
tmpDiag.PrintPreviewControl.Zoom = 1;

But print slow, I print Text and Barcode.
What can I do to print faster like other POS.

Thank you.
Updated 16-Aug-10 17:14pm

I once used a thermal printer and it had two speeds, configured by dip-switch on the back of the unit: slow and not-so-slow.

The faster version was less resolution, kind of draft quality, which should be fine for most applications.

The newer printers are much faster, so if you're comparing something that's a decade old to ones you see that have been installed in the last few years, you can only make it faster by replacing it.

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1. See if you can avoid the print preview dialog. If you don't absolutely need it, you can save time by skipping that.

2. This is the one [non-hardware] thing that will probably make a big difference. Go to Control Panel/Printers, right-click your POS printer, select Properties, then the advanced tab and then check "Print directly to the printer". This bypasses the Windows Print Spooling subsystem, and can make a HUGE difference to the overall print time. In particular, if the printer seems to "wait" before printing, then prints at a reasonable speed, that's it.

btw, various bits of software I have written are currently printing over a million thermal tickets a year, so I do have some experience in this area! :-D
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Peter I did what you said but it didn't get faster.
I'm trying Send raw data to the printer. It's really fast.
But how send barcode?

Thank y.
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Read the manual for your printer. (If you haven't got a paper one there, I'm sure it's available online.) There will be some character sequence that says "take the next few characters and print them as a barcode in some particular style and size". Just put these in your raw data. Be prepared to experiment - it can take quite some time to get it right!
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