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Dear Friends

I am facing a problem while installing Intel Haxm for Android studio in Windows 7.
Before starting Let me tell you the configuration of my Computer.
1. Windows 7 Ultimate SP-1 (32 bit/64 Bit)
2. Intel Pentium (R) Dual-Core CPU E5700 @ 3 GHZ
3. Intel (R) Virtualization Tech (Enabled)
4. Motherboard : P5G41T-M LX3 (AsusTech)
Error Said : "
Failed to configure driver: unknown error. Failed to open driver

I have tried every thing I know Let me list:
1. I have tried Installing in Windows 7 Ultimate in 32 Bits and 64 Bits
2. I have downloaded (12.38 KB) and tried with it.
3. I have downloaded haxm-windows_v6_0_1 and tried with it.
4. Does not have HT-V in windows Features
5. Installed java jdk-8u65-windows-i586.exe and in 64 Bit the 64 Bit version.

I have tried installing before and after Installation of Android Studio But failed no result. Same error.

Tried sc query intelhaxm ( Result : SERVICE STOPPED)
Tried installing after Bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF/ON but no result

Please Help , What to do? Any question is highly appriciated. Thanking you

Mike (Prof. Chuck) 1-Jan-16 5:11am    
Why jdk8_65 and not 66? (Not, that it matters for your driver problem - just curious).

@Driver - Have you tried downloading the "original" directly from intel's website?

One thing you can try is to check whether there are problems with other intel-services on your machine:
type win+r (run) - "msconfig" go to the "services" tab, click "hide all microsoft services" to have a shorter list and then look for the "Intel(R) dynamic application loader host interface service" - clear the checkbox from this service.
Reboot your machine and try to re-install - it worked for me.
(I had not exact your error message, but i DID have problems installing HAXM - so maybe diabling this service might help you as well).
My machine works without any noticable differences, whether this service is enabled or not.

cheers, mike
Banerjee Tanmoy 4-Jan-16 4:38am    
I will try this out;
But for your your first question I am New in Java platform so I downloaded it from Oracle. Not much knowing about this and have not done many research of the version compatibility.

But for the issue 1 thing I want to tell you that when I install Windows 8 64 bit it installs Intel HAXM without no issue, so it is not a hardware problem It must be software problem basically driver signing problem. Let me try your solution on my computer and I will get back to you.
Thanking You

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Banerjee Tanmoy 4-Jan-16 4:39am    
I have tried this and its fails. Step No:-3. I have already mentioned it.

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