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i am trying to set font size with ESC/POS commands in c# by change it to hex value. use escape as


but not getting when i try to change font size using,

bw.Write(AsciiControlChars.Escape+" . " +(byte)'!'+" . "+AsciiControlChars.Line);
class as below,

namespace PurchaseDetailsPrint

public static class AsciiControlChars
public const char Escape = (char)0x1B;

public const char HorizontalTab = (char)0x09;

public const char Line = (char)0x38;


my printer is EPSON TM-T81 Receipt


Updated 19-Aug-14 1:34am

1 solution

You need to use an extra backslash. Have a look here:
Escaping in C#: characters, strings, string formats, keywords, identifiers[^]

Good luck!
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E.F. Nijboer 19-Aug-14 9:56am    
What do you mean with (byte)'!'? Do you want to convert a byte to hex representation?
Try this:

byte b = Convert.ToByte('!');
String hex = b.ToString("x");

Try to check the results first to see if this is what you need. If you just want to add an exclamation (!) there is actually no reason to first convert it to byte at all, just add "!" directly.

It might also be easier to first write one byte at a time because it should matter. Something like:

Does this result in what you want?

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