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I have an asp .net application, I created a function on Global.asax on app start and running it after every five minutes. Once first request to web app the app pool starts and perform the actions for infinite time but after some hours app pool is still running but it is not updating the data or calling the function and app pool looks in idle state, when i check the task manager this app pool is showing 4228K and its figures remain still.

How can i run this function for infinite time.

void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
      // Code that runs on application startup
      timer.Interval = 60000 ; //300,000 miliseconds = 5 minutes  1000 is 1 Sec
      timer.Elapsed += new System.Timers.ElapsedEventHandler(timer_Elapsed);
      timer.Enabled = true;


  void timer_Elapsed(object sender, System.Timers.ElapsedEventArgs e)




The application pool setting is,
Idle Time Out In Min: 0
Ping Period : 300
Shut Time Limit : 300
Start Time Limit : 300

1 solution

Can you have a deadlock ?

I would add an activity log to a text file.
I would put a few check points in the routine to see what append.
The log would look like

Date Time Routine Launched
Date Time Check point A
Date Time Check point B
Date Time Check point C
Date Time Routine Finished
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