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Well here is the problem :) I have a system in c# .net framework 4.0 and program is stored in the server. Client access a web page and there is download button to install the system. But according to the client's requirements I can't give them the .exe file to download. only the Application Manifest file(click once file) is given. Prerequisites such as,
Windows Installer 4.5
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (x86 and x64)
Visual Basic Power Packs
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Report Viewer

are given as links in the web page. So if the user gets an error he/she can download the necessary prerequisites file from the link. But they are confusing. What I want is create a another .exe program and when they click Download button in the web page first download the .exe file and install the prerequisites first and then forward the user to the web page and then download the click once. So no error occurs. If anyone have an idea way to create the mentioned prerequisites as a .exe file like installing one after the other give me an idea. Thanks a lot :) If you don't understand the question please ask me :)
[no name] 28-Aug-15 11:30am    
I highly advise not creating a new executable just for the purposes of installing prerequisites. If you really want to manage the prerequisites yourself, then create a new class and package the files as resource strings and download them with ' webrequest ' and handle the install for them. If you need to give them the executable latter on, you can simply remove the class and resources if added any.

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