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I have created two tables in my sql server DB with following Schema:
Table1: SchemaModel
Create table SchemaModel(
      SchemaID int identity(1,1) primary key,
      Name varchar(20),
      Format varchar(10),
      SchemaCode varchar(20),
      TableName varchar(20)
      Status int

Create table SchemaFields(
   SchemaID int                   --same values of the above
   FieldName varchar(30)
   Sequence varchar(20)
   FieldId int identity(1,1) primary key   

now we have this two tables in our DB
i need to create table with name "TableName" and contains the columns as 'FieldNames' of the SchemaFields table.
how to create table ......please answer me
i am waiting for u'r response...
Updated 22-Dec-15 22:19pm
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 23-Dec-15 3:08am
You should learn about VIEWs in SQL...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 23-Dec-15 3:27am
agree with you..

1 solution

If this is a "one-off" - i.e. you are only going to do it once and it's not going to be in a stored procedure that gets called time and time again, then you could use a temporary table[^]
SELECT [TableName], SF.*
INTO #dynamicTable
FROM SchemaModel SM
INNER JOIN SchemaFields SF ON SF.SchemaID = SM.SchemaID
which you can query just like any other table
select * from #dynamicTable
If you are going to use temporary tables though you must be aware of their scope[^] - i.e. when they will and will not be available.

BUT - If you are likely to look at this data often then create a View[^] of the data e.g.
CREATE VIEW dynamicTable AS
	SELECT [TableName], SF.*
	FROM SchemaModel SM
	INNER JOIN SchemaFields SF ON SF.SchemaID = SM.SchemaID
Although the view doesn't physically exist you can query it as you would any other table
select * from dynamicTable
including being able to join to it
select * from dynamicTable DT
INNER JOIN SchemaFields SF on DT.SchemaID = SF.SchemaID

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