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Hey guys,

I am working on an Illustrator extension project which uses HTML5 for UI and JavaScript for implementing functionalities.

Apart from HTML5 I am also using JQuery and AngularJS.
Illustrator SDK has an special feature where you can execute a process using it.
I need to pack a PDF file in a form and send it to a URL using HTTP Post.

I am using curl process from OSX, /usr/bin/curl. I checked it using GET method and POST method with empty form and it was returning 0 it means it was working.

I added the PDF file in form using following code:

var file = new FormData();

and started the curl process as following:

var path='/usr/bin/curl -F ';
        var d= '--data';
    var result=window.cep.process.createProcess(path, url, d, file);
    var dt =;

curl error code was -1, which says "This is not really an error. It means you should call curl_multi_perform again without doing select() or similar in between"

The way I am executing curl process is like I am running curl command on terminal.

What can I do to perform this curl_multi_perform from curl process?

I google it read quite a few tutorials but no luck. Can anyone help me here?

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