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I have a VB .Net script that programmatically creates an SSRS subscription.

I am looking to find out how I can set the SSRS report "timeout" parameter programmatically is possible?

The script I have created so far....

Dim DeliveryExtensionSettings As New ExtensionSettings()
Dim DeliveryExtensionParams(7) As ParameterValue

''Providing values for File Devliery Extension parameters
DeliveryExtensionParams(0) = New ParameterValue()
DeliveryExtensionParams(0).Name = "PATH"
DeliveryExtensionParams(0).Value = pUNC_OutputFilePath

DeliveryExtensionParams(1) = New ParameterValue()
DeliveryExtensionParams(1).Name = "FILENAME"
DeliveryExtensionParams(1).Value = pOutputFileName + "_@Timestamp"

DeliveryExtensionParams(2) = New ParameterValue()
DeliveryExtensionParams(2).Name = "FILEEXTN"
DeliveryExtensionParams(2).Value = "True"

DeliveryExtensionParams(3) = New ParameterValue()
DeliveryExtensionParams(3).Name = "RENDER_FORMAT"
DeliveryExtensionParams(3).Value = "CSV (No Header)"

DeliveryExtensionParams(4) = New ParameterValue()
DeliveryExtensionParams(4).Name = "WRITEMODE"
DeliveryExtensionParams(4).Value = "AutoIncrement"

DeliveryExtensionParams(5) = New ParameterValue()
DeliveryExtensionParams(5).Name = "USERNAME"
DeliveryExtensionParams(5).Value = FileShareAccessUserName

DeliveryExtensionParams(6) = New ParameterValue()
DeliveryExtensionParams(6).Name = "PASSWORD"
DeliveryExtensionParams(6).Value = FileShareAccessPassword

DeliveryExtensionSettings.ParameterValues = DeliveryExtensionParams
DeliveryExtensionSettings.Extension = "Report Server FileShare"

If Not (DeliveryExtensionParams Is Nothing) Then
Dim extensionParam As ExtensionParameter
End If

Catch e As SoapException
End Try

Console.WriteLine("Creating subscription for " + pReportNameWithFolderPath)

rs.CreateSubscription(pReportNameWithFolderPath, DeliveryExtensionSettings, ReportDesc, "TimedSubscription", pSubscriptionScheduleXML, Nothing)

Console.WriteLine("Successfully created subscription for " + pReportNameWithFolderPath)
Catch e As Exception
End Try

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